#Arrow Season 6 Episode 13 "The Devil's Greatest Trick" Recap and Review

Oliver and Diggle are at James’s old base, but all they find is a video of him. He’s moved, obviously. Oliver asks for more time. James says no, he’s detonating the bomb at midnight as retaliation for them teaming up with Vigilante.


They tell Felicity and Elena that they have four hours to figure out who really killed James’s kid before he blows up the city.


James is having a bad guy meeting. He gives a speech about how thankful he is that they’ve come to the end of this with him, tells them how they will all get out, and how and when they will get paid.


Flashback to Helix eighteen months ago. James is hacking a pharmaceutical company. Elena has just started at Helix and is super psyched to meet him, but he gets a text message and has to go.


He meets his son, Owen, at his school’s gym. James missed his basketball game again. He hasn’t told Owen about his work, not really, and Owen is ticked. James promises to be at the finals the next day.


Lance and Thea are organizing evacuations out of Star City.

Dragon, Anatoly, and Black Siren are getting antsy. Dragon points out that the promised airlift hasn’t arrived yet, so he leaves. Black Siren follows him.


Dinah never showed up for work, and this worries Thea and Lance because they think she’s off to kill Black Siren.


They are right. She just hasn’t found her yet. She kills a lot of guys that don’t know where Black Siren is and then Rene and Curtis show up. They tell her about the bomb and try to get her to shift priorities. It doesn’t work.

Arrow 613.gif

Elena has something. Owen wasn’t collateral damage. He was the intended target and was killed by an assassin. Unfortunately, that assassin was assassinated shortly after, so they can’t question him. However, they do have enough evidence to convince James.


In a little cameo that makes me wonder why they don’t use him more often, Barry Flashes Oliver and Diggle to meet James. It kind of works. James now has evidence that one of his former colleagues set him up, but he now wants them all in one place, alive, or he’ll still detonate the bomb.


Oliver and Diggle tell Felicity and Elena, who aren’t psyched. They’re basically presenting the three amigos for slaughter. As Oliver explains that they don’t have a choice, Thea brings William in. Oliver explains the situation to William. He wants to come with, but Oliver says no.


Diggle calls Rene and Curtis to fill them in. Rene tells them that they need to find Black Siren first before Dinah does.


Black Siren is running. She has a picture of Lance and Laurel in her go bag.


Dinah finds her, and they fight. Lance tries to stop them but can’t. The rest of Team Arrow can. They explain the situation. Dinah says she can hold off until James decides who to kill. She and Lance will watch Black Siren. The B-team will get Diaz while Diggle and Oliver grab Anatoly. They call James, but he isn’t helpful.


Flashback James is leaving for the game. Elena advises him that that isn’t a good idea. A.R.G.U.S. is looking for him. He tells her that he’ll be careful.


The B-team gets Diaz.

Dinah and Black Siren talk. Dinah and Lance talk. None of this talking is productive.


William and Felicity talk. They have eyes on Anatoly.


He’s about to leave on a helicopter. The helicopter leaves without him when Oliver shows up. Oliver thinks Anatoly is the one who set him up. Anatoly says he didn’t.


 Diggle calls Felicity, and she calls James. He tells them to bring the baddies to an abandoned theatre on Jefferson Avenue. William sneaks out while the adult's plan. How does Oliver have a kid this stupid?


Oliver and Diggle bring in Anatoly. Then William shows up. He tells Oliver that he’s scared. Stupid kid. Very stupid kid.


Flashback James is at the game. A.R.G.U.S shows up to arrest him. He begs for them to let him finish the game. They don’t let him.


Dinah threatens Lance. While she’s checking the perimeter, Black Siren and Lance talk. She likes who she is and has no desire to change. Dinah gets back, and they go in, along with the B-team and Dragon.


Felicity and Thea are watching in a panic.


James explains what they are all doing there with a detonator in his hand. Black Siren says that she did it.


Felicity and Elena notice that something is wrong with the bomb.

James knows that Black Siren is lying. He saw her hesitate when he ordered her to kill Vigilante.

The problem is that the detonator is interfering with Dinah’s dampener. The closer she gets, the more it shorts out. When it goes out completely, she cries him and then everyone else.


Chaos ensues. Dinah runs after Black Siren. The B-team finds Anatoly. Diggle finds Dragon. William tries to grab the detonator.

200w_d (58).gif

Diggle loses Dragon. Lance tries to get between Dinah and Black Siren. Dinah shoots Black Siren and she cries Dinah against a car windshield. James grabs the detonator from William. Oliver tries to calm William down while James makes another speech. This fatherly moment makes James realize that he is the one who failed his son. Oliver shoots the detonator out of his hands and puts an arrow to his throat. Why that moment? It’s not like James didn’t know Oliver had a son.


William and Oliver talk and then Oliver goes to talk with everybody else. All three bad guys are in the wind, James is in police custody, and the B-team is becoming increasingly annoying. Dinah wants to go after Black Siren and Rene and Curtis are uppity even though they can’t stop her. The uppityness, especially from Rene, needs to stop pronto.


Oliver goes to see James. He’s extremely helpful. He gives Oliver a list of probable locations for the others and the account where all of Star City’s money is. The only thing he asks for is to visit his son’s grave. Oliver says he’ll work on it. As Oliver leaves, James tells Oliver to be a better father than he was.


Flashback James finds out that Owen is dead.


Lance is in the car with an injured and handcuffed Black Siren. It took longer than I thought, but Lance has officially gone wacko. He’s kidnapped Black Siren and will stop at nothing to make her into Laurel. Dude.


The camera turns off just as Dragon goes to visit James. He framed Oliver by killing Owen. He wants to rule the city; a feat made much easier by the destruction James has wrought. He now has the police chief and several other city officials in his pocket. He finishes his gloating by killing James.


The B-team is getting more and more annoying, William is stupid, Lance is a wacko, and James is dead. This episode wanted to do a lot but didn’t get all of it right. 7/10.