#BlacklistRedemption S1, Ep. 5-6 "Boreals 301"/"Hostages" Recap/Review

"Boreals 301"

When Tom and the team face terror, they'll have to go up in the sky to capture them in the act. 

When a group of military men of thieves try to steal classified material, Tom and Solomon goes undercover to find them before it's too late and they'll have to find these men on an airplane. Things get a bit dicey for the two guys as things went south. But they didn't know that the classified would be a person, who happens to be kidnapped by someone who wants to win her back.

As Tom saves the plane from going down, Solomon jumped out with one of their men and tries to get him to speak. Just watching Solomon talk is like watching Reddington tell a story as it's just well entertained. 

Tom and the team finds Solomon and soon traced the others as well, saving the classified person. 

Meanwhile, Howard gets Tom to find one of Scottie's folder that has information of the mission of Whitehall. Tom couldn't find it at first but after the mission when he tries to talk to her, he spots a comic book and soon leaves and buys the same comic book and uses it to decoded the message left on there which proves Howard's theory that Scottie is a bad person but by the time Tom figured it out Solomon captured Howard. 

 This was a very good episode. This was a very well entertained, well written too. I couldn't get enough of Solomon and Tom scenes as they're just filled the screen with memorable moments. I'm still in the middle of who to trust now that it seems Howard is telling the truth about Scottie. I feel like a ping pong ball that hasn't gone out yet. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.


With a family held hostage to get someone back, Tom and the gang must save and bring the person the kidnappers want back. But that was just the tip of the ice berg here as there's more. 

A wealthy family gets kidnapped from professional kidnappers and for exchange the leader wanted one of the guys that was captured by the government. Tom and the team try to do what they do to satisfied them til they find the guy they are asking for and who they were asking for was a man who happens to be the kidnapper's brother. 

Tom find the man and tries talking to the man to come and that he'll be safe. As they make the exchange, Tom tries to follow them but after losing them, they found a better way of tracking as the kid took their cell phone. 

Tom, Nez and Solomon made they're way into the warehouse where the guy was being held up and the shocking thing was that the man that coordinated this was the family's lawyer, what a twist. They swept in and saved their guy and the man's brother helped too. 

But this episode really took off when Tom tries his best to save Howard from the hospital that Scottie. Tom breaks in and tries to get Howard out but he gets caught and soon Scottie figures out who's working with Howard and got him out that she even went to Howard and demanded answers about Tom til he tells her that Tom is her son. She freaks and tries calling off the hit from Solomon on Tom and after the third time telling Solomon he does. 

This episode was so so good, mostly because of how Scottie learns Tom is working with Howard and that he's her son. I thought that was so good and eve intense as well. Of course, it was great to see Cooper on the show, I can't wait to see him when The Blacklist returns. I thought this was Jansen's best performance on the show so far. The writing was good for that storyline. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

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