#Arrow S5 Ep22 "Missing" Recap & Review

Episode Grade: 9

We start off with Oliver, Thea, and Lance watching the news report about the Throwing Star killing / Chase being in prison. Lance gave Oliver is new Mayoral approval rating, and they are higher than they ever been, Lance also stops to wish Oliver a Happy Birthday before he goes to find Rene who have been missing in action.

Thea invited Oliver out for a drink, but he told her that he already has planned with Felicity. Thea questions if it was a date, but Oliver tells her he was not sure what it was and it was dinner for right now.

Oliver gets to Felicity Loft where she is hosting a surprise party for him when Oliver saw the door opened he enters cautiously and flips Curtis who approached him from behind. They all wish Oliver a happy birthday, Olive talks to Diggle about his marriage, and he assured him that they are working it out. The subtlety tries to give Oliver and Felicity some alone time. Curtis upgrades Dinah Canary cry, so it won’t be able to be dampened by any electronic device. Felicity and Oliver are discussing taking their relationship one day at a time.

In the Flashback, Oliver is surprised to see Kovar alive since he thought he would kill him, Kovar injects a drug into Oliver that forces him to suffer calling it purgatory. Oliver tells him that when he killed him this time he will make sure he stays dead, ad Kovar assured him that the only person he would want to kill after the injection would be himself. 

Back in the present, Felicity and Curtis on the phone discussion the sexual tension between her and Oliver. Curtis is at Dinah house and notice the glass on her door broken and enter only to be knocked out from behind and Felicity is on the other end of the line calling for Curtis who is being pulled away.  

Felicity calls in backup, Diggle, and Oliver shows up at Dinah, but no one was there which may them immediately conclude that Rene, Dinah, and Curtis were taken. Oliver suspect Chase but Felicity disagreed at first, but Diggle tells them that it was all a part of Chase’s plan all along. Oliver finds a piece of Talia arrow and sends Diggle to get Thea and Lance to safety ASAP. Oliver visit Chase who already knew what was going on but refuses to tell Oliver where he had taken half of his team.

In the Flashback, Kovar continues to torture Oliver and tells him that he knew Oliver was no stranger to pain and pushed on a scar on his chest with make him flashback to the moment of the incident and the pain he felt. He tells him that the injection will get him to relive the pain of every scar on his body.

Oliver is at the team’s bunker and asks Felicity to stay with him, explain that he knew it was coming and he feels like William is in danger, just like all the people he loves, and his past set it all in motion. Diggle reports that Thea and Lance although unwilling his at the safe house. Felicity computer goes off alerting them that Black Siren was missing, and Lance is not aware of her meaning she was heading for the safe house.

Oliver tells them to get the safe house on the phone. At the Safehouse, Thea and Lance are bored out of their minds, the guard received a call, but both the phone and walkie had interference. He tells Lance and Thea to stay behind, but they refuse, in the hallway, they see that the guard was already down. Lance meet Earth 2 Laurel “Hi daddy,” she said. Thea walks in and tells Lance not to take her gun off him Earth 2 Laurel, but before she could explain he is darted behind by Evelyn and Lance who was in shock was unable to disarm her before she disarmed him.

Oliver, Felicity, Diggle are at the safe house and Felicity show him a video of Lauren, Lance, and Thea, and Diggle confirmed the third person as Evelyn. Oliver tells that Chase was doing this because when he captures him, he told Chase that his team was his strength. Oliver tells Felicity that they have to leave the city and state and not say where they are going because Chase was leveraging the team so he would let him out of prison. 

In the flashback, Kovar gives Oliver and gun and tells him the worst pain he feels is inside his head and Oliver gets a flashback of all his painful memories. Kovar tells him that the gun only had one bullet and he would need it to kill himself.

In the present Oliver visits Chase in his box and knock him around a little, Oliver holds a gun to Chase’s head. Oliver tells him that he will not give him the satisfaction of killing him, and he won’t let him out of prison “not today, not tomorrow, not ever” Oliver said. Chase tells him that everyone in his orbit suffers it was the price for his sins and the only way to keep the team from paying that price was to let him go. Oliver tells Chase that he would find another way, and Chase tells Oliver that his time was running out. He tells him that he was one loss away from being destroyed, asking who will be Thea or Felicity.

