#Blindspot S2 Ep. 1 "In Night So Ransomed Rogue" Season Premiere Recap and Review

Holy mother of god! The season premiere of Blindspot didn't disappoint at all but in fact, kindly returned with one of the biggest questions about Jane Doe.

The episode three months later as Jane is being taken by the CIA black site in Oregon by Cade and his gang. Day in and day out she is tortured to give him information why she has the tattoos and who she works for. You think that with Jane being electric shocked and waterboarded would get her to spell, you think wrong. She got flashbacks to when Oscar taught her techniques of how to withstand them.

In fact, she tried escaping once with no success, but when she got back into her cell, the guys left a needle in her arm where she took it out and used it to unlock her handcuffs and escape again. And this time, she escapes for good and heads off in a truck.

Jumping two weeks later we see Weller and company break into a house. When their suspect was outside driving off in a motorbike, Weller takes off on one too. Now after an impressive chase scene you would think that this person would be Jane, right? No way! It was someone else who was wanted for a crime that didn't have to take that long to capture as Reade would say.

As Zapata and Reade tell Weller what they think, a surprise visitor comes, its NSA Nas Kamal, arrive in style too. She takes them back to the FBI office to tell them about Jane escaping. Then she opens up about how Jane is connected to project called Sandstorm, a secret group that posed dangerous threats.  Jane was their decoy for them to get to something bigger.

Weller and team need to find Jane before Cade or Sandstorm could get her, and they find her in New Jersey, of all the place where could be in. Weller goes in first, hoping to talk to her but that didn't turn out good as those two used there fist to get reacquainted, in a way. She goes back and takes a really cool illegal MRI machine that should be used in today's standards. There Kamal comes in and interviews Jane and tells her that they've been falling her since that night in Tim Square, but after seems fuzzy and asked her questions about. Jane tells her about Oscar and the stuff that he had her do and even the fact that Mayfair is dead.

Weller is upset but knows that this is a shot at taking down the people that did this to Jane and to Mayfair. So he has to bite his tongue and work with Jane, and that does with Zapata and Reade too. Kamal had Jane call her contact to tell that she escaped and wanted to see Sheppard, the ring leader of Sandstorm. She gets someone and tells her where to meet. But before she goes, she needs something that proves that she had an escape Cade but with a struggle, so a bullet to the side of her body would do, and it was Zapata that did it.

Jane gets to the spot and walks towards a dark empty house and soon spots a guy. He takes her away and head towards the hospital to take the bullet out but gets a detour from the cops. The guy tells her how they know each other even being the same blood type. After being patched up, he takes her to Sheppard.

As the two step out a lady walks out of a car in front of them. She wanted Jane to be searched for wires but proved to her that she isn't even though she secretly was, but disconnected it thanks to Weller yelling at Patterson.

The woman is surprised to see Jane as she tells her that she is her mother and that guy that helped Jane is, in fact, her own brother. The two was picked up after their parents were murdered by the government and they were in a special academy but soon she, a soldier at the time, took them in as her own. We learn Jane's real name, Remi and her brother's name is Roman.

But after that, she stopped and told her that she'll give more information later and that she needs to go back to the FBI and tells them that she escape from Cade. Soon, Remi is back with Weller and Kamal, and they discuss what happened. Then Weller and Remi talk about how she could remember the fishing trips with his dad. The fact that she didn't know who she was wished that she was Taylor. Hell, I could understand that. The part where Weller doesn't tell her about the tooth test that Patterson did was a mistake and that he wished she was too Taylor Shaw.

Patterson, Zapata, Reade, and Weller inform Kamal about the stuff they found in Mayfair's file, two files being illegal projects and one being a black hole photo of something. But later, Patterson, Weller, Zapata and Reade see a photo from Mayfair's file of a site where a soldier being down on ground. That person happens to be Remi.

The episode ends with wit Roman and Sheppard talking about if they could trust Remi. Roman does, but Sheppard doesn't in a way. Roman tells her that she should have one of her FBI people look into it, and we see everyone from Weller, Reade, Zapata, Patterson, Dr. Borden, FBI Director Pellington and Kamal. One of these folks is working against the FBI? DAMN IT!! Not to mention that Sheppard and Roman were looking at a massive rocket.

This episode was unbelievable from the beginning to the end. The show really picked up the pace of the intensity of the story but also had some hilarious moments with Patterson and Weller, who gives that comedy we need in the story.

The shocking moments of meeting Jane or Remi's mother and brother was something of a jaw-dropping moment. Loved how they played that scene with Weller chasing the biker, I really thought that was Jane/Remi on the bike. Nice trick Martin!!!

Also, I have to mention that Kamal's entrance was one of the best ways to enter a new character to the show. She just mysteriously comes in after Weller and team capture's a suspect. 

From this episode and the promo for what's to come, looks like this season will be an upgrade to season one. Hang on to your seats guys because this season looks great.

You can catch Blindspot on its new regular time Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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