#Arrow Season 6 Episode 4 "Reversal" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Black Siren seducing a married guy.


Olicity is on a date and they talk about the progression of their relationship. For one thing, William wanted to come, and he picked out Oliver’s tie. For another, Felicity does not want to be politician’s girlfriend quite yet. To make a cute thing cuter, a random woman cuts in. She’s going to vote against the anti-vigilante bill and she ships them, the first in a long line this episode. 


Felicity gets a text from Curtis and has to go. This is the first of many times that they bring up the role reversal theme of the episode. Last week Oliver was Diggle. This week he’s Felicity.

Arrow 605.gif

The guy that Black Siren seduced is dead, and his name was Jackson Clemivych. He’s completely unremarkable. Rene comes late to the party because he was helping Lance with polling. 70% of Star City is against the anti-vigilante bill. They expected it to be higher, but it’s enough to pass, so it doesn’t bother me. Curtis is upset that he interrupted Olicity’s date and insisted that he can fill in while she’s gone.

Black Siren is talking to a guy outside of a cornfield. He’s angry that the man’s dead, but she says that it’s better than him being available for police questioning. He then gives her a file on a redheaded woman.


Felicity’s back at her apartment, inviting Oliver to come join her.


It turns out she’s not alone. Alena is there, and she’s been beaten up. Cayden James is about to do something really bad and she needs Felicity’s help. Felicity agrees because it’s her mess too.

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Black Siren has killed the redheaded woman, who is also entirely unremarkable. They can’t find Felicity, so Curtis is tech until she gets back.

Amid a bunch of technobabble, Felicity and Alana formulate a plan that requires them to leave. Oliver shows up right as this is about to happen. He wants to come with Felicity, she says no, he asks that she at least let the team, she says she’ll do it.

Black Siren is talking to another woman in a parking garage.


Curtis has figured out a way to track Black Siren’s cry when she’s using it. This leads Team Arrow to the parking garage where the woman is dead. Black Siren is still there, and she attacks Dinah.

Arrow 605 2.gif

Felicity and Alena are in a goth techno rave club. Someone in a gas mask is following them. They go up to three scary looking men and Alena says she needs to see Amnesiac.


The guards rather violently take them to see Amnesiac and he’s a random guy in a business suit. They need a ghost mirror drive and he thinks they’re cops. The guy in the gas mask comes in and beats the crap out of the guards. It’s Oliver. Felicity is super ticked and they fight, which they really should save for later. Felicity does find what she’s looking for though.


Dinah’s found what all three of them had in common: a chemical called Dermatex 75. Black Siren was removing their fingerprints. The theory is that their unremarkable lives were covers for some kind of covert operation.  


Diggle decides to call Felicity because if anyone can figure out if their identities were fake, it’s her. She answers and briefly explains that Cayden James is bad and she’s at Helix.

Curtis has backtracked Laurel’s signal to pinpoint a possible base of operations. Diggle recognizes one of the guys and says that they need to go.

Black Siren shows up at Helix and blasts Alena and Felicity. She’s working with Cayden James, who is being played by Michael Emerson.


He was never where Alena thought he was, and since she betrayed him, he’s going to kill her. Felicity’s just collateral damage. The team shows up and saves them, though Alena is injured.


Felicity comes into the Quiver and says that she’s stable. Diggle asks if she’s ok and she gives him a long list of reasons why she’s not. Because they still need her, she goes to work and finds out what the unremarkable people’s covers were for.  They were for the International Domain Name Directory, which controls the internet. Felicity puts in a program to find where the vault that contains it is located and Diggle tell her to go home while it runs.


Oliver comes to her apartment and gives her a pep talk by telling her what she would normally say to him. She then gets a text that Curtis has located the vault.


In the vault room, a security guard is dead and Cayden James saved Black Siren from Lian Yu. He’s a computer genius, how did he save her from a bullet wound? That’s probably a story for another episode. In this one, each person puts on a dead person’s fingerprints and fools the biometric scanners, opening the vault.


Team Arrow gets there and finds it open. They have six minutes before it goes boom and then they start getting shot at. Is it just me, or should you not shoot anything in the vault that controls the entire internet? That seems like a very hand to hand situation to me.


James and Black Siren are in a back room. He’s impressed with Felicity but gives her something to handle. He tells Black Siren to take care of everyone else.


Felicity has to get to said back room and Oliver is in the bunker being Overwatch.


I understand why they did this, but why isn’t Curtis handling the tech stuff? Didn’t Diggle say that Curtis would be running tech while Felicity was out? Even though he’s probably the least tech-savvy person on the team, he manages to get her to the back room where James and Black Siren were. James isn’t there anymore and Black Siren engages Diggle. She cries back his arrow and makes a crack about crossbows.

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Oliver closes the back-room door so nobody can shoot at her and Felicity manages to make the vault not go boom.


They celebrate in the Quiver, and for one brief shining moment Oliver is the leader again. And then he and Felicity leave.


Felicity goes to the hospital to visit Alena. Once she’s taken some time off to get perspective, she wants to work at Felicity’s startup. She even has an idea what they should make: affordable mass-produced versions of Felicity’s spinal implant. Felicity has decided that she wants to call it Helix Dynamics, which we all know won’t last.


James gives Black Siren something to block Curtis’s tracking. She doesn’t understand why he’s helping her when they failed. He says that they didn’t. The point was to take down the firewall, which he got Felicity to do. Because of that, he was able to upload a piece of code called Arclight. What it is and for what purpose it was uploaded remains to be seen.


Olicity is finishing their date when Oliver gets a call from Slade. He needs help.


So Diggle is going to be Green Arrow for four more episodes after this. Because it is what is, I’m going to try to make this the last time I bring that up. Oliver needs to be Oliver, not Diggle and not Felicity. I’m glad he’s doing something, but that was weird. 7/10.