#Arrow Season 6 Episode 3 Next of Kin Recap & Review

First off, there’s a new intro. This makes me nervous because it means Diggle will be sticking as the Green Arrow for more than one episode.

The actual episode begins with Diggle and the team following Faust. Dinah makes Diggle fly, which is super cool. Why has she never done that with Oliver? To be completely honest, I think they spent extra time on the fight choreography this week to make up for their very large mistake. Anyway, they catch Faust when he runs into Rene and Curtis.

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Back in the Quiver, Curtis and Felicity say they are working on something for Diggle. Then they all leave and Dinah and Diggle talk, but they don’t say anything that they haven’t been saying for the past two episodes.

Oliver is making William scrambled eggs and not helping him study for his math test. At this moment, I may or may not have yelled at the tv for Oliver to get Felicity to help him.


The FBI lady is waiting for Oliver in his office. She thinks someone else is being the Green Arrow, which is correct, and she makes other several digs at the police department, one of which Lance takes to heart.


A woman shows up at Kord Industries, drops a couple flashbangs, and hacks the computer.

Dinah walks in the next day with other cops and finds them all dead. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t flashbangs only disorient people? Did I miss her shooting all of them or slitting all of their throats?  Every other time she uses the flashbangs, nobody dies. This just kinda seems like a plothole.


Once the regular cops leave, Dinah talks to Felicity and Curtis and they tell her how to get in to the computer system.

Lance talks to Oliver. He has an idea about their “undercutting the cops” problem, though his solution is rather counterintuitive. Pollard is pushing an anti-vigilante bill and Lance wants Oliver to back it so he can tailor it. Oliver points out all the reasons that a bad idea and vetoes it.

Oliver brings Felicity food and they talk about William and the fact that she and Curtis haven't picked a business name yet. There’s a really sweet moment where Oliver mentions how much he misses Thea and she agrees. We all miss Thea and it’s nice to have the characters mention it. Without Thea, he asks for Felicity’s advice, which is she readily gives. He doesn’t ask her to tutor William, which is annoying, but they do get interrupted, so… They get interrupted by a call from Curtis. 


The mystery woman was looking into a nerve gas and there’s a shipment going out in an hour. This leads to a super awkward scene of Team Arrow kind of hijacking the truck and proving what the FBI lady said earlier about undercutting cops?


And it gets worse. The mystery woman stops the truck, shoots Diggle and the other two men. The rest of the team are in the back of the truck and she drops more flashbangs. They fight through them, which is kind of awesome, but she eventually overpowers them.

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Her team unloads the nerve gas and then steers the truck toward a building. Rene asks Diggle what to do, he freezes, and the truck explodes, which sends people to the hospital.


Diggle isn’t feeling a lot of love back at the Quiver, except for Dinah, who weirdly backs him up. Felicity thankfully has something to distract them: facial recognition. The woman’s name is Onyx Adams, who was mostly a good guy in the comics, working with the Green Arrow and Batman after leaving the League of Assassins. That could prove to be important, as it is a reason to keep one or both of the Al Ghul’s alive. In the shows, she’s former CIA black ops. She is the only one that Felicity identifies at this point. Diggle apologizes and goes to check for Intel with Lyla.


Oliver’s in a meeting. After everyone else leaves, Lance tells him that Pollard is entering the anti-vigilante bill and Oliver tells him to do anything he can to stop it.


Diggle and Dinah talk. She tells him she only backed him up because the team needs a leader and he tells her that he’s not used to being the big boss. That is not what’s happening. Diggle, Dinah, and us all know what’s going on. Please just talk about it and don’t make up some bs about not being able to be the boss.


Felicity found Onyx’s unit, who disappeared in 2015 with $100 million of Syrian government gold. Three of the members defected back to the CIA and two died in mysterious nerve gas attacks. The only still alive is Rob Reynolds.


Oliver is talking to William and he still can’t help much. Rene is at the door and asks Oliver to come back because Diggle can’t handle it.

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Oliver goes to the Quiver… and asks Felicity to tutor William. I think it’s adorable, but that is not why he was needed there. 


After Felicity leaves, he does what he actually needed to do and talks to Diggle. Their conversation is great and all, BUT DIGGLE STILL DOESN’T TELL HIM WHAT IS WRONG!!!! Come on, Man! Oliver does mention that he doesn’t think it was fair to ask Diggle to abandon his family so Oliver could protect his, which is important, because it was not addressed last week.


Onyx is with her henchmen and they don’t think the Green Arrow’s a threat.

Felicity tutors William and it’s great. Oliver chimes in from watching adorably and brings snacks.


Felicity gets and alert and has to go, and then Oliver and William have a mutual admiration moment.


They found Rob Reynolds. He’s at the Haselby Grand Hotel. Before they leave, Dinah talks to Rene, who still do not have faith in Diggle.


Reynolds is at the hotel and Onyx sticks a container of gas in a trashcan. He get his go bag and her team locks the doors. The t-spheres enter and then the team jumps out in synchronized slow-mo with protective glasses. John does hesitate for a moment when Onyx releases the gas, but he gets control of himself and has Dinah canary cry the gas away from the people.


Meanwhile, Reynolds is leaving. Onyx finds him and is about to shoot him when Diggle interrupts and manages to knock her unconscious.

At Felicity’s suggestion, Curtis throws a flash-bang into the nerve gas and it explodes. Nobody’s hurt though.

The team is having champagne in the Quiver. Rene apologizes to Diggle and Felicity reveals Diggle’s new toy. It’s a super teched up crossbow. Diggle shoots it like he doesn’t have a care in the world. You do not get over a neurological condition in an episode or three. Even Dinah’s convinced that he’s just magically better.


Oliver makes a speech to the court about the bill and pulls out some obscure policy to put it to a citywide vote.


This obviously makes FBI lady suspicious and she adds Diggle to the board in her office that already has Felicity and Rene.


Oliver goes to see Felicity with a gift because William got an A on his test. It’s a key to his apartment!!!!


Not only that, but then they have a fade to black moment.


So happy!!!!


It’s not magic that’s making Diggle better. It’s drugs. My friend and I were actually talking about this last week, because of the Green Arrow’s very famous addiction storyline. In full view of the internet, you were right. You get your storyline and I get my Olicity. Everybody wins.


So, I was not looking forward to this episode. At all. There were good parts of it, but all will not be truly right with the world until Oliver is the Green Arrow again. 7/10.