#Arrow Season 6 Episode 14 "Collision Course" Recap and Review

The episode starts at SCPD. Oliver and the police chief are discussing James’s death, and she is lying through her teeth.


Oliver, Thea, and Lance are in a meeting, and it is not going well. They haven’t recovered the $70 million, and they need it. Oliver promises that they will have it in 48 hours.


He tells Thea and Lance that the accountant is on the way back from Corto Maltese now. Until he gets there, they talk about the Dinah and Laurel situation. Speak of the devil and him, or in this case, she will appear. Dinah walks in with the accountant. The money was had already been withdrawn when he got there. He is going to send a request for the withdrawal logs, but he isn’t holding his breath.


When Oliver gets home, Felicity and William are making cookies, something that Felicity adorably disguises as a science project. Oliver needs to have a grown-up talk, so he and Felicity excuse themselves. He needs Felicity to get him the withdrawal logs and look like she got them from a legitimate source. She brings up that the same person that withdrew the money probably also killed James and his son, but they still think the killer is some random person, so that doesn’t help much.


The B Team haven’t found anything. Curtis doesn’t like where Dinah’s head is at, but she doesn’t care. She gets a text from the accountant and leaves. Rene and Curtis talk about her after she leaves. Rene wants to deal with one problem at a time.


He has the logs and security footage. Black Siren took the money. After the accountant leaves, Dinah and Oliver “talk,” and by “talk” I mean do everything but physically hit each other.

200w_d (60).gif

Lance meanwhile has Black Siren stashed away in a sketchy cabin in the woods.


He has no intention of telling the Queens either. Oliver shows him and Thea the security tape, and he says nothing about it. He does talk about how she used to follow him. Oliver tells him about the photo in her go bag, and he thinks she might reach out to him. Thea and Oliver know he’s lying about something, but they aren’t sure what.


Curtis has a new toy to help the B team find, and potentially brutally murder, Black Siren. They use it to find out that she was dragged away. They also find tire tracks. The boys still aren’t sure what they’re going to do when they find her.


Lance brings Black Siren food, and they talk. He tells her James is dead and that she can leave anytime. That does at least dial back the creepy factor somewhat. He’s still busted through. Thea followed him.


The A team finds the same scene that the B team did and come to the same conclusion. They burst into the beta lair and demand answers, which the B team doesn’t have. They have a lot of self-righteousness though, and both teams verbally spar. Rene shoves Oliver, and everyone goes defensive. Diggle gases them, and then the A team leaves.


The B team talks about it. Rene did something smart for once and tagged Oliver with an audio chip when he shoved him.

The A team also talk about how they have nada.


Thea comes into the cabin and tries to talk some sense into Lance until Black Siren wakes up. She agrees with Thea that they should call Oliver.


Oliver of course answers on speed dial. Black Siren wants to get out of the country and out of Dinah’s range. Oliver eventually agrees.

The B team follows them.

The A team realize that they are being followed, lose the B-team, find the tracker, and dump it.


Dinah finds it and steps on it. I’ve always hated this trope in action movies. That’s useful tech, and it never did anything to you! Curtis should at least be ticked.

A team gets to the cabin. Black Siren won’t give them the money until she’s out of the country. Lance wants to go with her. This is a horrible idea, and Oliver says as much. Lance doesn’t care, and Black Siren will allow it.


Curtis has a way to find Black Siren, but it will hurt Diggle.


Diggle collapses. Curtis hacked the implant in his arm. Felicity is super ticked.


Dinah tells the boys to have no mercy.

Diggle’s doesn’t want to do this. Oliver does either, but it has to be done.

Lance and Black Siren try to leave. Oliver is still angry at Black Siren, and then the B team shows up.


They fight. Rene shoots Felicity, who for some reason was not given a weapon. Lance and Black Siren run. Dinah follows them. Oliver and Rene fight, which is the most satisfying out of all the mini fights. Dinah beats Lance out of the way. Black Siren apologizes. Curtis shows up to talk Dinah out of killing her. He says that she sounds just like Oliver, and that’s enough to make her stop. I know Curtis isn’t quite as aggressively masculine in his confrontation tactics as Oliver, but I in no way expected that to work. Black Siren takes advantage of the moment and cries them. Oliver and Diggle show up and throw a metal collar on Dinah. Rene shows up and collapses, ending the fight.

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Oliver is brooding in the Quiver with the rest of the A team. They’ve lost Black Siren’s signal, and Oliver has no faith that she’ll give them the money. Felicity is fixing Diggle. Thea and Lance want to visit Rene in the hospital. Oliver tells them that they should.


Dinah and Curtis are at the hospital. They talk about Black Siren. Dinah has successfully been talked off the ledge and her thanks, Curtis. YOU STUPID HYPOCRITE!!! OLVER HAS BEEN SAYING THE EXACT SAME THING!!!


Oliver, Thea, and Lance have to tell everyone that they don’t have the money. Oliver even says that he has failed the city.


The DA talks to the police chief. He’s dirty, so this is apparently how Oliver is going to get out of his legal trouble, and he wants her help. They both work for Diaz.


The doctor wants to move Rene out of the city. Maybe he’ll be unconscious for his court date. Felicity and Diggle show up and try to offer moral support, but it doesn’t work. I was hoping that Rene being hurt would be enough for them to come back together, but no, the B team are perfect angels who have never done a thing wrong in their lives.


Black Siren tells a guy that she’s Laurel Lance and that she was kidnapped two years ago. Finally, something interesting. I’m surprised they haven’t dealt with this sooner.


Quitting isn’t always a bad thing, and I want the writers to quit this storyline. It adds nothing, and it’s dragging the show down. It’s time to fish or cut bait. Bring the teams back together or shove the new characters elsewhere. At least we have Roy to look forward to next week. 6.5/10