#Arrow Season 6 Episode 16 "The Thanatos Guild" Recap and Review

The episode starts with a flashback to four years ago. Malcolm and Thea are in the car about to go to Corto Maltese.


In Present Day, there is a rip-off of the League of Assassins, and it’s basically a cult of Merlyn. They need Thea, but Nyssa interrupts them. She’s modernized too and sets off a bomb.

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There is a “Goodbye Thea” party in the Quiver. She’s telling William embarrassing stories about Oliver until he cuts in. Oliver is so supportive of Thea; it’s so cute. We get to see Olicity with Thea and Roy, and it makes my heart happy.


Lance and Diggle are talking about Black Siren. Lance isn’t stupid, but he wants to believe that she’s trying to change. Oliver cuts into this conversation too, and they talk business. Lance thinks that the corruption has infected the D.A.’s office too. Then Diggle brings up being Green Arrow again, and Lance leaves. Oliver says that he doesn’t want to leave Diggle alone against Diaz.

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Dinah and Curtis are working in Rene’s apartment. Curtis is feeling left out, which is odd since he drew the “never talking to y’all again” line. Zoe comes in and goes to work on homework, and no, you cannot get sick of mac and cheese. Dinah gets a text and has to go work a homicide.

Thea and Roy are in the car, and he jinxes it. Their tire gets shot out by the rip-off League. Nyssa takes them on and gets them out. She tells them what’s going on, but not really.


She explains in the Quiver, once Oliver is sure that Thea is alright, and once her and Felicity awkward talk about Olicity being actually married. The rip-off League is called the Thanatos Guild, and it was created by Merlyn before he died. It, of course, involves a treasure map because why not and the leader, Athena is attacking Thea because she thinks Thea knows something. After a good bit of protesting, Thea agrees to help find the map.


The police chief takes over Dinah’s homicide and makes her give up the evidence. Dinah texts Curtis about it.

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Nyssa and Thea talk to a former League member about the map. She says that Merlyn made it so that Thea is the only one who could read the map. She also gives them the coordinates.

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The team plus Nyssa go there, and it is booby trapped because what good would a treasure hunt be without at least one booby trap? Nyssa finds a box under the floor. It’s an ancient league cipher. Athena shows up, they see the contact hanging from the ceiling, and the rest of the Guild shows up. They all fight.  Oliver, Diggle, and Nyssa take care of the henchmen, but Thea has a little trouble with Athena. Then she has an idea from Felicity and Raiders of the Lost Ark. She activates the booby trap and ducks, allowing them all to escape.

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In the Quiver, Nyssa says she’ll take it from here. Thea doesn’t want her to do this all alone, plus Felicity is awesome and can totally hack the cypher cube.


Curtis and Dinah are breaking into SCPD. Curtis is the lookout. He inevitably gets caught but awkward his way into a tour while Dinah rifles through evidence.

Oliver and Nyssa talk. They talk about Thea, and he tells her she needs to let up on the whole “husband” thing now that he’s actually married.


Felicity figured it out. The cypher is a Fibonacci sequence. They only have to figure out the starting numbers. Nyssa says that they are 10 and 13 and Thea unlocks it. The paper is blank.

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While Felicity figures out how to make the map show up, her and Nyssa talk. Nyssa calls her sister wife, and her sincerity makes that hilarious.


Thea talks to Roy. He’s afraid that she can’t leave, and she tells him that the map is not her future.

Dinah and Curtis have a murder board. She’s convinced, rightly, that the chief is guilty, and she thinks that the evidence she stole is proof. The drug that she stole is Vertigo, which is not Diaz’s typical style.

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Oliver and Thea talk about happy ever afters. Thea explains that Oliver is the Green Arrow because he becomes the best version of himself. Thea doesn’t know how to find that best version of herself.


Felicity has found the Guild at the gas line. It's rigged with C-4, and they want the map. Thea wants to give it to them.

Everybody else comes as a backup. There’s just one problem. Athena wants Thea’s blood. While they all fight, Roy finds the bomb while wearing his new Arsenal costume. Felicity tells him to short circuit it. He uses one of Oliver's arrows to do so. Thea almost burns the map, but she gets stabbed, and Athena gets away. Her blood makes the map show up.

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As Felicity explains, it’s her bacteria. The map shows the route to two more Lazarus Pits.

Curtis goes to see Dinah. There are no Vertigo related cases because they’ve all been shut down. This is proof that the chief is dirty. Diaz is pushing Vertigo.

Thea and Roy talk. For a minute, I was worried that they were going to break my heart. The bad news is that Thea isn’t going with Roy. The good news is that he’s going with her. With Nyssa, they are going to destroy the Lazarus Pits, which is a prime idea for a spinoff show.


Nyssa gives Oliver a dagger, effectively annulling their marriage.

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This was a good send-off for Thea. I’m going to miss her, especially since next episode looks awful. 8/10