#Arrow Season 6 Episode 20 "Shifting Allegiances" Recap and Review

The episode starts in Moscow. Oliver takes down a drunk guy who is offering drugs to his girlfriend and gives him to the Bratva in exchange for a favor.


Curtis is taking Rene home. Dinah and Zoe are also there and they all threw him a party. The B-team talks about how much they aren’t doing.


Diggle is telling an A.R.G.U.S. team about Diaz. Afterward, his supervisor compliments him and tells him that he’s sent compliments to Lyla. He also has a lead on Diaz. It’s the black lady from the Quadrant. Her name is Lydia Cassamento. The supervisor wants to take her out. Diggle wants her to lead them to Diaz.

Diaz is getting an expensive suit made. Black Siren come in and they talk about Lance. Diaz wants to talk to him and he wants her to set it up.


Anatoly and his Russian buddies are watching baseball. Anatoly goes to get a beer, which is weird and comes back to find all of his guys tranquilized. Oliver wants to talk. He got Anatoly his old job back. He can go home. Anatoly thanks him by tazing him.


The B-team gloats about Oliver in the Helix lair. When they are done with that, they discuss possible leads. Diaz used to be part of the Scorpions, and they figure he’ll use them as his new supplier since Oliver and Diggle cut off his old supply. Dinah points out that they no longer have police connections. Rene says that they don’t need them, he knows people.


Black Siren and Lance are at lunch. She apologizes, and Diaz walks in. He wants Lance to sign over some real estate for him. Lance won’t do anything for him. Diaz outs Black Siren as working for him, and they leave, with Black Siren seeming a tad bit guilty about the whole thing.


The B-team is at a gambling den in the Glades. Rene causes a distraction so that Curtis can use one of his toys to get information.


The information leads them to a warehouse. The Scorpions are running guns, not drugs. Then the Quadrant comes in and massacres the Scorpions, with the B-team in the crossfire. Rene doesn’t help any because he now has PTSD. Diggle saves them.


They all talk at Helix. Diggle even apologizes, which is awful for two reasons. One, he has nothing to apologize for. Two, what is the writers’ obsession with making Oliver out to be the bad guy? First Felicity and now Diggle? Ugh. Anyway, Lance breaks up their lovely little party and tells them what just happened to him and that he can’t get in touch with Oliver. They all eventually figure out that Diaz is Quadrant.


Oliver lectures Anatoly while being chained to a chair. Anatoly says that the Bratva took him for granted and are not his family. He also says that Oliver cannot beat Diaz alone. Dude, it’s bad when a bad guy is talking sense into you.


Diggle and Rene talk about PTSD and kids, conveniently forgetting, again, that Oliver also has a kid and is going through the same thing. They figure out that Diaz is planning to use Star City as a waystation.


Black Siren talks to Lance. She wants him to sign the papers because she is afraid of Diaz. He yells at her and tells her to move out.


Diggle tells the B-team his plan. They are going to tag the trucks and let A.R.G.U.S. take them out. Rene is still having PTSD and is going to sit this one out.


Lance apologizes to Black Siren and tells her about Damien Darhk. He signs the papers, and they agree to protect each other, which means that at least one of them is going to die. Any bets?


Anatoly tells Oliver that any betrayal he has made of his former principles is Oliver’s fault.

Diggle and the B-team attack. One of the trucks almost gets away, but Curtis tags it.


Diaz takes his frustration about all of this out on Oliver. Anatoly tells Diaz that he is better than this and convinces him to fight Oliver mano-a-mano. The loser leaves Star City. Oliver, of course, gets the upper hand and Diaz of course cheats, to Anatoly’s horror.


Oliver even says, “You have failed this city, and I’m going to take it back.” Not by yourself you aren’t.


He visits Oliver in his cell and gives him bandages. He also wants to break Oliver out, but gets called to Diaz before he can do that.


The B-Team asks Diggle to join them. He says no.


Curtis goes to see Rene, but it’s actually Zoe who convinces him to continue being a vigilante. She knows because the B-team is not subtle or quiet.


Black Siren gives Diaz Lance’s papers. He doesn’t care about the papers. It was a test. Then Oliver is brought in with a gun to his head. Diaz doesn’t want Oliver to leave anymore. He wants Oliver in jail. He’s having his trial brought up. I was wondering when they were going to get to that.


Maybe this is what brings the team back together? Worry about Oliver? Diaz’s people are turning on him, so that could be the nail in the coffin. I actually managed to give a crap about parts of this episode, so it was better. 7/10.