#Arrow Season 6 Episode 12 "All for Nothing" Recap and Review

Oliver and Lance are in SCPD gear by the water with Dinah and the new chief. Then an A.R.G.U.S. comes out of the water. His name is Alex Scott, and he doesn’t last long. He’s electrocuted by his comms, as are all the other agents in the water.

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At City Hall, Thea is wiring more money. They’re now up to 70 million and scraping the bottom of the barrel. She talks to Oliver about emergency bunkers and about William. He’s in a safe house with Raisa.

Lance is watching the news while walking down the street. He takes a picture of Black Siren, who is behind him.

Dinah meets Vince. He didn’t know about A.R.G.U.S., and he hasn’t found the bomb. He asks if she trusts him and she kisses him.

Flashback to Central City 5 years ago. Singh introduces Dinah and Vince.

There’s a bad guy meeting, emphasis on the guy. Black Siren isn’t there. James starts talking about Mr. Redshirt. Anatoly concurs that Oliver wouldn’t kill someone like that. Bottom line: James is suspicious.


Olicity talk in the Quiver, mostly about their honeymoon. Felicity gets a lock on Vigilante’s location.


Oliver and Diggle find him. Oliver’s about to put an arrow in him before Curtis and Rene rush in and explain that he’s friendly.

The B team and Vince explain the situation to the A team. Felicity has an idea. She wants Vince to install a manual sniffer in Cayden James’s server room. The catch, besides the fact that he has to be there physically, is that he has to stay there while it downloads.


Lance and Thea talk to a guy about finding more money. After he leaves, Lance tells Thea that Black Siren has been following him. He thinks she’s trying to reach out. Thea suggests reaching out to her.

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Oliver talks to Vince. They don’t like each other, but they don’t really have a choice. This is the only plan they’ve got.


Vince and Dinah talk. She wants him to be careful and not be pressured by Oliver. He assures that he will be and that he hasn’t been.

Flashback Vince is playing cards while Dinah talks to Sonus. She tells him that she could be more helpful if she had more info. He doesn’t want to give it, so she leaves to go home. Vince follows her out. They talk and then kiss.

B-Team comes back to the Quiver, and it’s super awkward.


They have eyes on Vince, and Dinah again tells him to be careful. Felicity gives him the code to get in. He does, and he plugs in the sniffer, but then James walks in. Felicity talks Vince through what to say, and he walks out.


Flashback Sonus is with a buyer. She tells him he has a cop on his payroll.

A guy tells Vince that James wants to see him. He beats the guy up and leaves the building. He transmits the data and then destroys the transmitter.

Flashback Dinah and Vince talk. He wants to quit. She doesn’t.

James stops Vince from leaving and Anatoly tazes him.

Elena’s in the Quiver helping sort through the data. They haven’t found the bomb yet. Dinah and Rene go look for Vince. He hasn’t made contact.


Flashback Dinah is made.

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Anatoly has a gun to Vince’s head. Dragon cuts him, and they all see his healing ability. They leave Anatoly to torture him.

Lance is talking to Thea on the phone. Black Siren is still following him. He leads her to somewhere where they can talk, and he can show her pictures and videos of Laurel. Black Siren freaks out, cries the screen and leaves. Thea comes out of the shadows to make sure Lance is ok.


Dinah and Rene didn’t find Vince, and she’s worried. Felicity finds the bomb. Vincent’s comms have turned back on, and they hear him being tortured. An argument ensues about what to do. The B team goes to rescue Vince, and the A team will get the bomb.


Vince hears the B team fighting their way in and makes his way to them.

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A team fights their way to the bomb. Oliver finds hostages connected to another bomb. Anatoly has given him a choice. Diggle says he’ll take care of the hostages while Oliver gets the big bomb.

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Dinah and Vince find each other. He didn’t turn his comms on. Another bomb goes off.


Oliver finds four identical trucks leaving the building and is kept from following them by two identical cars.

Dinah is stuck under rubble. James and Black Siren show up before Vince can help her. She cries Vince into some rebar. James wants to kill him. Black Siren hesitates. James threatens her, so she cries Vince to death. She doesn’t appear to enjoy herself. Curtis and Rene show up late to the party and help Dinah. She runs to Vince and doesn’t want to leave him.


At Helix, Rene and Curtis talk about Dinah. She hasn’t spoken. When she does, she asks if the A team got the bomb. Rene and Curtis tell her that they didn’t. She thinks that Vince died for nothing.

Felicity tells Oliver and Diggle about Vince. On the bright side, Elena did find something. She found the evidence sent to Cayden James. It’s from the same person who doctored Oliver’s picture.


Thea tells Lance that Black Siren killed Vince.

Dinah is at home grieving when Oliver comes to the door. He pseudo apologizes and then tells her that they have a plan. Oliver hon, no. Let the woman grieve for five minutes. She handles it about as well as she could. She gets mad at him and says that she’s going to kill the whole bad guy posse, starting with Black Siren.

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Always be suspicious when a side character starts getting a lot of screen time. I doubt they’ll kill Laurel again, so this will be interesting. Let’s do this thing! 8/10.