#Arrow Season 6 Episode 19 "The Dragon" Recap and Review

The episode starts with a flashback to 32 years ago. Diaz is being bullied in an orphanage. His bully is a pyromaniac older kid.


Back in the present, Diaz and Black Siren are waiting for someone from Quadrant outside a bar. She wants to break in, but he explains to her the value of patience, especially when the person you’re waiting for is part of the biggest crime family on the continent. He shows up two hours late.


Is Curtis talking to Felicity again? What happened to we are never speaking again? However and for whatever reason, it happened, they are now working on Helix Dynamics stuff.


Diaz makes his pitch to the guy. Diaz offers the city in exchange for a seat at the table. He wants Diaz to audition. There is a guy that they need taken out of FBI custody, but they don’t know where he is. Diaz needs to find him for them. Diaz agrees and then punches a mirror in the bathroom.


When they find him, Diaz and Black Siren talk. She thinks that he’s letting them walk all over him. He’s still worried about the long game. He takes his proof of life pictures and leaves.


Felicity catches Curtis up on how it’s been since he swore to never speak to them again.


Diaz shows the Quadrant guy, Eric Cartier, the proof of life. He wants more. He wants Diaz to kill him. Diaz gets mad but agrees to do it.


Diaz and Black Siren attack the house where the guy is being held and find him. Cartier drives by and shoots both the guy and Diaz. Diaz was wearing a bulletproof vest, but Black Siren still thinks he’s reckless.


Cartier talks to his dad. They never planned to let Diaz in. They’re far too snobby for that. They want to take credit for his work.


Diaz and Black Siren talk as they pull up to the bar. They go in, clear out all the normal people, and take out all the hired muscle.


Curtis and Felicity see Oliver in the news. He was at the scene of an explosion in the Glades.


Cartier is tied up and bloody. Diaz tells him his sad backstory and then begins to torture him. Cartier gives up everything. They never mentioned Diaz to the Quadrant, but he does know where they are. Black Siren is visibly uncomfortable.


They give each other pep talks on the way to the Quadrant meeting. Diaz’s street name is a symbol of fear. He controls it, not the other way around. While wary, she does back him up when they get to the meeting location. They let Cartier out of the trunk, where he promptly runs in and blows up.


Black Siren and Diaz fight the first wave and get into the room with the powerful people. One of them wants to listen, so he pitches them. Cartier Sr. insults him, so Diaz shoots him. They don’t like him, but they like his proposal, so the rest let Diaz have a seat at the table.


Diaz tells Black Siren that there’s one thing he has to do. He finds Jesse, the kid who bullied him in the orphanage.

Felicity’s freaking out because she can’t find Oliver. He’s alive and okay. Oliver got out of the explosion. They talk, and he promises always to come back.


Diaz sets Jesse on fire while he makes Black Siren watch.


We went almost an entire episode without seeing Oliver. I’m all for villain backstory, but don’t hedge it with the Curtis and Felicity stuff. It makes me wonder where the main character is! 6/10.