#Arrow Season 6 Episode 8 "Crisis on Earth-X (2) Recap & Review

Previously on Supergirl: Nazis crash Westallen’s wedding and they capture Prometheus.

This episode begins with the unmasking. PROMETHEUS IS TOMMY Y’ALL!!!!!! A lot of people thought that was who it was last year and now it is! Oliver wants a moment alone with him and everyone else leaves.


They theorize about how this is possible. Harry tells them about Earth X, a 53rd earth where the Nazis won WWII by developing the atomic bomb first. Nobody really talks about it because nobody wants to go there.


Oliver and Tommy talk. Tommy starts out with a sob story, and when Oliver falls for it, he does a 180. He mocks Oliver’s sentimentality and then crushes a cyanide pill. REALLY? THEY GIVE US TOMMY JUST TO KILL HIM AGAIN????


Evil Oliver knows that Tommy is dead from a beacon in his suit. Thawne is typical Thawne and is completely a jerk about it. They're looking for a prism, and that should be their priority. They both threaten to kill each other until Kara stops them. Then she and Oliver kiss. Ew!!!!!


Felicity talks to Curtis. She needs their help in the Quiver looking for the Earth Xers, but she doesn’t want them there.

Olicity talk. Every time a marriage or engagement happens to them bad things happen, and so Felicity doesn’t want to get married.


Girl, you are the girlfriend of a superhero. This is part of the job. Now enjoy your life and enjoy your man.


Jefferson, Caitlin, and Harry are working on finding the Earth Xers when Stein comes in. He wants to talk to Jefferson. Jefferson says that he’s going to miss Stein. He’s upset because Stein is the closest thing he’s ever had to a father. Then he storms out. I don’t know about y’all, but I teared up a little.


Iris and Felicity talk about Olicity and then they find the Nazis.


Barry and Kara get to the place first and then Oliver shows up on a motorcycle. He reminds them that he doesn’t have superspeed and it’s hilarious. And then the nazi big three show up and reveal themselves as who they are. Also, evil Kara and Oliver are married. How did that happen?

Arrow Ce 4.gif
Arrow CE 3.gif

After this reveal, they fight and real Oliver shoots Evil Kara with a kryptonite arrow, which is so very Batman of him. Then Evil Kara heat visions a building. They get away while the super friends take care of it: Barry gets the people out while Oliver and Kara stabilize the building.


At S.T.A.R. Labs, we figure out what this mysterious prism is. It can be turned into a neutron bomb. Barry tells everyone else about the doppelgangers and Alex has a theory to track them. There is a lot of solar radiation in Evil Kara’s blood


Thawne and Kara talk. First off, what kind of nazi trash talks hitler? Not that I’m complaining, like at all, but that does seem odd. She makes this remark in reference to Oliver. Apparently, they have two goals and Thawne doesn’t trust Oliver to be objective. Kara assures him that she can fix that problem.


Wells is tracking Evil Kara and Mick is asking about Killer Frost. Does anyone else find him hitting on Caitlin really creepy after he kidnapped her? Mick’s kinda creepy anyway, unless I’ve missed something by not watching LOT, but anyone else feeling that?


Barry and Iris are in the future room talking about Thawne, and then Oliver comes in and makes this wonderful speech about love. Barry reassures him about Felicity. Of course, Felicity comes in while Oliver expresses his doubts. Oliver makes a High School Musical reference, and then they all suit up. Wow did I love that sequence?

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Arrow Ce 1.gif

Felicity and Iris talk about Olicity until Mick interrupts them. He wasn’t invited.


They fight of course in some warehouse because where else would a super fight occur except in some random warehouse? But evil Oliver isn’t there. He’s at S.T.A.R. labs

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Wells sees him and pulls the alarm. Mick tells Iris and Felicity to hide while him and Caitlin fight.

Real Oliver is knocked to the ground and sees his friends all fighting.

Arrow CE 2.gif

Mick attacks Evil Oliver and Oliver pins him to the wall. Killer Frost then attacks him, but he overpowers her too and then Team Arrow shows up, minus Diggle and Thea for obvious reasons.


Metallo shows up at the warehouse and they all get captured. Thawne taunts Barry until Kara shows up. Oliver shows up and Kara collapses.


Iris and Felicity talk some more and then find everybody captured. I love them, but this makes me very nervous that they are the only ones not captured.


Especially since most of the superpowered people are in a concentration camp on Earth X. This is gonna get real dark real fast. On to the Flash!!


This is honestly the greatest thing. Apart from the thinly veiled political crap and some people’s bad life decisions, it’s perfect. 9/10.