#Arrow Season 6 Episode 22 "The Ties That Bind" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Oliver and William cooking breakfast for dinner. It’s adorable, but Felicity makes it clear that she needs to talk to Oliver, and William leaves. She doesn’t understand how he’s so calm when he almost went to prison for the rest of his life and Diaz is still out there. He says that he wants just one night to be with his family. Oh no. That phrase almost always means that something bad is gonna happen.

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Diggle’s at the doctor with Lyla. He gets an all-clear and they get ready to do date night.

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Rene and Zoe are watching hockey.

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Curtis is on a date.

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Dinah is working.

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Oliver’s phone is buzzing. It’s Anatoly telling him to get out now. He didn’t give them a big heads up, because armed men start shooting at all of them a second later. Felicity gets William behind closed doors while Oliver handles the gunmen. After he’s done that he texts the team.


They all get attacked.

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Family breakfast/Dinner interrupted

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Date night Cancelled

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Date night ending badly.

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Family game night over.

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You know the cool thing about soundwaves? They bounce

Raisa walks into the apartment. Oliver assures her that they are fine but wants her to take William and Felicity to A.R.G.U.S. Felicity isn’t going anywhere. Also, the one person on the team that hasn’t been attacked is Lance. It would be too public.


The team meets up at Helix because the bunker has been compromised, as Felicity demonstrates with security footage of Diaz’s men breaking everything and torching the place.

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 Arrowcave goes up in flames

A.R.G.U.S. can’t help much and Oliver wants them all to wait. If they charge in there guns blazing, they will die. Anatoly may be able to help them by giving them intel.


Anatoly wants to get him on the move and offers to help in that capacity. Oliver thanks him for his help.

Diaz is talking to the Quadrant Lady, Cassamento when Anatoly comes in and convinces Diaz to move.


The team gets the information, but they do have one problem. What are they going to do with Diaz when they catch him? They can’t turn him over to the police, A.R.G.U.S. can’t take him, and Lian Yu is blown up. Oliver says to focus on one thing at a time.


A forklift rams into Diaz’s transport vehicle, and the fight begins. Curtis goes after Diaz and gets his butt handed to him. The only reason he doesn’t die is because Diaz goes after some kind of necklace. They have to go when Cassamento comes in as a backup.

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Since whatever is on that necklace is obviously important to Diaz, they need to know what’ on it. Lyla is the only that can walk through the front door. She’s a fed, so the SCPD will have to play nice.

Diaz tells his tech kid to make sure his data is intact without looking at the data itself. He then goes into his office with Anatoly, where he chokes him and asks him who tipped Team Arrow off. Choking really is this guy’s go-to move, isn’t it? Anyway, Anatoly manages to convince him that it was Cassamento, not him, and then Diaz releases him.


Olicity talk. He’s worried about her even though Lyla will be the one in danger.

Felicity asks Lyla for marriage advice in the car. Lyla says that since they are both soldiers, they enjoy the time they have together, and don’t worry about how long it will be.


Lyla walks in and tells one of the cops who she is and that she’s investigating Ricardo Diaz. While he goes to get her the reports she asks for, she plants the device.


The tech kid notices the device. Between that and the cop telling Diaz about Lyla, she’s in need of a little backup. Felicity maneuvers her way to the device. Oliver saves her from being shot in the back by Diaz on the way out.

They talk back at Helix. He’s mad at her because she went in. She wants him to realize that they are a team and that means he needs to trust her.


Curtis wants to help Felicity with the decryption. Dinah tells him he is in no state to do that and talks him off the same ledge she talked him off of when she went crazy.


The tech kid interrupts a conversation Diaz and Anatoly are having with Cassamento to tell them that he knows where the device is. Diaz kills Cassamento.


Diggle and Oliver talk. Diggle wants a backup plan in case Felicity’s doesn’t work. They then talk about Felicity. Diggle apologizes and tells Oliver he shouldn’t cut everyone off, especially Felicity. Then he notices Diaz coming in with a small army.


Curtis rigged a pen to make the whole place go boom. Rene gives it to Oliver when he tells them all to get out. They fight their way out.

Oliver won’t leave Felicity, but eventually gets her to leave with him when they start choking on the gas Diaz has released. They run into Diaz on the way out. Oliver uses the boom pen to escape with Felicity.


They all regroup at A.R.G.U.S. Diaz got out, so that leaves them at square one.

Olicity talk. He apologizes awkwardly, but he does have a plan.


Diaz brings the other two Quadrant members to SCPD and asks for their loyalty. He kills one who asks too many questions.

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Oliver’s plan includes outing himself to the FBI Lady. I’ve been wondering where she got off to.


I am the Green Arrow

The episode on its own wasn’t bad, but seriously, the writers this season pick up storylines at will and drop them whenever they feel like it. Seriously, it’s like Scully’s Catholicism in here. 7/10.