#Arrow S5 Premiere "Legacy" Recap and Review

The episode opens up with a police department gala, in which Oliver is late. He is in another part of town fighting Anarchy, who has planted a bomb. Oliver dispatches Anarchy with little trouble but encounters a new vigilante trying to disarm the bomb. Oliver stops him and warns him to stay off the streets. He makes it to the benefit and has a conversation with Thea, who gets on his case about juggling being Mayor and The Green Arrow. When Oliver returns to the Arrow cave, Felicity tries to convince him to recruit some of the cities new vigilantes to form a new team.

Oliver also visits Quinten Lance, who has returned to Star City and drinking. Oliver tries to convince Lance to attend a memorial ceremony honoring Laurel, but he is reluctant to go. 

Later at the ceremony, Oliver makes a speech as they unveil a statue of the Black Canary. The ceremony is crashed by corrupt cops and gangsters who kidnap Oliver and other officials. They are kidnapped by Tobias Church, a gang boss who has moved into Star City and taken over the underground. At a warehouse, they hold Oliver and the other city officials hostage. Thea reluctantly suits up to rescue Oliver but is disturbed to find him killing during the escape. She refuses to come back to the team and lectures Oliver about putting killing back on the table.  

Felicity once again tries to convince Oliver to recruit some of the new vigilantes in the city, but he refuses. Lance gives Oliver a list of cops that he trusts. Felicity secretly sends Curtis to investigate Wilddog; the vigilante Oliver encountered at the beginning of the episode. Unfortunately, he is mugged while searching. Oliver forms a task force using those cops and goes back to the warehouse to rescue the rest of the hostages. They are successful in rescuing the hostages, but Tobias Church escapes.

At a press conference, Oliver makes a speech, commending the officers who helped the Green Arrow rescue the hostages. He announces that he is forming an anti-crime unit, led by the four officers. This unit will answer only to Oliver. Meanwhile, Church meets with the crime bosses of Star City and announces that he is taking control.

At the Arrow cave, Oliver agrees to recruit Wilddog. Curtis returns and demands that Oliver recruits him as well. Oliver calls Diggle to ask what he thought about forming a new team. Diggle thinks that it is a good idea, which isn’t exactly what Oliver wanted to hear. Meanwhile, Felicity returns home, exhausted from a long day. She is comforted by her new boyfriend, whose identity is currently unknown. 

The episode concludes with one of the police officers in Oliver’s anti-crime unit being attacked and killed by a mysterious new archer.

The flashbacks for this season put Oliver in Russia. It starts with him fighting and killing a man. The dialogue that follows suggests that Oliver is looking for a man named Kovar. He is taken by the Bratva for killing their best fighter. They are about to execute him when Anatoly stops them. Anatoly was a prisoner on the island in the S2 flashbacks who escapes in a submarine. He warns Oliver about going after Kovar but agrees to help after Oliver persists. He orders men to beat Oliver so that he can start his initiation into the Bratva

It has been a while since I’ve been excited to watch Arrow. The show runners did a good job advertising for this season and building the hype. After season 4’s failure to deliver on its promises of a lighter tone, I was skeptical about any claims made for this season. I will say though that is was pleasantly surprised. This episode made me feel the same excitement I did for S1 and S2. It had a god balance of action and character interaction. The forced drama that plagued S4 was nowhere to be found. This is the Arrow that people fell in love with and this is the Arrow that newer viewers will fall in love with. Though this praise may be premature, but if the rest of the season turns out like this season premiere, well will finally have the Arrow that we all want.

Both Tobias Church and Prometheus make for intimidating foes and have proven that they are dangerous. Im super excited to see where this season goes with these two villains.

I was slightly disappointed that we did not get to see more of the new vigilantes in this episode, but that is only because I have to wait another week. The pacing of the plot is in a good place and there is no need to rush this story. All in all, Arrow is back on the right track and I can only hope it stays there and continues to deliver fantastic episodes like this one.

Season 5 is looking to be the season Arrow fans have been waiting for. Tune in to the CW next week to meet the recruits for Team Arrow.


-How diid you like the Premiere?

-Who is Prometheus?

-Which recruit are you most excited for?