Meanwhile, Lance and Thea are cuffed on a truck, and Thea tries to convince Lance that the person he saw was not the true Laurel and explain that she was from another earth. Thea asks Lance to be strong because that Laurel was not their Laurel, but she can be very convincing. Evelyn and Black Siren move open to the truck to move them but tell them that where they are going is a surprise.

Diggle and Felicity are on their way out of town; Felicity tells Diggle that she had a bad feeling in gut telling her that they should not have left Oliver. Meanwhile, at the Bunker Oliver is visited by Malcolm who was there because Thea was in trouble. Diggle and Felicity discuss whether they were over thinking, but they soon come up a woman in the read who cause their car to be flip and caught fire and captured after.

Oliver and Malcolm drive up the crash site, and Oliver shout their name out, but Malcolm tells him that they were taken alive and he needs to focus. Oliver tells Malcolm what Chased wanted in exchange for his love one and Malcolm think him being in prison his not worth the life of his daughter. Oliver reminded Malcolm that he should reflect on how many times he kept his promise of blackmailing someone and tell him that he was surprised that a man like him would give in to a man like a chase. Malcolm tells him that he would do anything for his daughter and the fact that she hates him does not make him not her father. Malcolm tells him that friend is friends and family is family.

Malcolm explains to Oliver that human connection was what kept them human, and it was sad that it a sociopath that would point it out to him. Malcolm tells Oliver that he already tried living on an island, but he was always going to have people around him, and they are always going to need him and will have to accept him with his faults and all, and he doesn’t get that his pass will always be his Anker. Oliver received a call from the Marshalls that they were about to move Chase and Oliver tell Malcolm that they are capable people and they will find another way, and he was going to ensure that Chase move goes smoothly.

In the flashback, Oliver hallucinates Yao Fei who tells him that he made sacrifices so Oliver would live and not matter what he does he cannot change anything he has done in the past.

In the present, Lance is taken to a shipping container, and Lance finally realizes that though the woman standing in from of him had Laurel face she was not Laurel. 

Oliver watches as the Marshall moves Chase and he tells Oliver tick-tac, Oliver tells Chase that he will not allow him to pull his strings anymore and he tells Oliver that at least he admits that he was pulling them. Chase tells Oliver that the moment he steps on the chopper his friends had orders to kill his team. AS Chase was walking away, he tells Oliver that he was about to get a phone call and he did, when Oliver picked up it was a video of William asking for help. 

Chase is getting loaded in the vehicle, and they drive off before Oliver could get outside, he tries to take one of the cars that were supposed to be escorting him. But the put up a fight and Malcolm rescues him already know that he made William tell Oliver that it was like minds, and throws him a bag with his mask. 

Arrow  522 10.jpg

Oliver and Malcolm ambush Chase’s smooth transport and overpower the guards, Chase is free, and Oliver goes after him while Malcolm covers him. Oliver get to Chase to ask where Will was and he tells him that he dealt when he was away he would make sure his friends and family were safe, and he was not away yet. With tears in his eyes, Oliver asks Chase why he invoiced his son, and he was an innocent and Chase tells him that his wife was an innocent as well and he involved her and that everyone around him gets hurt. 

Oliver and Malcolm are back at the team’s Bunker try to figure out where Chase was heading, Oliver calls for reinforcement his wife Nessa, who learn that the person they are after is her sister. Malcolm said that he rules to work with Nessa and Oliver reminded him that he said he would do anything to get Thea back and as Oliver was about to explain what was going on with Talia to Nessa the computer alert him and he figure out Chase’s location. 

We then see a plane flying with Nessa, Oliver and Malcolm going to Lian Yu and he explains that Talia has research him and knows everything about him and she must have told Chase and Nessa told them that the island was where she met Sarah.

In a Flashback, we see Oliver holding the gun to his head and hallucinate Laurel who said not to do it, Oliver eventually finds the strength to escape after Laurel begs him to come home to them, so his father and Sara didn't die for anything.

On the island Chase, and his team brought Felicity, Thea, Diggle, Land and Curtis and Thea tells him that Oliver will come for them, and Chase tells her that he was counting on it. The worries that Oliver won’t be able to take them on his own. We see Oliver visiting the prison on the island to recruit Slade Wilson help. 

Oliver “I need your help.”
Slade “Hey, kid I am glad you came back.”

Overall, I think it was a great episode before the finale; I get to see some old faces that are always a pleasure to see. Chase is having his way make me mad, but it makes for an excellent season finale.