#Arrow Season 6 Episode 18 "Fundamentals" Recap and Review

The episode starts with the completely surreal scene that seems completely out of place and doesn’t have an explanation until much later. Dirty cops are talking, and then Oliver attacks him in his season 1 hood outfit, complete with the eye gunk. Diaz is in the next room with an army of cops.


Then it shifts, with no explanation or timeline, to Olicity in the Quiver. Ever since the good cops got fired, she’s been monitoring the bad cops’ surveillance cameras. They go dark at 10:13 each night and stay that way for a couple of minutes. That must be when Diaz visits. Oliver wants to go in by himself. Felicity tells him that’s nonsense. Going in there alone is a suicide mission. They need Diggle.


And what do you know; Diggle walks in at exactly that moment. Felicity Parent Trapped him there so that he and Oliver would talk. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Diggle tells them about the job at A.R.G.U.S., but Oliver leaves before Diggle gets too patronizing.

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He goes to City Hall and talks to Councilman Collins. There is going to be an impeachment hearing in the afternoon, and Oliver needs to have proof that the police chief and the DA were working for Diaz. Councilman Collins is skeptical of the entire situation, but Oliver says he’ll get proof.

After he leaves, Lance gives Oliver a pep talk. Quentin Lance is legitimately my hero this episode because he is the rock that Oliver needs. How ironic is it that Lance is the one to stand by him, even after Diggle abandons him?


Felicity, William, and Raisa talk about William’s Science fair project. Oliver comes in and talks to Felicity, even though he and William should have left already. Felicity has found proof that the police chief and the DA are working for Diaz, but the city council is going to ask how he got it, and she doesn’t have an answer for that. He goes off and accidentally wrecks William’s project. Felicity tells him to leave.


He’s in the Quiver alone when he hears banging. Felicity shows up and says that she needs space. It’s sad that I was less mad at this moment than just resigned because the writing has gotten bad enough for me to accept this.


He hears the banging again. Lance comes into the Quiver and reminds Oliver that he’s awesome and that Felicity loves him. Also, the hearing’s in an hour.


Oliver hears the banging again and opens the elevator. It’s Prometheus. They fight until Oliver realizes something is wrong. He tests his blood and finds out he’s been dosed on Vertigo. Collins dosed him. He’s hallucinating Prometheus. He talks to Lance and explains the situation. He walks out of the elevator into the mansion and talks to Laurel. This is before the Gambit. Then the scene shifts to the hospital. Then it’s Rene. Then the rest of the B-team shows up. He’s very chill about of all of this. If you know you’re hallucinating, I imagine that takes the fun out of it.


Then the scene shifts from the mansion to his apartment. Raisa’s been stabbed by Diaz, who is still there. Diaz stabs him and says that he’s more dangerous as a martyr than as the Green Arrow, which is only slightly ominous.

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He was actually passed out in the Quiver. He calls Lance and tells him to stall. Then he hallucinates himself from Season 1, who tells him that he needs to be alone.


He shows up at the hearing and says that he got the flash drive from the Green Arrow, which doesn’t go over well. Lance tries to help, but there isn’t much he can do at this point. Prometheus tells him to go on the suicide mission. Sure Oliver, listen to the guy who surely has your best interest at heart and has not tried to kill you or your loved ones multiple times.


Felicity and William got back. William got second. The little domestic moment is interrupted by Felicity’s purse beeping. She sees Oliver is on the move and calls Lance. She tells him that she did not walk out on Oliver and they both figure out where he’s going. William gives her comfortable shoes, which is probably one of my favorite little details ever.


Lance catches up with him first. Oliver knocks him out. Felicity runs into the police precinct and sees the carnage. She begs him not to go in.


After she proves that she is real and that she will never leave him, he gets them out of there, very nostalgically I might add.


Felicity made Oliver a tonic.  Lance has to take a call and leaves them alone. Oliver frustratingly still decides to listen to himself. He started Green Arrow alone and he needs to go back there. Dude, you’re almost there already, let your wife help you. To make matters worse, he’s been officially impeached. On the bright side, Lance is mayor now.


Oliver apologizes to William.

Diaz and Black Siren talk about how smart they are.

This was ridiculous and insane, and they’ve done it before, but it felt like they at least tried. And Felicity didn’t leave him. And we got a Prometheus cameo. 6.5/10.