#Arrow Season 6 Episode 11 "We Fall" Recap and Review

The episode starts with a guy’s rolled car. He’s was a city councilman and thinks he deserves more respect. Shift to a woman working in a hospital whose shift ended a while ago. Shift to the police chief getting in an elevator. At 7 am, the councilman loses control of his car, everything goes wonky in the hospital, and one guy accidentally electrocutes everyone in the elevator.


William and Oliver are shooting rubber arrows at soda bottles, and William is winning. He wants Felicity to check his homework, and he’s off on a field trip. Olicity kiss and then Felicity gets alerts, and Oliver gets a phone call. One of the fatalities was the police chief.


Diggle’s working out in the Quiver when Felicity tells him. Oliver calls, and they agree to loop in the B team. Then Oliver talks to Lance.


At the Helix lair, Curtis gets a call from Felicity explaining the situation. He agrees to share info. Dinah finds out the police chief is dead. Then of the t-spheres starts beeping. It’s tracking Vigilante. They all agree it’s a trap, but they’re going to go in prepared.

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Thea comes in and talks to Oliver and Lance. Lance says that SCPD is going completely off the grid. Thea suggests taking people to libraries, gyms, and civic centers once they are also made analog and putting a police presence there.


B-Team is looking for Vigilante. He finds Curtis once he jams their comms. He explains that he’s a double agent working to bring James down. Tonight, James has a plan to kill a lot more people. Curtis obviously doesn’t believe, but Vince tells him that there is going to be an attack at the subway station in an hour. He says that he tried to tell Dinah, but she decided to beat him up instead.


Oliver is talking to people in the mayor’s office when Cayden James comes in. He wants 10 million dollars by 11:30 pm that night and every night until further notice. He stresses that this is not about the money. It’s about making Oliver suffer. He tells Oliver that a year ago exactly, one of his arrows missed and hit his son.


Felicity and John are in the Quiver. Felicity is at her wit's end. When Cayden James attacked the “internet,” he used Felicity to plant a virus that he’s using now. She’s even reached out to Elena with no luck. Oliver comes in and tells them that he wasn’t in Star City the day James’s son was killed. He was in Hub City recruiting Dinah.


Curtis calls Felicity and asks about the subway, but he doesn’t say where he got his information. She tells him that things are going wonky. Curtis says that the B-team will handle it. The A-team has bigger problems. James is blocking off all exit routes from the city. The only one left is where William is.


William is on the bus being bullied. He doesn’t go for the nose.


Diggle has a spiffy new suit and him and Oliver suit up.


B-team is on the subway. Two cars are set to crash. Dinah can’t get the lever. Rene shoots open the switch boxes, but Curtis babbles too long, and it doesn’t look like they are going to stop them in time. Dinah cries one of them to a stop. Can she do that? It’s cool either way.

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William’s bus driver gets out to see what’s going on. Then things start to explode. William leads the kids off the bus, even the one who bullied him earlier. Because the bully is a straggler, William gets stuck behind a sign attached to a wall.


 Diggle and Oliver get there. Diggle helps everyone else, and Oliver helps William. This causes William to see Oliver in his suit.

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They bring William to the Quiver, where the kid is understandably ticked.


The B-Team joke about their name, dropping a literary and comic reference: The Outsiders. They don’t go with it. Curtis then tells where he got his intel. Dinah goes off on them and storms away.


Oliver meets up with Thea and Lance. He doesn’t want to move the cops. The more people come to the safe zones, the less he’ll need the police outside of them. He also tells Thea to get the press. He has an idea.


Felicity is trying to track down the fake evidence that James was sent. Diggle wants to be Green Arrow again, no thank you, and they are both worried about William. Then Oliver comes on T.V. and all three watch. He gives the spiel “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” etc. and tells people to get to the safe zones.


James says Oliver is predictable and to move to the next stage of the plan.


Olicity talk about William and someone framing him. There are plenty of people with bows and arrows that could have killed James’s son, but very few that would have sent him evidence of it. The evidence was from a computer in Corto Maltese, so my first instinct is Malcolm Merlyn, but that doesn’t feel right, so I’m going with Prometheus. That’s definitely his style.


Rene and Curtis talk to Dinah. They all analyze Vince like they don’t know him. Dinah puts off the decision of whether to trust him or not.


Oliver still hasn’t talked to William. He wants to give the kid space. Felicity talks about her dad and how she just wanted him to be honest with her. She thinks William can handle it.


Vince is talking to the guy I thought Oliver killed last week. After he leaves, Vince signals Curtis in Morse code. Curtis deciphers it as an attack at Oak Street Now. That’s one of the safe zones that Oliver set up earlier. Dinah agrees to go.


B team arrive at the safe zone, followed by the A team, and then the bad team.


In the best scene of the episode, Felicity gives the best stepmother talk ever to William intercut with scenes of the fight. She even mentions Laurel and the when she and Oliver met. Talking about that makes me miss Deadshot.


Vince saves Rene’s life and shoots the guy I thought was already dead in the head. Both teams split up after the fight is over.

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James starts shutting down all communication channels.

Dinah talks to Vince. He is forgiven.


Olicity talk to William. He’s ok with Oliver being the Green Arrow now because he’ll always have Felicity. Seriously. Best. Stepmother. Ever. He leaves them alone, and Felicity tells Oliver that Elena didn’t find anything in Corto Maltese.


Oliver walks in to his office and tells Thea to wire the money. Come on, Oliver. Don’t give the spiel if you have no plans to abide by the spiel. That’s far too politiciany.


Domestic Olicity is legitimately the cutest thing. Also, I like the fact that Oliver didn’t actually kill James’s son. It’s nice when not everything is his fault. 8/10.