#Arrow Season 6 Episode 5 "Deathstroke Returns" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Dinah saving Councilwoman Pollard from being shot.


Oliver’s on the phone with Rene. Oliver tells him to be in charge while he’s gone, but not to do anything too crazy. Where is Lance, by the way? He’s been unexplainably absent the last couple of episodes.

Slade is at Oliver’s apartment. He wants Oliver to help find his son. He tracked him to the Australian intelligence service, which is not one you hear about much, and he’s now in prison serving a life sentence in Kasnia. He’s also using an alias: Cane, which is his mother’s maiden name. He doesn’t want the Green Arrow to come. He needs Oliver Queen for diplomatic reasons.


Flashback to 13 years ago. Slade is camping with his son. His cover is a pilot, and he has the Deathstroke mask.


Felicity has determined that Vigilante is the shooter. Diggle’s at the crime scene with Dinah, but so is FBI lady and she wants to know what he’s doing there. She also wants to have a little talk with him.

Arrow 605 4.gif

Felicity talks to William on the way to see Oliver. He’s still struggling with math, and she thinks it’s adorable. She brings this up to Oliver who never really cared about math. The conversation shifts to Slade, and she surprisingly wants him to go. I don’t know about you, but if some guy kidnapped me to bring pain to a person I loved, I wouldn’t be too keen on them being around each other much. Good for her though. She wants Oliver to help Slade’s kid. Oliver doesn’t know what to tell William, and she suggests an abridged version of the truth: Oliver is going to help a friend find his son.


He meets up with Slade and asks how long the flight is. It’s 12 hours.

Dinah’s following Pollard and catches Vigilante trying to crawl in her window. She shoots at him and then cries him, and then he pulls a Bucky. He pulls off the visor to reveal someone who should be dead.

Arrow 605 5.gif

She thousand-yard stares in the Quiver until the team shows up. She explains that Vigilante is her old partner, who she saw shot in the head. Diggle reminds her that this doesn’t change anything and she hardens quickly, asking about the shell casing. It’s magnetic and Felicity can track it.


Her and Diggle talk about the FBI lady and of course, because her ears were burning, she calls Felicity to call her in.

In Kasnia, Slade and Oliver meet one of Slade’s old work buddies, who gives him a file. He also mentions that Slade’s son was snooping around some mercenaries.


Felicity talks to the FBI lady and it’s so awkward. Then again, I’d be awkward too if I was being interrogated by the FBI, even if she wasn’t right. Thankfully she gets a text from Curtis, makes an excuse, and bows out.


Slade lays out the plan. Oliver Queen is on political business visiting a prison in war torn Kasnia to organize the release of one man. Because that probably won’t work to get Slade’s son release, he also has $50,000. Once Oliver gets his son out, Slade has an alias passport and two tickets to London. He isn’t coming. They then talk about fatherhood. This is the second show in which Manu Bennet is having fatherhood issues, which is kind of weird, but at least in this show he has another father to talk to instead of being the father or father figure to everyone on the show.


Flashback to Slade and his son. His son doesn’t believe he’s a pilot, but Slade admits to nothing.


The team is out looking for Vigilante. They find his lair, but not him. Dinah insists that he’s now a psychopath.

Oliver is at the prison. Slade’s son is dead. He and Slade talk again, and Slade says he should have been at the prison. Oliver says they can go back.


Flashback to Slade getting a guy to take the picture that is now on his phone.


Dinah is punching out her emotions. Diggle tries to talk to her. It doesn’t go well and Rene comes in. They have two problems. One is that Pollard is going on tv at an unsecured location. Two is that Rene is next on FBI lady’s list.


Slade and Oliver are at the prison. The body isn’t there. Oliver prevents Slade from going off on the guy but warns him not to tick Slade off. The warden cracks. He was taken by the Jackals, a mercenary group.


Dinah is securing the tv station. The FBI lady is there.


Felicity and Diggle talk about Slade.

Dinah tells them to stand down in the Quiver.

Slade’s suiting up. Oliver tells him that Felicity has tracked down the Jackal’s from security footage. Slade gushes and asks how they’re together. He doesn’t want Oliver to come. Oliver insists but then passes out. Slade drugged him. Come on, man!


Flashback to Slade and his son. He says he has to go to the bathroom and then goes Deathstroke on the guy that took their picture. He has information on Yao Fei that he doesn't give and Slade kills him.


Diggle goes to Dinah, tries to talk to her, and she makes him leave. The tv interview starts and then the power goes out. Vigilante tries to shoot Pollard, but Dinah fights him. A cop shoots him in the head and Dinah makes him get an ambulance. A vigilante takes off his mask and takes out the bullet. The dark matter gave him a healing factor, but he never contacted her because he didn’t want to get distracted. She lets him go and then tells Diggle that he got away.


Oliver wakes up. Slade left a note telling him to go home. Right on cue, he gets a call from William. He’s worried. Oliver tells him he’s coming him and that he couldn’t help his friend. William asks if there’s anything else he could do and Oliver does his signature brood stare.


Slade kills a lot of people and then takes off his mask. This turns out to be a bad idea because the dead have a backup, organized by his contact.

200w_d (13).gif

Flashback Slade and son leave the campsite.


The FBI lady corners Dinah and says she thinks Dinah is the Black Canary. After she leaves, Dinah finds a gift in her car. It’s a paper rose.


Oliver attacks people sans Green Arrow gear. Slade says he’ll join the Jackals if they’ll let his son go. This goes worse than it did on The Flash when Caitlin offered herself to Amunet. Turns out that Slade’s son is the boss. Oliver sees the whole thing.


This episode is a two-parter and I’m pumped. It’s hard to give one episode a score when it relies on another, so I’ll come back and change this if I need to. 8/10