Arrow season 6 recap #Arrow

I am going to refresh for tomorrow’s premiere of Arrow season seven. Okay, I am going to tell you eleven essential things that happened and only eleven that will hopefully summarize the whole series for you, and at the end, I will tell you how I would rate it. Let us dive right in Arrow Fanatics.


1) Everyone survived Lian Yu except for William’s mother, and Thea is in a coma. Me personally I know Thea wanted to help keep Samantha safe, but if it were me, I would let her go. Am sorry, but you can’t save everyone.

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2) Oliver is outed as the green Arrow over the news. Wow, I loved how Stephen made Oliver played it cool about being the green arrow. I thought it was hilarious to throw off the people of Star City by playing it calm and attacking the problem head-on.

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3) Diggle using drugs and hiding it from the team. Okay, so Diggle had a brief drug problem which I think it was stupid, to begin with because it showed a particular side of Diggle that we do not expect from the character. Then hiding it from Oliver and causing pointless arguments. Yeah, I did not like that storyline it was not interesting to me.

4) John becomes the Green Arrow. Okay, I understand why Oliver gave John the job but let’s not forget that the audience knows Diggle is compromised. It is funny how as we (the audience) knows what is going on with that character but the other characters do not know. That is what I love about tv shows because you can see how a character evolves more and you fall in love with that character because you can relate. John beginning the Green Arrow was not going to last long anyway it was just a short arc, and I also knew that he was never going to get that hood back.

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5) The FBI is investigating Oliver? The real question is why the FBI would be interested in a vigilante anyway. It was like they said, “ Hey let’s go arrest the vigilante because we have nothing better to do.” Do you guys know how funny that sounds? I did not like the FBI lady because every time she came on it was like why are you here.

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6) Olicity is finally married. Now I do not know if some of you are Olicity fans but if you are turn up for this event. Oliver and Felicity got officially married during the crossover Crisis on Earth X which was a fantastic event on television. Then in their mid-season finale they had the celebration of their marriage which was cute. I love the happy moments on Arrow, but sadly they do not last. Which leads to a number

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7) The team breaks up. Now a lot of people where defending Rene because of he through Oliver under a bus. I get it, but he still should have told Oliver. If he said, Oliver, what he did this whole NTA vs. OTA should not have happened. That is what upset me the most about the episode. Oliver could not have a happy ending for a Christmas episode which was unfair. Oh and that speech that Rene gave to Oliver and Felicity for their marriage. I believe that was out of guilt. Rene knew what he did to Oliver which by the way we could have found another way to fix this.

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8) Slade Wilson and Oliver teaming up. I have to say I love the two-part Deathstroke episode. It was really action-packed and crazy. I loved the Slade/Oliver dynamic it gave it a flashback to seasons one and two kinds of feelings. Not a lot to say about for me but you guys can share your thoughts in the comments if you like. I liked seeing Manu Bennett again it always gives me great pleasure seeing him because I love Deathstroke.

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9) NTA vs. OTA. Okay, so this subject is not really necessary because the arc to this was dragged out and just plain stupid. The newbies were all shady towards Oliver and them. Especially Dinah because of Vincent. That character was there for no reason what so ever. This arc did not hold any water it was like the writers became lazy all of a sudden.

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10) Roy Harper coming back and Thea leaving. I loved seeing Roy come back Colton Haynes is just a kind-hearted person. I love seeing him back on the show, and I am so excited for the new season of Arrow because Colton is now a series regular again. Having Roy back was really a story arc for Thea because she had to get away from Star City well that and she has to clean up Malcolm Merlin’s mess. Thea leaving was emotional for Oliver because that is his little sister that is the family that he had left of the original Queen family.

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11) Oliver getting arrested. Wow, we are at the last moment of the season recap I hope you guys enjoy the reading. This moment literally broke the internet. Everyone was feeling sorry for Oliver even Diggle and the newbies. It was sad because they betrayed and left Oliver because he lost his way being the Green Arrow. Although that may be true as a team, you do not abandon your teammate when they begin to falter. Yes so he was arrested, but at least they got the city back. The reason why Oliver was arrested because he made a deal with the FBI to let everyone else go free. Also, Quentin died at the end of the season that was a sad loss. The lances deserved better in this show. So I hope you enjoyed this review I can’t wait to start reviews for this season