#BlacklistRedemption S1, Ep. 7-8 "Whitehall"/"Whitehall: Concussion" Season Finale Recap/Review

I've decided to combine both episodes together because I just felt it needed that and it was a two part episode too.

In the episode "Whitehall," after Scottie learns of Tom's true identity, she brings him to get information on what he knows. That's what I call a family reunion. As Solomon torches Tom for some time, beating the crap out of him, Tom escapes and meets up with Howard, who escapes as well. 

Howard and Tom work together trying to get to Whitehall. We finally learned that Whitehall isn't a blueprint at all but a person that's being held from Scottie in a undisclosed location. Tom and Howard breaks in and gets Whitehall out but is stopped by Solomon and Nez. Nez double crosses Solomon as he takes Whitehall but Howard, Tom and Nez got the suitcase and soon Howard comes out of the shadows to bring down Scottie saying that she's out of her mind on national television.

In the second episode "Whitehall: Concussion,"   Howard sets up a plan for Tom and Nez to break in the Halycon while he comes in meeting with the board members about this whole mess that he called on television. Things were going well until Solomon gets Whitehall out and Scottie during a lock down and heads off but soon Whitehall is captured by Tom and Nez while Scottie and Solomon escapes. 

As the tables turns, things become clearer and clearer that maybe we got the wrong person thinking that they're good. When Scottie looked at the project she sees that she was the one that set the project up but she knows she didn't even after looking at the paper work. Soon Tom and Nez comes in and takes her down while Solomon escapes once again. 

Scottie is taken in to custody and things were looking good until Scottie's assistant, Kat comes to find out that Scottie was telling the truth and that the guy that they have been both seeing a buffed up therapist, who was really working with Howard and his team. Making it that Howard was the guy not to trust, which makes Scottie the one who's telling the truth and we see that Howard and Whitehall were teaming together and sees their project coming together leaving at that.

I thought this was one hell of two episodes, thank god it was a separated and not made into a two hour event, for which I would have loved too. The show really tied almost everything but left things in the open that I really want a second season. PLEASE NBC RENEW THIS SERIES!!!! Terry O'Quinn was very, very good in these two episodes and really played Howard so well that I really thought he was the good guy in all of this, boy did he really play us. Even Janssen was amazing as well. The writing was so so solid and can't say enough about the acting as I just did.  But I do want to give a shout out to Theodora Miranne, who really shined in the season finale episode and that I hope if the show comes back that she'll come back. 

Overall, I give this two part season finale 8.5/10 and the season a 8/10.

You can catch The Blacklist when it returns tonight at 9/8c with a two part epic return that I'm sure of you don't want to miss out on.