#Arrow Season 6 Episode 6 "Promises Kept" Recap and Review

The episode opens up on the same scene it ended on, just continued. Slade offers to join his son. His son puts a gun to his head and then decides to accept his offer and not to shoot him.


Flashback to seven years ago. Slade is in a hospital bed having flashbacks. 


His son visits him and tells him that they found him off the Philippine coast screaming Oliver. Joe doesn’t know who that is. Slade tells him that Oliver owes him a debt. Slade promises to never leave again, and they hug.


The team is in the field minus Dinah. Diggle’s having tremors again and it lets the guy they’re after throw a smoke bomb. According to Curtis, they were after a military 3d printer. Dinah comes in and says that there’s someone new on the streets called Dragon.


Slade and Joe talk and drink. Slade asks him what kind of operation he’s running. Joe’s very vague and says, “reassignment of resources.”


Diggle comes home to Lyla. She thinks being the Green Arrow suits him. She goes to the bedroom to wait for him and he looks for his drugs. He doesn’t have any left, and then gets a text from a blocked number that says, “no more this week.”


Slade tries to get more information from his contact but doesn’t get any more. Then Oliver talks to him. They’re both pretty mad at each other: Oliver at Slade for drugging him and Slade at Oliver for not going home. Slade really threateningly tells Oliver to go home again, and Oliver says he won’t abandon him.


Joe addresses the troops. They have a new plan, which involves a lot of explosives. Slade goes to get gear and radios, Oliver, telling him to find the receivers.


Flashback Slade and Joe spar. Slade wins of course. Joe gives him a present of more booze and shows him a new prototype for the Deathstroke suit. Slade starts having flashbacks again and breaks Joe’s sticks in half when they start to spar again. Joe gets mad and says they’re done training for a while. Slade then sees Shado.


Diggle wants more drugs, so he goes up the food chain to the boss, Ricardo Diaz.  Did anyone else have a major Fringe moment when Kirk Acevedo came on screen or just me? Anyway, Diaz tells his lackey to hook Diggle up.


The Jackals have set up a roadblock. After they capture the truck, Joe stabs the one guy left alive. Even though the mask, you can tell that this doesn’t hit Slade right.

200w_d (17).gif

Oliver snoops around and then attacks people, all while being seen by Slade’s contact.

In the Quiver, Felicity finds where their bad guys are headed next. It’s Palmer Tech biotech division.


They get into a shootout in a parking garage, where Diggle has an airbag arrow, which is awesome. Guess who should pop their head out the window but Diggle’s own drug dealer. He shoots Diggle and gets away. Diggle’s fine but he’s super ticked.


He’s in the brood zone while the team is talking about him in the Quiver. Felicity has identified him. He had a long rap sheet and was let out of prison on a technicality. He used to run with a gang called the Scorpions. It takes Felicity a minute to get through to Diggle, but when she does, he says that he knows about them. It doesn’t matter because this crew was far too organized to be them. It had to be a new crew. They also know what the 3d printer is being used for designer drugs.


The contact brings in Oliver and Joe tells Slade that it’s time for Oliver to pay his debt.


In flashback land, Slade is training and Shado is being merciless. She wants Oliver dead, and this is when he finds out that Oliver is alive. He goes ham and takes the Deathstroke suit.


Diggle comes clean to Lyla about the drugs and the Dragon. He thought they were experimental steroids. He asks her if A.R.G.U.S. has anything he could use. She accuses him of being a hypocrite, and she makes some excellent points.


Oliver is tied to a chair and Slade has a sword to his eye. He’s acting nutty and Oliver tries to get through to him by mentioning William, whom Joe subsequently threatens. Slade then cuts Oliver’s binds. Oliver’s still a bit freaked, but they’re able to fight their way out.


Joe has decided that he needs to kill Slade.


Oliver and Slade talk, first about Joe’s plan and then about what happened in there. Joe’s plan is to attack the water supply. Slade’s display was convincing because he was tempted to kill Oliver. What stopped him was Oliver’s mention of William. He says that he realized that that wasn’t his son. He’s all Cane and no Joe. He’s afraid he’ll have to kill him. Oliver says he can be reasoned with. Slade disagrees because Cane is emulating Mirakuru Slade, only with anger and resentment instead of Mirakuru. Oliver believes in him.


In flashback land, everybody is dead except Joe and Slade. Joe is pointing a gun at Slade and asking him what’s happening. Slade accuses Joe of trying to stop him and brings him to the ground.


In the Quiver, nobody has anything on Dragon. Nobody that is except Diggle, who has an address. He’s still tremoring.

Diaz sets the lab on fire once they attack. Diggle just stands there and watches everything burn. He barely gets out in time.


Cane delegates to his men and makes them leave because he knows Slade is there. He says they need to talk.


Oliver takes care of the rest of the men.

Slade’s talk doesn’t go very well and they fight. Joe saw him kill the spy on the camping trip and made his first kill 6 months later.  He wanted to be just like his father: Deathstroke. Slade says he’s not Deathstroke anymore and Oliver shoots the sword out of Cane’s hand. Slade tells him not to shoot and Cane rolls a grenade towards him. Oliver and Slade get away.

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Also, Slade has another son: Grant.

Slade tells Oliver to go home while he finds both of his sons. He says he won’t put Oliver’s son in danger again and thanks him. This time Oliver listens.


Lyla and Diggle talk. He tells her about the lab and apologizes. He also promises to come clean to the team. Then JJ runs in and they have this adorable moment.


William and Felicity are playing video games when Oliver comes in. He tells William that Slade found his son and William goes to get the science project he made an A on.


Oliver tells Felicity that he made the right decision not being the Green Arrow. No. Just no. He also explains that the Slade story is far more complicated than what he told William. Felicity gets a text from Diggle. He asks if she can come to the bunker, and she takes a raincheck.


He comes clean to them all in the Quiver. The only one that responds remotely like a human is surprisingly Curtis. He’s offended that Diggle didn’t come to him sooner. He made Felicity’s back chip after all.


After Rene and Curtis leave, Diggle gives Dinah a special apology and promises that there won’t be any lies between them anymore. She agrees and now she’s lying.


I could make a few quibbles about this episode, but they’re minor and I won’t. This episode helped tide me over until Oliver is back as GA, which is soon now. 8/10.