#BlackLightning S2, Ep. 3 "The Book of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry" Recap/Review

Will Jefferson catch Tobias and will Jennifer get some peace to her new confined madness that she's in? Here's a recap of Black Lightning. 


After helping with the police with another Green Light victim, Black Lightning and Gambi search for Tobias and Painkiller from the video cameras at the school; but that turned up dead. Soon Henderson comes to Jefferson for some help a case of a bad cop dead in a burned van. Jefferson gets info from an inside man and gets the info to give Henderson that it was Tobias. 

In the meantime, Jefferson confronted Painkiller's mother on the whereabouts and asked her to give a call to meet with him. Jefferson tries to talk with Painkiller and how Tobias uses him. But after he shoots one of his darts, Jefferson stops it and takes it with him, for which I hope he gets Giambi to make something out of it.


Jennifer, who's tired of being cooped up in the house with her unknown and uncontrolled powers. She goes on her walks, she meets with someone, Perenna. She's a therapist with telepathic powers that can help Jennifer with her powers. After the first trial not right, Jefferson confronts Jennifer and apologies that if he could take all this away, he could. And that sparked another meeting with Perenna, which helped and looks like she'll be seeing her more and more. 

Anissa is trying to fix her relationship with Grace; after being noticed in another relationship on social media. But she turned to her secret vigilante mode with Giambi and took another bag of cash from another drug dealer. It went down as smooth as it could be.

Lynn is dealing with another addition to the ASA team as they bring in a convicted criminal Helga Jace. Not liking the idea, Lynn makes a deal with her in exchange to help with her to cure the kids in the pod. There are a few bumps in the road, but I think they'll work it out. 

As for Tobias, he trains Painkiller to do the things that Syonide use to do for him. After pushing him, he heads to the cemetery where his sister is placed. Just as he lights the candles and bends down, Henderson and his squad took him down and arrested him. I think he was planning this for a bit.  

"The Book of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry" was an excellent episode that had a very mix blend of action and drama. There were many moments, but I think that one of the best moments was when Jefferson hugs Jennifer and apologies to her. I think it gave Jennifer the idea to take another look into meeting with Perenna. I very much enjoyed the introduction of Perenna. Very mysterious, funny and exciting. And I think that Tobias has something planned just before he got arrested. That whole scene just felt funny and weird that something was going to happen, but it'll probably come down in episode four. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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