Arrow Season 7x02 Longbow Hunters

Hey, Arrow fanatics I am back with another review. Let us get into these moments and my thoughts about this episode

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1. Oliver does some detective work. I love that scene with Oliver and his inmate buddy it was cool. I love the fact that the guy was all nerdy about his first green arrow mission. Oliver is doing things the smart way to help him survive this year. I can’t wait until he gets out which is set to happen before the crossover. It is not a spoiler you guys we all know he is going to get out before the crossover.

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2. Felicity outing John for not caring on the mission. Okay, not a significant moment in the episode but it does give a stand on where Diggle and Felicity’s mindsets are. I love Diggle, and I understand why he does not want to put on the hood. I feel like she could have reacted to the whole the hood ruined your family and I could not take that risk with mine. To be honest, I do not care about the entire ARGUS thing with Diggle. If there is anything that Arrow proved is that ARGUS sucks at security. What I am saying is maybe we will probably have fewer scenes with Felicity and Diggle for a little bit.

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3. Dinah and Laurel are working together. Okay unlike everyone else I am not against Laurel and Dinah having more scenes together. I’m still against the NTA people for last season. I say let Dinah and Laurel have scenes together because I believe the dynamic would be great. The writers want them to be frenemies or friends. Either way, Katie and Juliana did a swell job with the fight scenes

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4. Oliver Frames the Prison Guard and Felicity going to work with the FBI. Okay, so I applaud Oliver for actually using his head for once. The way he framed that correctional officer was hilarious to me. It put a smile on my face how he handled the guard’s weak spot to make him pissed. I hope Oliver gets’ away with it. Felicity is joining the FBI well that makes sense; hey let’s get help from the person who arrested your husband. I hope the FBI can deliver on their promise because if not I hate to see what Felicity will do. Okay Theory, what if Felicity finds dirt on Watson so she will have no choice to let Oliver out of prison. I would love that!!!

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5. Laurel is telling Dinah she is sorry. This scene was great. I loved it. It shows that Black Siren wants to prove that she can change. I mean Dinah in her way does not forgive her for Vincent which by the way who was dead from the beginning. I’m sorry ladies but would you get back together with your dead boyfriend? Okay moving on, Laurel said, “I’m not expecting you to forgive me but I am sorry.” That scene was good I felt for her because Quentin cared for her and sacrificed himself to save her.

I hope this was good to read again leave a comment, like and share. I have fun doing writing and the reviewing so again enjoy my thoughts and share yours.

I would give this episode an 8.5/10.