#BlacklistRedemption S1, Ep. 4 "Operation Davenport" Recap/Review

When a group of criminals escapes prison, it turns out to be more than what it seems. 

When Scottie and the team get called to search for four criminals that has escape prison, these high terrorist, the search didn't really take too long to find them as they were settled in an apartment. But there was one more who had escaped and that person turns out to be not what we would all assume he was to be.

Tom and Nez go after this guy that is still on the run, who is about to take down the NSA and steal secured documents with a little help from Dumont's brother. Their suspect went all the way to go into an underground meeting and take them down and upload their secret files into his flash drive to expose them. 

When Tom and Nez get him and tries to bring him in, they get stopped by another team that also brought their suspect in the first place but this time, they wanted to kill him for good. Tom and Nez takes their guy and hides out in a warehouse dodging these guys and realized that this guy might be as innocent as he may seem. 

After killing the leader of the group and escaping, the team searches for who these guys were and figured out that these guys were part of the undercover NSA agents that was ordered by the head of the NSA too and caught the guy in the act when using the dead cover agent's cell phone. 

Meanwhile, Scottie seems to find the adoptive parents of her son but it turned out not to be her son at all and it was a misguided form Howard to get her hopes away. And not to mention, Scottie growing suspicious with Tom and his appointments as she had Solomon following him but for along can Tom keep dodging this even though Scottie hasn't figured it out yet. 

"Operation Davenport" had a very good A plot but the B plot was a bit slow and away at times but after re-watching it . The performance from Ryan and Janssen were very good and there were some very good character development. There were some good scenes, like Tom and Solomon taken down the escaped terrorist and trying to get the cops out of the place after they were called there to check the place out. This was a good episode. Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10.

I believe that the next episode could be a real thriller as this time it goes up on a plane.

You can catch The Blacklist Redemption Thursday nights at 10/9c on NBC.