#Arrow 5X07 "Vigilante" Recap & Review

This week's episode of Arrow gives the Green Arrow a new rival. Vigilante makes his debut in this episode as a rival Vigilante to the Green Arrow. The episode opens with a group of human traffickers trying to sell a young girl. The deal is interrupted when a shooter appears and kills all of the traffickers. This is shown from the first-person perspective of Vigilante, which makes it a more intense scene. 

At CCPD, an officer finds the bodies of two of the traffickers hanging outside the back door of the building. The bodies have a "V" carved into their faces. At the Arrowcave, the team is in the middle of a training session. Rory talks to Oliver about Prometheus as Felicity entered and showed them Vigilante's work. Oliver sends the team out, planning on stopping the new Vigilante. 

The team goes to a bank that has been robbed by a new gang. They arrive to find one of them shot on the floor. He said that a Vigilante attacked them. The team investigates and finds the place where Vigilante gets his munitions. While this is going on, Thea and Lance talk about Lance's alcoholism and Prometheus's throwing star he found. Thea takes Lance to a rehab center and tells him that he needs it to move on from Laurel's death. She tells him that his position of Deputy Mayor will be there when he gets out.

Oliver and the team encounter Vigilante during another robbery by the same gang. The leader escapes, but the team manages to capture the others. At CCPD Adrian Chase manages to get their leader's location out of one of the robbers. Oliver arrives at the motel where the gang leader is held up right before Vigilante shoots up the motel. Oliver escapes with the gang leader, but Vigilante's attack kills several civilians. 

Back at the Arrowcave, Oliver and the team plan a staged bank heist to draw out Vigilante. The murderous Vigilante appears and holds Mr. Terrific at gunpoint while he and Oliver exchange dialogue. Vigilante says that Oliver isn't getting the job done, after four years. Oliver manages to restrain Vigilante, but he escapes when Oliver tries to unmask him. 

After this, Oliver delivers the leader of the gang to an officer at the CCPD. The episode ends with an unexpected twist when Artemis is on a roof and Prometheus comes up behind her. She tells him that she wasn't followed and the team suspects nothing. 

Green Arrow vs. Vigilante

Green Arrow vs. Vigilante

This was a great episode as a whole. Just like the Flash, it could have been a good mid-season finale episode. Vigilante is technically a good guy, but his tactics make him more of an anti-hero. He readily kills and is even willing to kill other vigilantes who get in his way. He is a capable fighter and has a large arsenal of weaponry. This rival will add an interesting dynamic to the show and to how the team operates. they will be more cautious, knowing that there is another  vigilante out there who will just as likely kill them as the criminals. 

The sub-plot with Lance and Thea was a long time coming. Lance finally accepts that he needs help and checks into rehab. He may be absent from the show for a couple episodes as a result.

Another good subplot is the bond developing between Diggle and Renee. Diggle is on edge for most of the episode, because he missed his son's second birthday and he is a fugitive. Renee brings Lyla and JJ to the Arrow cave so they can have a mini birthday party for JJ. This is a heartening moment and shows the developing bond between the recruits and the original team.

By far the biggest twist of the episode is the apparent alliance between Artemis and Prometheus. It is unknown how long they have been allies and what the nature of their relationship is. It adds even more to the depth of the season. Now we have a rival vigilante, a still-mysterious villain, and now a traitor on team arrow. This season is really going all out and, in my opinion, it is paying off.


-What do you think about Vigilante?

-What do you think of Artemis's betrayal?

-Who do you think Artemis's betrayal will affect the most?