#Arrow Season 4 Recap & Review In Minutes

The fifth season of the Arrowverse’s flagship show is upon us, and before it’s added to our weekly schedule, we should look back and recap the highlights of the previous season.

            Season 4 starts off with a boom. Team Arrow is having trouble with the antagonistic organization H.I.V.E. They convince Oliver to return to Star City to assist them. He had retired from being “The Arrow” at the end of season 3, due in part to Roy Harper helping him fake the Arrow’s death and his desire to focus on his relationship with Felicity. He returns with a new suit waiting for him, as well as a new villain; Damian Darhk. Damian Darhk and H.I.V.E are introduced right off the bat. We also see the full range of Darhk’s abilities and H.I.V.E.’s capabilities very early in the season. We also see the introduction of a new character, who will play a large role in season five. This is a character is genius inventor and Palmer Tech employee, Curtis Holt. He is based off from the comic book superhero Michael Holt aka, Mr. Terrific. Though we do not see Curtis suit up in this season, he is a reoccurring character who helps Felicity and the rest of the team consistently throughout the season.

     This season also provided several guest appearances from across the DC TV world. John Constantine, of the canceled NBC show, shows early in the season to help the team to restore the soul of a recently resurrected Sara Lance. This brought the first season of Constantine into the Arrowverse. The second guest is the heroine Vixen, who is the protagonist of the animated series Vixen. She makes an appearance in a later episode and helps the team fight, Damien, due to her powers being magical in nature. This season also features single episode returns of Roy Harper and the ex-suicide squad member, Cupid. These characters were a very welcome sight for the show and the episodes that featured them were the best of the season.

The flashbacks for this season are largely filler material, explaining where Darhk gets his power from, how Oliver meets John Constantine, and where he got one of his tattoos from. Apart from taking place back on the island, those details are really the only significant things that happened in the flashbacks this season. Season 5's flashbacks promise to put Oliver in Russia and explain how he learned Russian and became a member of the Bratva. 

The chemistry between John Constantine and team Arrow is one to remember, see how that went in Sara Restoration. 

            The most shocking and controversial event in this season was the death of Laurel Lance aka, The Black Canary. During the episode, she was given the limelight for the first time all season, which made it obvious that she was on the chopping black. During a prison fight, Darhk stabs Laurel with one of Oliver’s arrows. She dies in the hospital by the end of the episode. It is worth noting that Oliver and Felicity's relationship comes to an end partway through this season, though she remains on the team. 

Oliver in front of Laurel's grave

Oliver in front of Laurel's grave

          It is worth noting that Oliver and Felicity's relationship comes to an end partway through this season, though she remains on the team. This season comes to a close with the familiar Arrow formula. Darhk decides that he is going to end the world by launching the world's nukes. He picks Star City as his ground zero, which causes mass hysteria among the cities residents. The team manages to stop the nuclear fallout but still had to deal with Darhk and the chaos in the city. Oliver is able to rally his team and the citizens of the city to fight Darhk and his allies. In a final street fight, Oliver defeats Darhk and after a brief dialogue murders him. 

          After the fight, the teams meets in the arrow cave. Both Thea and Diggle admit to having problems that they need to sort through. Both quit the team and depart. The season end with Oliver and Felicity in the arrow cave, as the last members of Team Arrow. 

          Season 5 will premiere on October 5th, and begin with Oliver recruiting a new team. There is much to look forward to in season 5, with new heroes and villains, new crossovers, and a crossover that will feature the newly added Girl of Steel into the Arrowverse.