#Arrow Season 6 Episode 9 "Irreconcilable Differences" Recap and Review

The episode starts on a happy note, at Olicity’s wedding reception. Thea’s a little bitter about they went about things, which is warranted since they did get married at someone else’s wedding. I love them, but they did. Oliver tells Diggle that he doesn’t know where Felicity is when she walks in with both her parents. Donna is simultaneously thrilled and mad, and Olicity gets away.


They play great music in this episode, as evidenced by Pink’s “Raise Your Glass.” While this plays and everyone else dances, Olicity talk to their old neighbors. Nice little wink.


B-team Arrow is at the bar. Curtis is getting very drunk and Dinah doesn’t like weddings in general because she’s been engaged several times. She then gets a text from an unknown number, obviously Vigilante, and leaves. Curtis says that she’s been texting someone for weeks.


Lance gives Oliver a watch that his father gave him on his wedding day and it’s really sweet how far these two have come.


Curtis has a full breakdown while giving his speech and Rene takes over. He talks about his own wife and how wonderful Olicity is and it’s really sweet.


Then they play the song for the first dance, which is “At Last” and it fits perfectly. My only complaint is, shouldn’t the first dance be, you know, first?


Thea and Rene dance and talk. She thanks him for his speech and then talks about Roy. He needs to come back already. They also make a reference to her dating a dj before, Austin Butler’s character.


Felicity’s parents also talk, that is until Lance cuts in. It’s super awkward and doesn’t get very far because Lance gets a call from Oliver’s lawyer. As he tells Oliver, the prosecution has a witness. It’s someone on the team.

Olicity talks about it in the Quiver and then talk to Diggle. They decide to follow the b team and see if anyone is suspicious. After all, they’ve been burned before.


Rene is helping Curtis, who is a disaster and falls asleep on Rene’s coffee table.


Dinah’s meeting Vigilante. She tells him not to contact her again and threatens him.


Lance is watching over Thea. They run into Black Siren, who knocks out Thea, puts a phone in her hand, and kidnaps Lance.


OTA (Original Team Arrow) know about Dinah. Diggle defends her, as he rightly should. She’s had his back more times than I can count. Thea comes in and tells them about Lance. The phone that Black Siren gave Thea, of course, rings at that exact moment. It’s Cayden James. He wants a nano-aluminum amplifier that A.R.G.U.S. has. If they don’t get it for him, Lance dies. Oliver decides to bring in the team, minus Dinah.


Diggle visits A.R.G.U.S. and hacks into Lyla’s computer. So wrong man. So wrong. Curtis and Rene are dressed up as janitors, Felicity is in a trashcan, and Oliver is in the vents. Felicity dismantles the security with Diggle’s help and Oliver grabs the amplifier. Rene causes a distraction so that they can all get out.


The thing can multiply the blast radius of the bomb that Cayden James already has. Curtis wants to sabotage it. Then Dinah comes in and realizes that she’s been left out. Oliver tries to confront her in private, but she isn’t having it, so he confronts her in front of everyone. She’s appropriately ticked that even Diggle won’t back her up. She has no way of knowing that he already did.


And, to add insult to injury, it’s not her. It’s Rene.  If it had been Curtis or Dinah, I probably would have been fine, but this hit me hard. I honestly expected it to be Evelyn. He has a good reason and all, but THIS IS WHY YOU HAVE A TEAM. TO HELP YOU WHEN THE FBI THREATENS YOU. And he just gave that speech at Olicity’s reception too. My heart just dropped.


Lance wakes up and him and Black Siren talk, mostly about her dad. He died when she was 13. He was run over by a drunk driver while getting her birthday cake. Lance used to do the same thing for Laurel and they have a really nice moment. Then James ruins it by reminding Black Siren to kill him if Green Arrow doesn’t follow through. Also, James isn’t the one who revived her. He sent someone. That makes way more sense and I’m intrigued.


Dinah and Curtis are still talking to Rene. They’re madder at Oliver. Do none of y’all remember Evelyn? Seriously y’all.


Thea and Oliver talk. He understands that Rene put his daughter first, but he still feels betrayed. Thea tells him to forgive him and Oliver actually does? Wow.


But of course, even when Oliver is more generous than he should be, he gets taken advantage of. While Oliver is talking to James, Curtis and Rene go look for Lance. This leaves Oliver in the lurch when James realizes the amplifier has been sabotaged. They do find Lance, but as Oliver later says, that’s a lucky coincidence.

200w_d (23).gif

Speaking of Lance, Black Siren lets him go. She still attacks Oliver when he shows up, but even bad guys love their dads.


In the Quiver, Oliver lets Rene have it and kicks him off again. Dinah quits because she doesn’t believe in Oliver anymore.


She goes and meets Vigilante.

Rene takes Zoe home and promises her that they’ll never be separated again. You do realize that the people that helped you get this far are the ones you abandoned, right?

Back in the Quiver, Curtis quits too. He’s still a part of Helix Dynamics, but not Team Arrow.


James has all of this on camera and he has friends. Anatoly, Vigilante, and Dragon are with him. The whole “heroes can’t get along, but villains can” thing is so last year guys.


What was the point of getting attached to any of the new characters if they were all just gonna leave? And if they are only gone for one episode and then rejoin the team, that would also make this episode entirely pointless. There were some good moments in this episode, but I don’t like being in pain for no reason. 6.5/10.