#BlacklistRedemption S1, Ep. 2 "Kevin Jensen" Recap/Review

The team takes on a personal mission that's rescuing a United States journalist. 

"Kevin Jensen" opens a personal mission for Scottie that dives into why she wants to get the team into rescuing Jensen. Learning that she's his aunt and that her son Christopher hung out with each other too so it also got personal for Keen too. 

The mission seemed to go like any other mission but when Rom brings in a moving truck to the broader of the country, they spot the secret of hidden guns, Tom bails leaving the team with no guns at all. 

Scottie gets in touch with a friend over there and after talking him to agree with a deal (agreeing to give his daughter (who can't sing) a record deal). But when Tom and the gang sees the box that was suppose to be full of guns was just a couple of automatics and handguns not enough, but Tom comes up with a plan of getting in as one of the soldiers and rescue Jensen inside. 

Keen and Solomon goes in and after getting Jensen, things take a turn and Nez had to come in and rescue them. Hiding from the cops, they wait til they get the word of heading to the US Embassy, but Jensen needs his laptop and notes at his place, something that he's been working on so hard and while the group was talking he escapes to get his stuff.  

Putting everyone there at risk, Keen and the gang gets Jensen back and tries to make it to the Embassy but a roadblock is in front of them and hits them. Tom, with a concussion, gets Jensen out, who's hurt pretty badly. As they get Jensen in the Embassy, Tom goes back and gets his laptop but when he comes up to Jensen, laying on the ground as CPR is performed, Jensen is dead. Not only does it hurt Tom but it puts Scottie in an emotional state that we've never seen her before. 

Scottie and Tom meet with the Secretary of State and others and is informed that Jensen was working for the CIA as an agent pretending to be a journalist over there. And that Jensen's mother will never know what he has done, Scottie didn't even tell her about it. 

I thought that this episode was pretty good. It did show us Scottie's personal and emotional side, for which I enjoyed watching since this lady seemed to be a cold person from the start. There were some good moments and humorist moments too, mostly from Eggold, Gathegi and Martinez. The writing was good as well. Overall I give this episode a 8/10.

You can catch The Blacklist: Redemption Thursday nights at 10/9c on NBC.