#Arrow Season 6 Episode 23 "Life Sentence" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Oliver attacking SCPD with Curtis and Dinah.

A.R.G.U.S., the FBI, and Rene are attacking the Quadrant.


Diaz isn’t either place. They talk about it at the police station, and FBI lady references a deal that her and Oliver have. It includes immunity.


Oliver calls Anatoly, who is in the car with Diaz. Diaz says that he’s made some new friends, the Longbow Hunters, a supervillain team from the comics. He says that they have a meet in an hour.


Diggle and Oliver talk about being parents. Oliver offers him an apology and a suit,  the latter of which Diggle refuses. Felicity sees this going on.


Anatoly “turns himself in” and tells them about the Longbow Hunters.


FBI lady needs Lance to sign off on some things and is confident that they can take Diaz down quickly. Then Lance gets a phone call from Diaz. He has Laurel and wants Lance to get the FBI out of the city in exchange for her life. Lance tells him to buzz off.


Diaz taunts Black Siren.

The whole gang moves in on a building. It turns out that it’s booby-trapped with a laser grid hooked up to a bomb, and Rene and the FBI Lady, plus another FBI agent get stuck in it. Also, Diaz isn’t there and never was.

Rene calls Zoe.


Diaz calls Anatoly.

Felicity gives them a seven-second window. Rene uses it to save the other agent, but they all survive.

Oliver talks to him, and they have a father-son like a conversation where Oliver apologizes and says that he is proud of Rene.


Lance tells them about Black Siren. FBI lady’s plan isn’t very sympathetic, and he storms out, where he gets another call from Diaz. Lance asks for proof of life and Diaz sends him an address.


Oliver was eavesdropping. They talk, and my word, do they. Lance even tells Oliver that he has a pacemaker. This is not The Flash and Oliver is not Barry, so stop with the pep talks already!


Lance goes to meet Diaz. Diaz wants him to hold a press conference to get the FBI out. Lance wants to see Black Siren and outs the FBI, who lose him once he leaves with Diaz.


Oliver realizes that Felicity can track Lance's pacemaker.

Diaz puts a worse for wear Lance in with Black Siren.

Oliver talks to Dinah and they have a heart to heart too, which almost totally glosses over the fact that they found Lance. He wants her to get him and Black Siren out, which she agrees to.


Felicity realizes that something weird is going on, but Curtis interrupts them before she can get to the bottom of it.

Diaz threatens to shoot Black Siren. She thinks he’s bluffing. He’s not, but Lance takes the bullet for her instead. Diaz wants Black Siren to convince Lance to hold the press conference so that he will live.


Then the cavalry comes in. Oliver goes after Diaz. He sees Lance, but lets Dinah take care of it.


She removes Black Siren’s dampener and helps her prop up Lance to get out. Not gonna lie, the two of them working together is kind of awesome.


Diaz has a chopper five-minutes away. Oliver finds him, and they fight. It is of course raining, because you can’t have a cliched action fight without rain.

Dinah and Black Siren get Lance to the FBI.

Oliver drops Diaz and puts a non-lethal arrow in him. Black Siren cries him off the roof. Oliver is ticked because now they don’t know where he is.

He did clone Diaz’s drive, which he tells the FBI lady. This doesn’t change their deal.

Rene talks to Lance until Oliver comes in. They have a really sweet conversation where Oliver calls him a father figure.


Black Siren is pacing the hospital until Sarah comes in. They talk.


FBI comes for Oliver because double jeopardy and the whole season’s plot don’t matter. To make it all worse, Lance is dead. I knew it was coming, but that still hurts.


The transport is delayed half an hour, long enough for him to talk to Felicity. She has a plan to get him out, but he won’t go. FBI lady would just arrest everyone else. He talks to William too.


They lead him out and he tells everyone that he is the Green Arrow. We see Diaz watching.


The season ends with Oliver in prison.


Wow. They didn’t even catch the bad guy. Idiot writers. 5/10.