#Arrow Season 6 Episode 1 "Fallout" Recap and Review

First a tally.

Alive and well: Rene, Curtis, Felicity, Dinah, Lance, Black Siren, Slade

Alive, but not well: Thea, Diggle

Dead: Samantha

Unknown: The Al Ghuls and Evelyn

The episode starts at night on a boat. One of the men gets hit by an arrow. We see Oliver and then Diggle fighting them off. The bad guy’s name is Faust, later revealed to be Alex and not Felix. Rene is there and he has a new suit, with no hockey mask in sight. Faust had threatened mayor Oliver with a ballistic missile, which he promptly launches. Oliver puts two arrows in him, but he’s alive enough to tell Oliver that can’t stop it. The scene shifts to Curtis, who explodes the bomb harmlessly with his t-spheres.


The bomb triggers a flashback. After Slade leaves, Samantha goes the other way and Thea follows her. Felicity tries to follow, but Diggle brings her back.


In the Arrow Cave, Rene’s been promoted and had to write a speech for the police academy graduation. Felicity comes in with Big Belly Burger and says that it took forever to get her mom on a plane. I feel a little robbed of Mama Smoak time, but I digress. The team not so subtly leave Oliver and Felicity alone to talk, something Felicity notes.

Oliver asks Felicity to eat with him and William. Felicity thinks it’s too soon and takes a raincheck.


There’s a flashback of him and William. Oliver asks him to stay while he goes to look for Samantha.

Raisa the maid is back and taking care of William. Oliver tries to talk to him but he’s not responsive and calls him Oliver.


Dinah interrogates Faust at the police station. He wants a drink which she gets another cop to give to him, while she goes to talk to Lance, who has missed an appointment. Lance was one of the people I really thought was dead, so I fell for being thrown off the trail.

Lance is alive and in a bar. He hasn’t drunk anything, but there are three shots in front of him. Dinah manages to talk him down.


When Faust gets his soda, he dislodges a C-4 tooth and puts it in his soda. It blows up and Black Siren walks in. They shoot up the precinct and then blow it up.


Oliver, Lance, and Rene talk about the explosion. Dinah comes up to them and shows footage of Black Siren. Nobody else has seen it.


Dinah and Lance told everyone that Black Siren was dead when they found her, which is obviously not the case. Diggle’s going to get Lyla's help to see when these people started working together.

According to Raisa, William didn’t sleep and has nightmares of the “bad man” who was responsible for his mom’s death.

Flashback to Oliver finding Slade and giving him crap about leaving everyone else. They then talk about Thea, who we don’t see.

Lance comes to talk to Oliver and we find out that Rene has Thea’s job, not Lance’s. He thinks Black Siren was targeting him and wants to come with Oliver when A.R.G.U.S. has a lead.

Black Siren and Dinah fight and there’s obviously no love lost there. Black Siren makes an Easter egg to the fishnets that are part of comic-book Black Canary’s costume. Everybody converges and it’s super awesome. There’s a mercenary about to shoot Rene, so Diggle tries to shoot him. He misses and the guy shoots Rene, who falls over the barrier. Oliver shoots an arrow with a rope into the guy and jumps. He catches Rene and then releases. They both fall into a car. Rene’s unconscious.

Arrow 601 1.gif

Oliver, Dinah, and Diggle reconvene at the Arrowcave. They tell Felicity that Rene’s in the hospital, but they got something from Black Siren. She’s going trace its origins. Oliver asks Dinah why Black Siren would target Lance. She claims not to know. Diggle wonders why Black Siren would blow up the precinct after Lance left. According to Felicity, Black Siren’s last known GPS placement was a warehouse outside Pennytown. They don’t think she’s coming back, but they wanna see what she left behind. Oliver sends Dinah and Diggle to check it out.

Slade and Oliver find Thea and she’s unconscious, as that’s as close to dead as she’s ever gonna be.


Dinah and Diggle are checking out a lead in an abandoned building. Dinah’s worried about Diggle and Diggle questions her about Black Siren. They’re both saved by a map of city hall. They’re convinced that Black Siren is going to attack the police academy graduation.

Flashback to Dinah and Lance in the monastery. Black Siren attacks Dinah and has a knife to her throat.


Oliver tries to help William with a nightmare, telling him that Adrian’s gone. William says the bad man is not gone and points to Oliver. That sound you’re hearing? That’s my heart breaking.


Oliver goes into the Arrowcave and talks to Felicity, evading pain and focusing on the task at hand. Felicity has narrowed down the target areas on the map. Lance comes in and is ready, to tell the truth about what happened with Black Siren. Dinah tells him he doesn’t have to. While he appreciates her having his back, he does it anyway. He shot Black Siren because she was going to kill Dinah. It was Dinah’s idea to say she was dead when they found her. Oliver, of course, says that Lance should stay put, but Lance insists on be the bait.

Curtis comes in and tells them about his new bomb detectors. Felicity points out that they only work on site and nobody will be left to be in charge of comms. Diggle offers to stay behind.

Samantha dies in Oliver’s arms after she finds out that William’s okay. She asks Oliver to promise to be his parent. He does.


Curtis, Dinah, and Felicity are at the event patrolling. Oliver gives a speech with Lance at his side and it goes off without a hitch. Oliver and Lance talk about guilt, specifically parental guilt.

Diggle gets attackedbecause the Arrowcave was the true target. How is the Arrowcave not more secure by now? They get attacked a lot and Felicity and Curtis need to fix that.

Arrow 601 5.jpg
Arrow 601 6.jpg

Anyway, Black Siren taunts Diggle and he pulls a disappearing act. He beats the crap out of them until one corners him. Oliver shoots the guy and then commences the butt kicking, along with Curtis and Dinah, who has words with Black Siren. Black Siren walks out to Lance pulling a gun on her. She taunts him and he doesn’t shoot her again.


The Arrowcave looks pretty good for being blown up and the theory is that Black Siren stole something. Honestly, my Microsoft Word does not like Arrowcave, so I'm going to Harley Quinn it and call the Arrowcave the Quiver from now on.

Oliver goes to see Rene in the hospital and gives him another hearing. Rene hugs him.


After seeing Rene, Oliver goes into another hospital room: Thea’s. She’s in a coma. I’m predicting she’ll wake up around the crossover, or whenever Roy gets back. What do y’all think?


Slade comes in and tells Oliver that he’s found his son, Joe, which could be short for Jericho, and we are running out characters without children. Slade tells Oliver that he’s going to find him and Oliver is not optimistic, which is standard Oliver. They have a long talk about fatherhood and Slade gives Oliver an updated version of the double life speech. Then he calls him Mr. Queen instead of kid and leaves.


Diggle and Dinah are in the bunker. Diggle obviously has PTSD, maybe an injury and Dinah calls him on it. He didn’t fire a single shot during the attack on the bunker. Their conversation is cut short when Curtis comes in, in his new role of the interrupter, and says he knows what Laurel stole: a prototype t-sphere.

Black Siren was taken off the island by a man in a helicopter. We don’t see his face, but he’s gotta be one of the main villains for the season.

Oliver talks to William and tells him that he’ll always be there for him and what Samantha said as she died. William agrees to watch a baseball game with him.

Then Felicity calls. Oliver’s been outed as the Green Arrow, and it’s on the news. Let me repeat that, OLIVER’S BEEN OUTED! This time it’ll be hard to beat because there is a good quality photo. Who do y’all think took it and how will they spin this?

Arrow 601 4.jpg

This was a good episode, but it could have been better if the writers played it a little less safe after the mind-blowing season finale. 8/10