#Arrow Season 6 Episode 10 "Divided" Recap & Review

The episode opens with two guys talking. This wouldn’t be ominous, except that one of them wants to name the boat after his cousin, Huntress. We haven’t seen any Bertinelli for a while now, so this should be interesting. It gets more so when Cayden James walks in with Dragon and Black Siren. They want to buy him out. He refuses. Black Siren blasts him. Cayden James says that he has 48 hours and that they know he has a daughter who goes to Columbia.


Olicity is in the Quiver, where Diggle is bringing them coffee. They are all feeling particularly bad about themselves because they haven’t found anything on Cayden James. Curtis is due to help Diggle in a few minutes, so Felicity tries to get rid of Oliver. He says he’s going to try to find James by patrolling, despite the fact that there are a million reasons that’s a bad idea. He runs into Curtis on the way out and it’s super awkward.


Thea and Lance talk. Lance fired Rene, which Thea understands, but thinks was a bad idea. He got himself a new assistant but wants Thea to be his chief of staff. She presumably accepts.


Curtis chips Diggle, and they hear some echo. They dismiss it, even though it’s apparently the bug. The chip doesn’t work either. Curtis leaves to fix it, and Felicity hears the echo again. Now they’ve found the bug.


Vigilante has been getting bad guys to turn themselves in. Because of Dinah, he hasn’t been killing them. She agrees to see him the next day.


Diggle and Felicity meet Oliver outside somewhere and tell him about the bug. Dinah has said they can use A.R.G.U.S. in the meantime. Felicity’s looped the feeds, so James doesn’t know that they know. They get a distress call and Oliver leaves.


He’s been baited. Jerry Bertinelli wants to talk. He tells Oliver about the coalition of bad guys that showed up and threatened his family. He wants Oliver’s help. Oliver asks about the Huntress, but she’s apparently gone underground.


Oliver tells Diggle and Felicity about all this and hands, Felicity, a hard drive. It’s security footage of him being threatened. Felicity gets a license plate that she can now track.


Rene and Zoe talk. Curtis then comes in, and he and Rene talk. Rene still feels terrible about what he’s done and asks Curtis is he can get rid of the evidence FBI lady has against him. After a few moments, Curtis agrees.


Dinah and Vigilante are on a kind of date. Right before it goes from kind of to date, he gets a text message and has to go.


Oliver and Thea talk. She has accepted and Oliver’s happy. He then gets a phone call from Felicity. She’s found them, and Oliver goes in alone.


He interrupts Cayden James and Black Siren’s conversation by shooting the guy with them and pinning Black Siren to a wall. Cayden James then activates some T-spheres he had previously stolen. Oliver shoots one, and then James shuts off his comms, which causes the rest of the baddies come out of the woodwork. Oliver manages to escape. James doesn’t want to kill him yet, something Dragon and Black Siren find lamentable.

Arrow 610.gif

Oliver tells Diggle and Felicity about the coalition of baddies. They argue that he needs the rest of the team. He argues that you don’t go into battle with people you can’t trust. They agree to share information with the B-team, but that’s all.

Lance and Thea talk. He has a Laurel photo album that he’s been looking at and thinking about Black Siren. Thea warns him that she’s a psycho, even when he wants there to be some Laurel in her.


Everybody, minus Oliver, is assembled at the loft. Felicity and Diggle tell all and it does not go well.  Dinah doesn’t believe them and storms out, followed by the rest of the B-team.


Oliver agrees to work with Bertinelli.


Dinah confronts Vigilante. They fight, and she ends up on the ground unconscious.

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Oliver and Diggle talk while placing explosive charges around a building. 


Curtis and Rene talk, and then Dinah bursts in and tells them about Vince. They consider becoming their own team.


The A-team talk about the Bertinelli’s death squad in the Quiver. James takes the bait and the bad guys start fighting each other. Oliver sees Dragon and engages.  Black Siren blasts him, and Diggle sends in T-spheres. Oliver is eventually taken down by Vigilante. Bertinelli turns on him, but Oliver explodes the charges and gets away. Bertinelli gets shot in the head.

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Everyone assembles in the loft. Oliver apologizes and explains the situation. The B-team says that they want to be their own team. Oliver handles this so maturely and I’m actually really proud of him. Before he leaves, Curtis gives them a hopefully fixed chip.


Lance and Thea talk. She wants to help. Merlyn did, after all, sacrifice himself for her.


Curtis has co-opted the old Helix lair. The B- team drinks to not being at the kid’s table anymore.

Arrow 610 1.gif

Felicity chips Diggle and this time it works. Yay!


James is worried about Vigiliante, but Vigilante assures him that he can take care of Dinah.


I appreciate that the team splitting is actually going to matter. It means that the last episode wasn’t actually pointless and that there will be some new ground to cover the rest of the season. We all know that they’ll come back eventually, but it’s like Diggle being the Green Arrow, we suffer through it. I’m also really grateful that the writers appear to be doing something with Thea. It’s certainly been long enough since she did anything.  8/10