#Arrow Season 5 Recap

One day to go.....

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Season 6 premieres tomorrow, so here’s a little run of the last season in case you’ve forgotten.

Legacy: Team Arrow is a little short staffed without Laurel and Diggle and Thea, and Oliver, being Oliver, tries to take it on himself (with Felicity of course).  Since Oliver can’t feasibly be the mayor, protect the city and sleep, Felicity recommends that he recruit some of the new vigilantes running around. Oliver resists until a new bad guy, Tobias Church, comes on the scene. Flashbacks are of Oliver and introduction into the Bratva. Introduction of Billy Malone. Laurel’s memorial service and statue unveiling.

The Recruits: Oliver trains the Wild Dog, Curtis, and Evelyn, hereafter referred to as the B team, as the Green Arrow and trains them the same way the Bratva trained him. It doesn’t go well and he reveals himself to them so they unquit. Introduction of Rag Man and Prometheus. Diggle gets screwed. Lance becomes Deputy Mayor.


A Matter of Trust: The unkillable drug dealer Derek Sampson. Introduction of Adrian as the DA and Susan Williams. Diggle hallucinates Deadshot and Lyla asks Oliver to break him out of prison. I’m never going to get over the fact that they killed Deadshot just so they could make a mediocre movie.

Penance: Lyla and Oliver team up to break Diggle out of prison without Felicity’s approval. Flashback of Oliver killing a guy to get Kovar’s location and officially becomes Bratva. The B team tries to take on church and Rene, Wild Dog, gets captured.

Human Target: They find Rene, but not before he breaks. Human Target gets shot so people think Oliver’s dead. He later apologizes. Oliver finds out that Felicity is dating Billy and Billy becomes part of the ACU. Oliver tries to get Susan Williams to back off and she get photos of him in Russia. Prometheus kills Tobias Church.

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So It Begins: The A team tells the B team about the Throwing Star Killer, aka Prometheus. The B team learns about Oliver’s list because Prometheus is using it. Evelyn is especially peeved and continues to be until Oliver saves her life from Prometheus. Prometheus is using Oliver’s melted down arrows in his throwing stars. Felicity tells Billy that she works for the Green Arrow and he’s cool with it. Lance is framed as Prometheus. Flashback Oliver learns to build bombs. Introduction of Dolph Lundgren as Kovar.

Vigilante: Obviously the introduction of vigilante. Thea takes Lance to rehab. Evelyn is a traitor. Diggle tires of life on the run and gets to see his baby boy.

Invasion!: This is the crossover and would honestly take another whole article to explain, so I’m going to go really bare bones here. The Arrow portion of the crossover involves Oliver being stuck in a past where he never got on the Queen’s Gambit. It’s the 100th episode and it’s wonderful.

What We Leave Behind: Prometheus attacks Curtis and in turn breaks up his relationship. The drug Prometheus used on Curtis is connected to Justin Claybourne, a man on the list that Oliver killed. They find a baby picture, which is his son. Evelyn reveals herself as a traitor.  Prometheus disguises Billy as himself and taunts Oliver into shooting him. Diggle gets caught. Oliver goes to Susan for comfort, ugh. Laurel comes back. Prometheus was trained by the same woman who trained Oliver in Russia.

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Who Are You?: Adrian is going to represent Diggle. Laurel is Black Siren. Prometheus broke her out of S.T.A.R. Labs to mess with Oliver’s head. When they try to take her to the Arrowcave, she sonics the Laurel statue. Felicity punches Black Siren in the face. Introduction of Talia Al Ghul and Dinah Drake.

Second Chances: Felicity tries to take down the general framing Diggle and meets a hacktivist who gives her an NSA data cache. She leaks the General’s information and Adrian tries to get the case dismissed. The rest of the team recruit Dinah Drake. Oliver becomes the hood with Talia Al Ghul.

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Bratva: Flashback Oliver and Anatoly plan to kill Gregor, the Bratva boss. Lance is back from rehab. Everyone except Rene, Lance, and Thea go to Russia to track down the general. Anatoly doesn’t want to help, but Oliver eventually makes a deal. Felicity gets Walker’s location by being extremely ba. Rory warns her about giving into her dark side and Diggle gives into his. Rory’s rags absorb a nuclear bomb and then go hinky, so he leaves. Rene and Lance prepare for Lance’s interview with Susan Williams. It turns out that Rene and Quentin met before when Lance didn’t arrest him.  Oliver sleeps with Susan Williams, who is still investigating him.

Spectre of the Gun: A little heavy handed, but good Rene character episode. He had a wife and kid. His wife used drugs and was killed by her dealer. His daughter, Zoe, was taken away from him and Curtis would like to help him get her back. Also, Curtis and Felicity have a great conversation about how no one can disagree respectfully anymore.

The Sin-Eater: China White, Cupid, and Liza Warner break out of Iron Heights. Oliver and Diggle go to talk to Prometheus’s mom. She doesn’t help them. Susan Williams asks Oliver if he’s the Green Arrow. After “joking” that he is, he tells her he isn’t. Dinah gets sworn into the SCPD. The cops go after the Green Arrow. Thea and Felicity ruin Susan Williams. Oliver’s getting impeached.

