#Empire Batter up! S3 Ep10 Sound & Fury Recap & Review


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Man oh man, Empire returned with some heat, some fire, and a bat. Yesss!!! Empire started with a bang. The opening with Remy Ma and Stinky Fingers was nothing but love. I loved me some Remy, indeed. 


The Lyons are back. Lucious and Cookie seem to be beefing over his last stunt. Lucious tried to destroy Angelo's campaign for Mayor with a murder story from Angelo's past. Cookie not too happy with him for coming for her man. Lucious is on stage announcing his latest project Inferno. As he makes his announcement, Cookie strikes with her get back. She brought Mama Leah on stage and announced this is Lucious mother. Reporters are confused because remember Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang. In that song, Lucious said his mother committed suicide. How is he going to explain this one? Cookie and Lucious are really at war now after this stunt.


Hakeem and Andre have a disagreement over who should perform at the upcoming showcase. Hakeem said Tiana was already approved to perform by Cookie. Andre is trying to give the showcase to Nessa. It looks like Andre and Hakeem haven't solved their difference. Andre calls Lucious into the meeting for the final decision. Due to beef with Cookie, Lucious voted against Tiana since Cookie already approved her to performed. Becky is still disliking Xavier. Her knowing her job and letting it be known she knows her job might cause her to be fired. Cookie and Angelo are still together. Wow!! How long will they last? 


The Lyons family get together for a family meeting at the rehab facility Jamaal is attending. To everyone surprised Lucious shows up as well. Jamaal is saying he is clean and ready to go home. He has melodies of music in his head that he needs to release. Cookie tries to convince Jamaal he needs to finish his rehab program. Jamaal takes a shot at Cookie about finishing the pills in sink drain. Low blow Jamaal!!! As Cookie try to explain why she gave him the pills, Lucious interrupted. Lucious pointed out that Cookie gave Jamaal drugs to save her boyfriend campaign. He implied Cookie put her boyfriend Angelo before her son. Jamaal sits there in disbelief that Cookie and Lucious is bickering. Thirsty gets information from his sour that the FBI is investigating Lucious with his connection in Frank Gathers murder. Lucious give Thirsty all the names of who could have snitched but narrowed it down to one guy, Bam Bam.  


Andre and Shine met and discussed their plan to take over Empire. Shine tells Andre now might not be the time to try to take over Empire. Shine thinks Lucious Inferno project is going to be a big thang. Andre makes it clear, he not taking over Empire; he killing Lucious. Lucious is headed to a press conference with reporters. He doesn't give the reporters any information about his mother. He does announce he supports Angelo's opponent for Mayor. He reminds the reporter of Angelo murdering a young lady in his past. 

Back at the rehab, Jamaal is becoming friends with Tori. Tori is a singer who also got hooked on drugs and destroyed her career. Looks like she could be using Jamaal to rebuild her career. Jamaal explains how he needs to get out the rehab and work on his music. Tori says, let's get out.  


Nessa performs at the showcase. Her performance was interrupted by Hakeem and Tiana. Cookie and Lucious beef is causing so much drama and tension. Nessa and Tiana exchange some feisty words. Those words turn into a cat fight between the two ladies. While these two women are fighting, Lucious gets a call that Jamaal is missing from the rehab. Lucious and Cookie take off to find Jamaal. The first place they went was to see Derrick, Jamaal's producer boyfriend. Cookie is ready to bury Derrick in his grave for supplying drugs to Jamaal. Porsha comes in the studio with a video of Jamaal and Tori going into an old building. Cookie recognized the building. Jamaal and Cookie were at Tyrik's studio recording a song. Cookie and Lucious arrived questioning Tyrik about Jamaal whereabouts.

At first, Tyrik denying seeing Jamaal. Until Cookie wanted to get violent. Cookie and Lucious listen to Jamaal and Tori recording a new song until Jamaal sees his parents. Cookie walks in demanding to take him back to rehab. Tori tells Cookie, "they need to finish this song." This Tori girl, better back off. Cookie will ring her neck. Cookie didn't appreciate her speaking out of turn. Of course, Tori felt Cookie's wrath. Jamaal convinced Cookie and Lucious that he needs to be making music. Cookie and Lucious agreed to let him finish recording. 


Lucious meets with Bam Bam at his job. Bam Bam tries to explain his actions. Thirsty has Bam Bam's mother outside, and he see her, Lucious made it clear to Bam Bam that he will change his story for the Grand Jury. Bam Bam did exactly what was expected of him. Tariq has lost his case. His boss closed the case and made him take a leave of absence. Lucious FBI case is closed for now.

Cookie and  Jamaal are back at his place watching the latest news on Angelo. It looks like the murder case has been cleared up for Angelo.  Could Lucious have something to do with that? Jamaal and Cookie has a heart to heart talk. Jamaal claims he is done with drugs and focused on his music. I sincerely hope he is serious.  Lucious has a meeting at Empire about his project Inferno. His first ordered of business was firing Xavier. Yayyyy for Becky. I guess her driving around with Thirsty all day was a good thing. Ole, Thirsty came through for Becky. However, she still didn't get the A&R position. Lucious introduce his wife, Anika as the new head of Empire A&R Department. Cookie nicely excuses herself from the meeting.  I wow! I agree with Jamaal, Cookie, and Lucious has one sick kind of love. 


Lucious is at the studio listening to tracks. Cookie arrives at the studio with a baseball bat in hand. She is breaking everything in Empire. Cookie anger final is release and enough is enough for her. Cookie reminds Lucious of how he got his game on her back and her serving 17 years. Cookie swung that and landed her home run. She hit Lucious right in his head. Call me crazy,  but this is the best love and hate scene I've seen. Can't believe Lucious called her a hood rat like he isn't. The fire, the anger, the hurt, and the love ended in a kiss. Cookie stopped it before they took it any further. Sex didn't happen but the passion between Cookie and Lucious is undeniable. Could this power couple truly be over? I guess we will see.

Sneak clip of a scene from next week...

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