#Batwoman S1, Ep. 1 "Pilot" Series Premiere Recap and Review

With Batman MIA, who can save Gotham City under a new threat?  


The series premiere of Batwoman was better than what the trailers and promos have shown throughout the summer. We meet Kate Kane who's training to be part of her father's police force Crows; but things take a turn when her ex-girlfriend, Sophie, has been kidnapped by Alice and her Wonderland Gang. Kate decides to use her cousin Bruce Wayne's tech from the Wayne Tower to find footage.  

Kate goes on her way to find Sophie and meets Alice in person, but gets knocked out and gets healed by Kate's step-sister Mary. Soon Kate goes back to Wayne Tower and gets information from Luke Fox about where Bruce is at, but instead of getting the information she notices something has been moved. The necklace of Martha Wayne was moved to the right and when she moved it back and soon the bookshelf opens as it leads Kate to the Batcave.  

Kate sees that the death of her sister and mother took a toll on Bruce as he thought both they would have been safe, but it wasn't. Kate sees the gadgets and even the bat-suit, in which she asked Luke to make improvements to the bat-suit to make it for her.  

During the Gotham City Movie Night, things were looking good; until Alice calls Kate's father to tell him that she planted a bomb in the area. Not to mention that she also has Sophie hanging on the edge of the construction building. But Kate comes in taking out both two goons and fights Alice, but when Sophie falls, Kate leaps to save her.  

The next day, the top conversation was about they think Batman returning to Gotham City. Sophie is the only one that thinks that it's not Batman. Later she bumps into Kate and the two get reconnected, but Kate learns that her ex-girlfriend that she cares about is engaged. With that being a bit of heartbreaking news for Kate; her father that he wasn't going to let her join his team in The Crows. As she's done writing in one of Bruce's journals, she goes over what Bruce has been trying to figure out where her sister's body was located. It turns out that Alice is Kate's sister and does she have plans for her.  

The "Pilot" was very good and as I said before better than what I thought it would be coming from the trailers and promos throughout the summer. And while it's only the pilot, I think that with time I believe that this series could get better. I'm loving the character of Kate Kane and Ruby Rose's portrayal of her. Even the relationship between Kate and Sophie is interesting; leaving a shocking twist of Sophie's engagement to an agent at Crow, but also as the episode progress and trying to figure out who Alice could be the ending of learning that it's Kate's sister was w wow factor.  

I love it and I can't wait to see where the stories and the characters lead through this season. I'm all in for Batwoman. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch Batwoman Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.