#Arrow S5 Ep. 3 "A Matter of Trust" Recap & Review

In this week’s episode, Oliver has to decide whether or not he will trust his team in the field. He goes after a drug dealer, while Felicity and the team watch. The team has mixed opinions on Oliver's methods. As the Green Arrow, Oliver goes to a warehouse and gets information on the mysterious new archer from Detective Billy Malone, Felicity's new boyfriend. He warns Oliver that the the Archer wants to kill him. Oliver returns to his office where Thea shows him a news report by a reporter named Susan Williams, who is attacking Oliver's administration. Oliver gets angry at Thea for appointing Lance as Deputy Mayor, without his consent. He tells Thea to clean it up and leaves.

Renee and Evelyn investigate the Stardust lab, where they find Sampson and his gang. Renee attacks, which results in Sampson’s apparent death as Renee throws him into a vat of Stardust.

At city hall, Oliver is approached by the cities new District Attorney, Adrian Chase. Chase informs Oliver that Sampson was killed. Oliver confronts Renee about killing church and tells him that he can’t trust him. Felicity struggles with Rory being on the team, knowing that she destroyed his home the year before. Curtis tries to convince her to tell Rory the truth, but fearing what he would do, Felicity says nothing.

We return to Diggle, who has been locked up in a military prison. He is locked in a cell with an unexpected inmate, Deadshot. Diggle and Deadshot share a conversation where Diggle unloads his guilt fro killing Andy. This causes Deadshot to get on John about hating him for killing Andy. 

Back in Star City, Sampson wakes up, right before his autopsy and escapes the hospital. He has enhanced strength and is unable to feel pain. Oliver arrives to try and stop him, but is defeated. He returns to the base, where Renee offers his help. Oliver feels he can’t trust his team and refuses help. Sampson finds his old crew and plans to repeat what happened to him in order to make an army of super humans. Felicity finds out where Sampson and his crew are holding up and Oliver assembles his team to go after them.

Lyla visits Diggle in prison. Diggle tells her to stop looking into his case and that he deserves to be in prison for what he did to Andy, last season. He mentions Deadshot, but when he turns to reveal his cellmate, he sees that he is the only one in his cell. This disturbs Diggle and he tells Lyla to stop fighting for him.

Oliver apologizes for not trusting his team and reconciles with Renee. They move against Sampson and his crew united. A fantastic fight scene with Oliver and his new team working together follow this. They defeat Sampson and his crew and destroy the Stardust lab.

Oliver takes the team to the Arrow cave the first time, where the revel in their new HQ. Later, at city hall, Adrian Chase reports to Oliver that the Vigilantes caught Sampson. Thea offers her resignation, but Oliver keeps her onboard because he wants people he trusts. He holds a press conference, where he affirms all of Thea’s decisions and officially announces that Lance will be the Deputy Mayor. 

During the flashbacks, Oliver questions his decision to join the Bratva. Anatoly convinces him to continue. He tells Oliver that to be Bratva, he must trust the Bratva. Oliver goes through the second trial, where Bratva members cut him with knives and he has to trust that they wont kill him. Oliver learns to trust those around him. This ties in well to the present day storyline, a factor that was largely missing form the pervious season.

The episode ends with Felicity admitting to Rory that she redirected the missile that destroyed Haven Rock. Rory, distressed at this news, leaves without a word, and considering he appears to be absent in next week’s episode, will probably be gone for a bit. Lyla shows up and tells Oliver about Diggle. She asks him to bust him out of the military prison as the episode concludes.

This was another fantastic episode of Arrow. We get a lot of easter eggs and even a cameo from the beloved Deadshot. My favorite scene, by far was the final confrontation, where Oliver and his team take down Sampson's crew. It was choreographed very well and kept my attention for the entire time. Seeing Curtis in the Mr. Terrific costume was a highlight for the episode. Speaking of which, I also loved the Terry Sloan easter egg. For those who don't know, Terry Sloan was the original Mr. Terrific who served with the Justice Society of America, before Michael Holt took his place.

The flashbacks so far this season are slower than previous season, but exciting. We finally get to see Oliver's past with the Bratva and the writers are making each episode's flashback relevant to the present, which makes the flashbacks more relevant. 

All in all ,the season continues to impress me and i have high hopes for the remaining 19 or so episodes. 


-How did you like the episode?

-Who is excited for Cutis as Mr. Terrific?

-Who would you like to see return this season?

-Do you think Diggle will let Oliver save him?

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