#BlacklistRedemption S1, Ep. 3 "Independence, U.S.A." Recap/Review

Over the waters and into Russia to grandma's house, we go?

When the plane crashes in Russia, but the task force learns that what was near was totally something that could only be a threat to the United States.

When Scottie learns of a plane crash in Russia, he sends Tom and Solomon out to investigate what was near the crash site. It turns out that there's a camp that I might call it The Americans boot camp. As Tom gets photos, Scottie sends him and Nez there undercover, and there they are given a profile of names and their character bios.

The whole operation was to get these people to train as their characters so well that they would replace the real person in the United States and attack the country. Nez would show as a person to move up on the list to travel to the USA after showing the banker who's boss after he touched her leg.

Also Tom gets a bit close to his fake life of a wife and bonded pretty good but she turned on him but she got the hit of it when Nez hits her with the car and they escape from Russia. But their plan was underway and with no time, Solomon and his crew got there in time to stop the bombers thanks to his wit and charm.

Meanwhile, Scottie learns that Howard had been searching for their son before he had allegedly died. But also Howard tells Tom that he thinks that Scottie is not who she said she is and that she's an impostor.  But who could you believe in this situation a man who is off his meds or the woman who takes bold moves to get things the way she wants?

"Independence, U.S.A." was very fun and intense episode. I thought the writing was pretty good and that the character performances was good as well. Love seeing Tom and Nez spending some time and getting to know each other, mostly Nez who still has a drug problem. I do love the Howard and Scottie battle as it's getting intense and with next week's episode I can't wait to see what happens next. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

You can catch The Blacklist Redemption Thursday nights at 10/9c on NBC.