#Arrow Season 6 Episode 2 "Tribute" Recap and Review



The episode starts with Oliver in city hall. He’s making jokes, dropping Batman bombs, and denying he’s the Green Arrow. After all, Photoshop is a thing. Lance comments on how well he’s taking this and Oliver reminds him that this is not his first rodeo. He does tell Rene to find out where it came from. He then asks him about the funding for the new SCPD. Rene fast-tracked the insurance, and they should have 20 million dollars by the end of the day.


There is a woman in Oliver’s office. Her name is Samantha Watson, she’s FBI, and she’s here to investigate Oliver. When he brings up that he’s been through this before, she makes several digs at Lance and SCPD in general.

Back in the Quiver, Felicity, Curtis, Dinah, and Diggle talk about strategies. Curtis brings up the Human Target and Diggle says he’s out of the country. Good on them for mentioning this because most shows would have left that plot hole.

Rene says that the envelope containing the photo came from nowhere. It was internal from Channel 52, which is a DC significant number. As much as I hate to say it, we do know one person that could have been: our least favorite journalist Susan Williams. The canon first theory is that Chase somehow manufactured it before he died, which isn’t a bad theory.

Felicity and Curtis are trying to find out anything about the image and haven’t yet. While they wait, they talk about jobs. Felicity needs a new one, and Curtis already has one. Felicity’s super ticked because he didn’t share.

Arrow 602 5.gif

Oliver is showing a delegation of Markovians, which besides being somehow Eastern European are also a reference to Geoforce and Terra, and some reporters around an abandoned warehouse, where all sketchy things happen on tv.  Of course, the reporters won’t let up on the Green Arrow stuff and the Markovian boss says he would double his investment if it’s true. Then they get shot at. Because they’re in a warehouse, and being in a warehouse on tv means you get shot at. Lance manages to drive them out but he gets stopped by a machine gun. It’s Anatoly and he wants the Markovians. The running theory now is that Anatoly leaked the photo.

Arrow 602 2.gif

Diggle and Dinah talk, and he still insists that he’s fine.

Felicity is still mad at Curtis, but he’s figured out a way to track Anatoly. He had to pay people, and he did so through cryptocurrency, which is pretty much untraceable but not for them.

Anatoly wanted 20 million dollars, or he kills the hostages. They have 12 hours. Oliver has to go because he gets a phone call about William.


He was in a fight with eighth graders because of Oliver being the Green Arrow. How old is William again? I’ve been thinking somewhere around 12. Anyway, Oliver gives him some fight advice: go for the nose. I’ll keep that one in mind. He gets a call from Felicity that they’ve found Anatoly and that he’s at a Russian restaurant. Oliver tells William that they’ll finish this conversation later and leaves.


Diggle, Dinah, and Curtis are also there. Diggle still can’t shoot and Dinah sees it. Oliver shoots open the freezer and three men walk out. They’re one short.

Oliver has an appointment with FBI Lady Watson, but he’s with William, and so Rene and Lance stall. It’s super awkward and hilarious, but she kicks them out after a while.

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Oliver and William talk. William thinks Oliver is going to die and leave him alone. Oliver promises that that won’t happen, but William’s at least old enough to know that that’s not in his control. Oliver then gets a phone call and has to go. It’s a facetime from Anatoly. He’s poisoned the remaining hostage, who now has three hours to live.


Curtis is able to figure out the toxin, which Dinah and Diggle go pick up the antidote for.

I love how this doctor knows exactly what’s going on but never asks questions. Plausible deniability for the win. She does; however, out that Diggle’s on pain meds. He caught some shrapnel in the explosion and has nerve damage. Dinah’s ticked he never told anyone and Diggle downplays it and asks her to trust him.

Oliver talks to Rene about fatherhood because FBI Lady wants to interrogate William.  They then get Anatoly’s location. He’s at an old abandoned shipyard.


Dinah gets into a bind which Diggle can’t get her out of and she gives him the death glare to end all death glares. 

Arrow 602 4.gif

Oliver shoots the guy with the antidote on an arrow, but Anatoly has him shot. He then grandstands about how good of a man he is and how naïve Oliver is, all to say that he didn’t leak the picture.


Oliver talks to the FBI Lady and says that William is off limits. She doesn’t back down and he makes a series of veiled threats. Then, a person whom I assume is an assistant or an intern comes in and tells her to turn on the news.  According to an anonymous tip, the photo has been doctored. She says she still isn’t dropping the investigation.

The tippers were Curtis and Felicity. Out of all the outcomes, I did not think the photo would genuinely be doctored. Somebody decided to frame Oliver, but they don’t know who. Felicity then tells Curtis to quit his job and go into business with her. He agrees. Smoak Technologies!!


Diggle talks to Dinah and admits he’s not ok. They agree that he’ll tell Oliver.

Oliver apologizes to William and says that he’s working on something to keep him safe. Then they play video games.


That thing is that he wants Diggle to be the Green Arrow, something he says before Diggle can tell him about the nerve damage. This won’t last long, right?

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I was actually surprised in this episode, which is unusual, considering how many times they’ve done this. Fingers crossed that Diggle doesn’t stay Green Arrow for long. Love ya Dig, but you need help. 8/10