#Arrow Season 6 Episode 21 "Docket No. 11-19-41-73" Recap and Review

The episode starts in Kasnia with Diggle infiltrating a war zone. He frees someone.


Oliver and Felicity are in front of the press, being taken to his lawyer. They aren’t alone; however, and Diaz’s cop won’t leave them alone. The prosecution brought in an outside lawyer, and she’s incredible. She offered them a deal. Plead to singular manslaughter and get a minimum of 15 years. He won’t take it.

The B-team talk about the trial. Curtis has fomo that he wasn’t subpoenaed. Rene is feeling guilty, and so is Dinah. This proves that they belong at the kid’s table because now that the consequences have come due, they’ve changed their tune about Oliver. They don’t want daddy in prison after all.


A reporter interviews Lance, and he is fantastic! Black Siren walks in, and they interview her too. She says that she knows the Green Arrow’s identity and will reveal it under oath.


The B-team is at court giving mommy some support. Diggle isn’t there though, which is weird. General Hale calls him as her first witness.

Hello Green Arrow Easter Egg!

Hello Green Arrow Easter Egg!

While they wait for him, she puts our doctor friend, Lisa Schwartz on the stand. After Dr. Schwartz cites patient privilege, the prosecutor asks if she saw the Green Arrow’s face when Laurel was brought in because of her stab wound. Schwartz says she was a little busy helping Laurel to notice.


Lance and Black Siren are watching the trial. They talk until Diaz texts her. Lance begs her not to go and says that Laurel would’ve stood up to him. Black Siren doesn’t find that comforting.


Diggle shows up late and says that Oliver is not the Green Arrow.


Dinah says the same.


The prosecutor asks Diggle about his nerve damage and Dinah about Sonus. Dinah pleads the 5th, which makes everyone think she’s guilty. She is.


Diaz wants Black Siren to testify that Oliver is the Green Arrow. She says that if she goes into court pretending to be Laurel Lance, she’ll get made. He chokes and threatens her.

Felicity reassures William and then talks to Raisa once he leaves.

The B-team are ready to go to jail for Oliver, including Rene.


That resolve lasts just long enough for Diaz to bring Zoe into the courtroom. Then Rene flips.


Diggle and Dinah attack Diaz outside of the courtroom. Diaz uses the whole police force to threaten them and then he leaves.


Oliver talks to his lawyer. She asks if he’s guilty. He says yes. She wants to try a strategy called jury nullification. They admit everything but say he doesn’t deserve to go to jail. Oliver says no. He wants his family safe, and he wants to have a life.


Olicity talk. Oliver doesn’t want her to testify, but she says that she’ll do anything for him.

On the stand, she discredits the doctored photo and asks why someone would have to doctor a picture of Oliver being the Green Arrow if he was. The prosecutor tries to undermine her credibility and accuses Felicity of rushing her and Oliver’s marriage. Felicity is right. It was not rushed.


Oliver is on the stand. The prosecutor has Susan William’s picture of him in Russia. While he explains that, Green Arrow bursts in through the ceiling. It’s Tommy Merlyn.


On the stand, Tommy says that he faked his death so that he could be the Hood and that he wasn’t about to let Oliver take the fall for him. The judge arrests him. Tommy says that his team will get him out soon, so it doesn’t matter.


That team is Diggle and Rene. Once they have gotten away from the cops, Tommy reveals himself as Human Target.


Olicity talk. Olver couldn’t tell her about Human Target earlier because they were being watched and he didn’t know he would be wearing Tommy’s face.


Lance comes in and tells them that Diaz is putting Black Siren on the stand with Human Target’s entire CIA file. She has to bury Oliver or Diaz will kill her.


Olicity continues to talk some more. Oliver doesn’t want to be a fugitive and doesn’t want his family to be either. If he’s found guilty, he wants Felicity and William to go into A.R.G.U.S. protective custody.


Black Siren says that Oliver is not the Green Arrow.


Rene and Diggle leave the courtroom.

She talks to Lance.  She says that she helped Oliver because of him and she knows how to deal with Diaz.


Oliver talks to William.


The jury has a verdict. Guilty. The lawyer asks for Judgment notwithstanding the verdict, which is some legal mumbo-jumbo that I’ve never heard of. It works as an effective deus ex machina here because it works. The judge grants it. Oliver is free to go.


They go back to the Quiver, which is a rather stupid idea, but I guess once double jeopardy comes into play it doesn’t particularly matter, right? Anyway, it wasn’t the judge that let him go. It was Human Target, who became the judge during jury deliberation.


Rene and Zoe are watching a movie. Oliver comes over and thanks, Rene. Rene apologizes and finally remembers that Oliver also has a kid. Oliver apologizes too. Normally that would tick me off, but it seemed more like “we’re good” than “I’m sorry.”


Diaz shoots the judge and then Black Siren shows up. She cries Diaz, but he has a dampener.

He’s going to Plan B, which is so sadly unoriginal. He’s just going to kill everybody now.


So. Many. Plotholes. Most of them I don’t care about, like the B-team finally having a heart, but some of them are hard to shake. Whatever happened to the FBI Lady? You know, the one who started this trial mess in the first place? Even with the holes and the stretches, this was still better than half the episodes this season. 7/10.