The 100 Ep 508 “How We Get to Peace” #The100

We left off with Clarke going all mama bear over Madi, and she’s pretty much ready to assassinate Octavia. Of course, Bellamy can’t dig that action. Monty’s still kind of babbling in the background about his plan to save everyone with algae, and they’re all ignoring him, even though his idea doesn’t suck; he has a strain of algae that will revive the soil in the farm, allowing them to resume cultivation rather than seeking out new arable land and going to war over it. But it’s not just Clarke and Bellamy ignoring Monty; he shares his plan and proof of concept with Cooper, and she’s like, Nah, that’s cool, but I’m done being a vegetarian anyway.

Octavia discovers Echo has successfully turned off the Eligius security cameras and gives the order to load the bioweapon for transport. We’re marching to war. Clarke and Bellamy are getting desperate for a way to stop this.

They go to Indra, the sane one. She agrees this whole plan is effed, so she will help them destroy the sandworms and kill Cooper, hoping, as usual, to save Octavia from herself.

In the valley, Kane gets a glimpse of Diyoza’s notes, and hilariously, she’s been making a list of girl names for her baby! It’s hard not to see the humanity in someone who’s cheerfully daydreaming about motherhood. Murphy interrupts the mood though, radioing in to offer a trade of hostages: McCreary for Raven. Diyoza does not look happy to learn McCreary is still alive.

Abby’s made a discovery in her big project: sound waves break up the abscesses in the sick prisoners! She’ll need a more powerful tool to get the job done right, so she asks for Raven to be assigned to help her build it.

Raven’s got some troubles of her own, of course. After Echo ratted out Shaw to Diyoza, he got thrown in jail with them, and now, Echo wants to kill him! Her reasoning is sound, that he’s the pilot, and without him, the Eligius crew loses access to flight. But still, ice cold, Echo.

Vinson shows up in the prison cabin to collect Raven for Abby. Shaw describes Vinson as a serial killer, “but other than that, he’s a nice guy.” Ha! That was pretty much the vibe I got from Mike Dopud’s excellent performance.

Monty’s still fighting the good fight with Cooper when Bellamy shows up to attack her! Poor Monty is disillusioned for good, having unwittingly been part of a murder plot while trying to save everyone. He asks Harper if she would consider joining him in a new life of pacifism and farming, just stay behind in Polis when everyone else goes off to war. It’s a nice idea, but you know Octavia would have them shot as traitors these days.

Back in the valley, Murphy tells McCreary the trade offer was rejected. McCreary is not really that surprised to discover that Diyoza doesn’t care about getting him back. He makes Murphy another offer. Team up and get your friend back with my help.

Diyoza shares her secret with Kane, telling him she’s been pregnant for over 100 years, because of the stasis in space. Talk about your frozen embryos. As they bond over their shared vision of a peaceful community, Kane helps her name the baby: Hope.

Cooper awakens in the lab as sandworms start eating her alive, and Indra throws the switch on the failsafe to destroy all biomatter in the lab. When Octavia arrives, Indra says she had no choice, and now she supposes we must look for a peaceful solution. But oops, Indra isn’t in the in-crowd anymore, it turns out: The sandworms weren’t actually the plan! Their eggs have already been harvested and packed for transport. Octavia doesn’t assume that Indra was part of the plot against her, but she knows this was no accident, as there was no reason for Cooper to have reentered the lab at this stage.

She goes straight to Clarke to arrest her, and she tells Bellamy that one of two things is going to happen: Either Clarke acted alone and will be executed, or Bellamy helped and will enter the arena with Clarke to fight to the death. Clarke is arrested as the sole conspirator.

Raven has completed the work Abby asked of her, and she goes to show off her creation proudly…but Abby’s nodding off, and Raven sees the pill bottle. She’s heartbroken that Abby isn’t helping Diyoza upon fear of death but only to get the drugs she’s addicted to. Abby tries to get Raven’s sympathy, saying it’s because of the pain after the City of Light, but hoo boy, Raven is not the right person to take this approach with! Raven has suffered more than anyone, and Abby has been right there the whole time telling Raven to live with it, work through it, rise above it…now that Abby has some pain of her own, she finally understands the pain and wants Raven of all people to feel sorry for her? Oh hell no.

So, filled with righteous anger, Raven goes to destroy the tool she just built, and Abby pushes the button that will trigger Raven’s collar, causing excruciating pain and bringing her down. It’s unimaginably cruel of Abby, but after she was ready to experiment on Emori last season, I’m no longer surprised by how awful Abby can be.

Raven is carried back to the cabin, defeated. She tells Echo she won’t argue about it anymore, go ahead and kill Shaw if that’s what you have to do to get this done. Just don’t let him suffer. But soon after, Shaw comes to talk with her, and they bond over the pain of being abused by someone you love, and Raven’s pain is so real, so clear. Raven’s own mother didn’t really love her, certainly never showed her love from the bottom of the bottle. Then, in season 1, she met Abby, and her first impression of Abby was of a woman who loved her daughter, would do anything for her. Abby became her idea of what a mother should be, her placeholder for what it could have been like to have a real mother. And Abby acted like a surrogate mother to her in many ways, recognizing her abilities, encouraging her, challenging her at times, supporting her when she needed it. And now, her surrogate mother is a drug addict who betrayed her, no better than the alcoholic mother who disregarded her.

Abby is proudly showing off her successful cure to Diyoza, and Vinson seems grateful to Abby for curing him. Interestingly, as soon as McCreary shows up with Murphy and Emori in tow as his “prisoners,” Diyoza orders Abby and Vinson to keep the cure a secret. I guess she doesn’t want McCreary to survive long enough to try to co-parent, maybe?

In Polis, the War Council meets to run through final preparations for their march on the valley. Bellamy shows up to talk to his sister, and she sends everyone else away. He playfully reminds her of a mealtime ritual from their youth and asks her to share a meal with him like old times. She won’t unless he speaks the Wonkru oath: All of me for all of us. He says it, and he means it…just not the way she wants him to. But he is here to lay it all on the line for his people. He’s dosed the food with Monty’s algae strain, not the kind you can live off of, but the kind that makes you very ill. Octavia will be in a coma for days, and Bellamy will use that time to work toward peace. He repeats his oath, “My sister. My responsibility.”

I love the dual use of the title line. Both Diyoza and Clarke say, “This is how we get to peace,” as they attempt to justify their actions to Kane and Bellamy respectively.

Not that interested in Emori’s attitude toward Murphy here. She is happy to see his old “survivor” persona reemerge, but she is sure he’ll fall apart all over again soon. Have a little more faith in your one true love, Emori. He stood by you when you falsely accused a complete stranger of atrocities.