#Arrow Season 6 Episode 7 "Thanksgiving" Recap and Review


The team plus William minus Curtis and Diggle are on a food drive. Oliver makes a lovely speech and FBI lady, of course, chooses this moment to arrest him. That woman has crappy timing. It’s wonderful how much everyone is in solidarity against FBI lady, but she gets what she wants. In the interrogation room, Oliver promises to sue her when he’s exonerated. He also wants to see William. She lets him.

Curtis is testing a prototype on Diggle. Dinah and Rene burst in and tell them about Oliver’s arrest. Diggle warns that if criminals think the Green Arrow’s in jail, it’ll be open season.


Black Siren and Cayden James are breaking into a facility to steal a Nanothermite device. She wants to cry the container it’s in, he warns her it’s a bad idea, she does it anyway.


Dinah visits Oliver and offers to break him loose. He says he wants to beat this the right way.


In the Quiver, Curtis finds out about an attack that they weren’t notified about. He sees Black Siren, and it makes sense. He says that Nanothermite needs to be combined to be combustible. She can’t come because Oliver’s arraignment is in two minutes, but she tells him to backtrack James’s hack. The DA is prosecuting Oliver’s case. Oliver’s lawyer tries to get a dismissal of the case. It doesn’t work, but the judge does give him bail. It’s set at an exorbitant amount, but Felicity pays it using the money from her startup investment.


Diggle’s doing good. Curtis finds out that Black Siren is attacking Amertek for an accelerant.


The rest of the team is going over a game plan with Oliver when they get the alert and have to go. That leaves Oliver and Lance, who has been really AWOL this season. Oliver didn’t want to tell Lance about Black Siren and Lance didn’t want to know. He’s going to go distract himself by clearing Oliver’s name.


James tells Black Siren to keep the crying to a minimum because they are in a warehouse full of explosive. She makes no promises. The team’s there and they fight. Diggle collapses. He’s obviously not ok but tells the team to go on without him. James tells Black Siren to get the package and ignore them. She cries up the room and blows stuff up.


In the Quiver, they tell Felicity about Diggle. He’s in the hospital stable. What Black Siren stole is shocker a lot of explosives.

Diggle is in the hospital with Curtis. He’s in withdrawal exacerbated by the prototype. Curtis tries to apologize, but Diggle won’t let him. Felicity calls and says she sorry about him and thinks that he should tell Oliver. He doesn’t agree. Also, Cayden James is building a thermal bomb that will pressure cook everyone within 200 yards.


Felicity and Curtis fight about Diggle and about the company.


Oliver visits Diggle. He knows and he’s disappointed. They both say hurtful things to each which are also kinda true.


Oliver then visits Thea and talks to her. He needs her.


In the Quiver, they’ve found the target. It’s Starling Stadium. There is a Billy Joel concert there and Rene’s a fan. Oliver says he can get the concert canceled but he can’t.


Dinah and Lance talk and it’s honestly one of the best part of the episode. First off, Lance hasn’t heard the Vigilante news since he’s been AWOL. Second off, they both needed this: confess to the one person who could understand and have them reassure you. Yay.


Oliver goes back to see Diggle and apologizes. They talk about William, who Oliver says is very grateful for Diggle and then about his test results. The nerve damage has spread to his back and, because of the drugs, it’s permanent. If he goes back into the field, he could be paralyzed. Oliver apologizes again and then it’s Diggle’s turn. He goes back to the crossover episode. His perfect life was being the Green Arrow and Oliver gave him a chance to do that. Oliver tells Diggle about the concert, but he can’t do much about it.


In the Quiver, the team is arguing about who should be in charge. For the record, I agree with Felicity. It doesn’t matter though because Oliver comes in and settles it. I know I’ve wanted Oliver back this whole time, but oh Ollie child, don’t you think that this is the wrong time?


He does it anyway. Felicity’s found the bomb and Rene hits the fire alarm with a projectile. The cops won’t let anyone leave. Rene tries the bank robber thing and they find out that the doors are locked, and the cops aren’t really cops.

Oliver’s found the bomb, but it’s a decoy. James just wanted to talk. Oliver killed his son and he’s going to pay.


James’s son is named Owen Post and is missing, with seemingly no connection to Team Arrow. Then Cayden James’s convoluted plan starts to make more sense. He posted a video of Team Arrow fighting the fake cops, who nobody knows is fake.


This causes the anti-vigilante bill to pass. After Oliver’s speech, the FBI lady corners him. She’s going back to D.C.


William visits Diggle in the hospital, accompanied by Olicity. He calls him Mr. Diggle and thanks him for being Green Arrow. He asks who was Green Arrow at the concert. Oliver lies and tells him that the Green Arrow wasn’t there.  After William and Felicity leave, Oliver says the lie is temporary and he wants Diggle to be Green Arrow when he’s better. Then they all get great news.


Thea’s awake. It’s a miracle and they all just bask in the thankfulness.


Apparently you are allowed to travel while on bail, so let’s move to the crossover!  7.5/10