#Arrow Season 6 Episode 15 "Doppleganger" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Oliver in his office. Thea and his lawyer come in. The lawyer has good news. The evidence they had over Rene is “fruit from the poisonous tree.” The source of information is tainted, so therefore the information is tainted, so therefore there is no case. She’s going to ask the judge for a dismissal in the afternoon.


Because nothing bad had happened in the last 12 minutes, Lance comes into to tell them that there is a problem. Black Siren turned herself over to SCPD, but as Laurel. They want to get to her before she gets to the press, but they’re too late. She hugs Oliver and Lance and declines to say who the Green Arrow is. At least for now.

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They talk to her in interrogation. Somebody took the money she stole. They want to know from who. She says that she doesn’t know and then she blackmails them into protecting her from both Dinah and whoever is pulling strings. Also, Thea Queen on Earth 2 might be a bad guy.


The police chief wants to talk to Oliver. The police department has about 30 million in seized property that they can auction off. Oliver tells her to get on it. This will turn out to be a bad idea, but they’ve run out of good ones.


Meanwhile, Dinah has learned about Laurel. The minute Oliver leaves, she asks to be put on the case.


Curtis tells Zoe what happened to Rene.


The prosecutor has another witness, Roy.


Team Arrow rightly assumes that Roy would not flip on them and they plan to do reconnaissance come nightfall.

Lance visits Black Siren in the hospital. He kind of explained to Laurel’s mom what is going on and he brought Black Siren some clothes.


Dinah talks to the nurse that did Laurel’s autopsy. Barry makes everything possible, but she’s doing a DNA test to confirm that Black Siren is Laurel.


Lance talks to Dinah. Even though Dinah no longer plans to kill Black Siren, it still doesn’t go well. They both walk into the room to find Black Siren gone. A police officer took her.


He’s taking her to Diaz.


Oliver and Diggle see Roy getting beaten on in a hotel.


Black Siren is brought to Anatoly, who is now Diaz’s middleman.


In the Quiver, Thea says she’s coming with them to get Roy, despite Oliver’s objections.

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Oliver uses a fireworks arrow to distract the police and Thea goes in through a vent.

Roy refuses to testify against Oliver, even under torture. Felicity and Diggle get the badge numbers of the cops torturing them. When the cops leave for food, Thea comes in. She kisses him, unties him, and asks what happened. The Star City cops found him, tazed him, and kidnapped them. They knew everything.


There is a S.W.A.T. inbound. Thea refuses to leave Roy, but Oliver pulls her out of there before she’s seen. They only find Roy. She’s super ticked.


In the Quiver, they all talk about it. The security around the hotel has been increased ten-fold, but they finally know who the bad guy is. Diaz paid the cops.

Oliver and Thea talk. Her life and her storylines have gone out of wack without Roy. She needs him to be safe.

Felicity finds out that they’re transferring Roy, but she doesn’t know when.

Dinah and Lance are trying to find Black Siren without luck. Oliver comes in, and they go to the interrogation room. He gives them the lowdown. He needs them to get the lowdown on how far the corruption goes. They’re the only ones he can trust right now.


Diaz is sparring with someone on a stage in a stadium. Anatoly brings in Black Siren. Diaz explains that he’s building a family and if anyone betrays the family…well, he needs to speak to Black Siren alone. Their conversation is very sexual. Guess who’s going to be a mommy?

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Diggle and Felicity talk and then Felicity gets an alert.They’re moving Roy in ten minutes. Problem is, the truck is empty, just like James’s was.


Diaz has Roy.

Olicity talk and Felicity reminds him not to brood.


Diaz offers Roy a job. When that doesn’t work, he threatens Thea.


Dinah and Lance are working at his apartment, then Black Siren shows up. She says that she has info on Diaz.


Thea and Oliver talk. Oliver says that Thea should go with Roy when he goes. She deserves to have a Felicity in her life. Diggle tells them about Black Siren and they head out.


She tells them that Roy is in a casino. Black Siren says that if she’s going to pretend to be Laurel, she should act like it. No one believes her, but they don’t have a choice. Dinah’s not coming, and for once it’s Oliver’s decision. Thank you hallelujah.


Diaz is expecting them. He tells Roy that they’ve come. They all fight, but Roy and Diaz are no longer in the room. They find them, but Diaz has a lot of thugs. Thea doesn’t care. She takes on all of the armed men and then Oliver and Diggle back her up. Oliver knocks out Anatoly.


Felicity tells them that the police are coming. Thea finds Diaz, and they fight. Oliver leaves Anatoly to see them. He tells Thea to drive the van away, and he’ll take care of Diaz. By taking care of Diaz, he means to escape once she drives away.

Roy is safe in the Quiver.

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Oliver talks to Black Siren. He thanks her. She says she’ll try to be Laurel, but she’s a big fat liar. After Oliver leaves, she gets a text from Diaz that says, “good job.” It was a setup.


Thea and Roy are making up for lost time, but they have a peeping tom from the League of Assassins.


Minimal Curtis, Less annoying Dinah, no Rene, and ample Thea and Roy. Yes! We needed this episode so bad. 8.5/10.