#BlackLightning S2, Ep. 2 ""The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues" Recap/Review

The search is on for an escape pod kid. Here's a recap of Black Lightning.

When a pod child with electrokinesis powers is freed and kills an ASA scientist; another escapes with using aerokinesis powers.  Lynn another other scientists try to keep the kid calm but failed. When Lynn tells Jefferson about what happened, Gambi tells them that the child that escape is Wendy Henandez.

Later Lynn learns of one of the kids that came back from the dead is alive and takes in Issa Williams, a  young metahuman who was killed by the police and subsequently rejected by his family. Issa joins the Pierces family for dinner, and soon they snap on each other and soon realize that Issa's powers make people spill out the truth. Jennifer helps Issa on how to use his powers by not looking into their eyes. 

Meanwhile, while looking Wendy, Black Lightning and Thunder have some differences of using their powers; mainly Thunder showing off to the public as they cheer. But Black Lightning confronts Wendy and eventually was able to shock her out of psychotic spill. Lynn confronts Wendy, who realizes that everyone she knew 30 years ago is gone, opts to go back in the pods until Lynn can find a cure. 

Jefferson makes the toughest decision when he resigns as principal, due to high pressure from the school board. But when he tells the students the news but he'll remain as a teacher, the students chant his mantras in support. 

After losing Syonide, Tobias makes some loose ends from killing some of his informants that knew him. This is after he's close to a breakthrough on Metahumans. Probably that briefcase he's got from the ASA. 

"The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues" was a fantastic episode. With only a little bit of action, the drama really keeps you on your toes with its rich storyline and character development. There were scenes from Thunder showing off and Black Lightning trying to act more responsible to the dinner table truth moment were hilarious. But there were moments like Jennifer helping Issa with his powers to even Jefferson confronting his students on his resignation as principal was powerful even when the students stood up to his motto. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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