Fighting Fire With Fire: Adrian offers to take to the fall for Oliver, but Oliver asks him to be his lawyer instead. Susan Williams has a new blog. Oliver asks Thea and Felicity to make things better. Oliver gets attacked by Vigilante and calls Susan Williams in the hospital. Prometheus is Adrian Chase and he throws Vigilante off a roof. Oliver gives a press conference throwing the Green Arrow under the bus and the team makes sure Vigilante doesn’t kill him. Oliver doesn’t get impeached and gets back with Susan Williams. Curtis is getting divorced. Felicity joins Helix. Adrian approaches Susan Williams.

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Checkmate: Oliver goes to find Talia Al Ghul and finds out that she is Talia Al Ghul. Oliver threatens to expose Adrian and Adrian tells him that he’s kidnapped, Susan Williams. Oliver and Diggle try to talk to Adrian’s wife but barely escape the police. Felicity’s MIA because she’s at Helix and Oliver’s worried. After he agrees to trust her, she tells him that Adrian’s birth name is Simon Morrison. Oliver announces that the Green Arrow has 24 hours to turn himself in before the SCPD can shoot him on sight. Oliver tries to tell Pike about Adrian, but Adrian shoots him and is then by his hospital bed taunting Oliver. Flashback Oliver becomes the hood around Anatoly and Anatoly finds it ridiculous. Helix refuses to help Felicity until Felicity helps them. Diggle tries to calm Oliver down by saying people are a strength. They rescue Susan Williams and then Talia and Adrian kidnap Oliver.

Kapiushon: Adrian tortures Oliver. Gregor dies and Anatoly becomes Bratva captain. Adrian makes Oliver and Evelyn fight. Adrian “kills” Evelyn. Oliver seemingly kills Kovar. Oliver says that he liked being a killer. This episode was so dark. Evelyn’s fine. Adrian blowtorches Oliver’s Bratva tattoo. Kovar’s alive. Oliver wakes up unbound and returns to the Arrow cave. He’s been gone six days and says he’s done.

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Disbanded: Oliver breaks up with Susan Williams. He brings in the Bratva to kill Adrian. Felicity uses Helix to try and unmask Adrian. What the Bratva want in return in to create an addictive street drug. The team minus Oliver stop them from killing Chase and Oliver comes in to keep them from getting away with the drugs. Felicity and Curtis steal tech from Kord Industries to unmask Adrian. Once SCPD finds out that Adrian is Prometheus, he kills his protection detail.

Dangerous Liaisons: Helix agrees to help find Chase if Felicity helps them get into A.R.G.U.S. Felicity does and Helix accidentally kills somebody. They want to break out Cayden James, the founder of Helix. They need a second key and attack A.R.G.U.S. and team Arrow to get it. Oliver and Lyla do not approve of her plan. Felicity does it anyway and later gets in between Oliver and Helix, opting to go with Helix, who promptly ditch her. They do leave her a biometric tracker, which reveals Adrian is there.

Underneath: The lovely Olicity bottle episode. Olicity gets trapped in the bunker and the team has to get them out. Olicity is back y’all!

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Honor Thy Fathers: All of the people Chase prosecuted have been released and Team Arrow is spread thin watching them. A huge crate containing a corpse buried in concrete is delivered to Oliver’s office. Robert Queen’s DNA was under the man’s fingernails and the concrete came from a Queen Consolidated subsidiary. When Oliver and Diggle check it out, they get stuck in a concrete trap. Curtis and Dinah have to go off Derek Sampson detail to rescue them. They find a lawyer who represented both the corpse and Claybourne and he gives them a flash drive, which Oliver tells Thea to destroy. Thea watches it and the man’s death was an accident, but an accident Robert Queen covered up. Oliver puts back on his costume because of Felicity and fights Chase. Oliver tells Chase his father was going to disown him and Chase gives up. Flashback Anatoly takes Oliver back to Lian Yu and tells him that he’s going to bribe a fishing boat. Kovar shows up and drugs Oliver.

Missing: In flashback, Kovar gives Oliver what is called the “Red Death” and he has painful flashbacks but finally frees himself. Team Arrow celebrates Oliver’s birthday! And then people start to drop like flies. Black Siren’s escaped and they never told Lance about her. She and Evelyn tranq Thea and Lance and Thea have to explain about other Earth’s and doppelgangers. Diggle and Felicity try to pull an Isabel Rochev on Talia Al Ghul, but it doesn’t work. Malcolm comes to help. Oliver is adamant that he won’t let Chase go until he gets a call from William. He and Malcolm incapacitate the Marshalls and let Chase get away. Oliver brings in Nyssa to help and it’s super awkward. Everyone’s on the island and Oliver recruits Slade Wilson.

Lian Yu: EVERYONE MAY OR MAY NOT BE DEAD! This is all you need to know going into tomorrow.

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