#Blindspot S2 Ep 10 "Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg in Iron" Recap and Review

The return of Blindspot literally was on a breathless, edge of your seat episode. Let's get to the recap.

The episode last night picked off right where we left off in the fall finale, after a brief recap of what had happened, we come to Patterson and Borden after we heard the gun go off. Who was it? It was Patterson who gets shot, but for the fans out there, she was saved by Borden as she was taken to be treated. 

Meanwhile, after Jane zipped Roman (zipped is the name of the brand that erases memories), she takes him in a car and tries to get him back to the FBI, but when he wakes up later, he puts on a fight. Jane tries to explain to him who she is and what's going on. But he just wouldn't listen and runs off with the car leaving Jane behind. 

Jane gets back to the FBI and not only are Weller, Nas and Zapata looking for Patterson, but they're also now looking for Roman. They track the car and try to call on the phone in the car. They located him and picked him up but with Sheppard's men there too, so there was a gun battle. 

When they bring Roman in, they try asking him questions on the whereabouts of Borden or Sheppard, but nothing was getting through in his memory. But when FBI Director Pennington shows up he gets Nas to leave the building as her department is no longer available because of 12 FBI agents had died in that blast at the compound. But don't worry, Weller fought for her to come back and Pennington allowed it. 

Meanwhile, Patterson wakes up and tries to take down Borden, who was washing his hands after fixing her wounds, but Sheppard pulled a gun behind her. Instead of killing Patterson, Sheppard tries to get what she knows about her and Phase II. After being tortured by poking in her ears and getting hit with a pipe to the face, Sheppard left it to Borden take over after getting word about Roman. 

Soon, Weller, Zapata, and Jane try to figure out where Borden took Patterson. After a couple of leads, and a garage repair shop lady, they found where Borden had Patterson at and headed over there. When they get there, they triggered a bomb that blasted the car a couple of feet. The three gets out, and Borden runs into the woods along with Weller, while Zapata and Jane get Patterson. 

Weller catches Borden and the two battle it out. Amazing on Borden combat skills, he literally kicked Weller's but and even taken his handcuffs and used it against him, tying him up. Weller asked him why does Sheppard want him alive as Borden responds to him that he'll know soon. 

Everyone seems to be on okay terms after the events that just took place. Weller comes by to give Patterson flowers, as she is still working and finds something interesting to show him. But after she should tell it to him, Weller gets out a cell phone that Nas gave him and she tries to crack the code, for which she did and found files, for which shows a video of the layout tattoos on Jane. And there's one single tattoo that in the video but she doesn't have on her now, a tiger on her neck. 


Also to add: Reade had recovered well and was sent home, thanks to the help of Zapata. But it got awkward or relieved that he kisses her after checking up on him at his home. But she resist it and left to go back to work. Reade finally has feelings for her and I thought she does to for him but I guess she just wants to be friends. I guess those signs of them looking at each other funny kind of thrown me off a bit. 

I couldn't enjoy this episode a lot more than it already was that the first fifteen minutes of nothing but a breathless thriller ride. At least no one died and that Phase II. I feel that Sheppard is going to get Roman back soon, I don't think it will last working with Jane and the FBI. That tiger tattoo that Patterson and Weller found, what could it mean and why did Sandstorm not ink it.Creator Martin Gero said over a year ago during the TCA press tour about there were going to be more tattoos that are hidden than seen. I think it has to do with Sandstorm and one of their Phase II or something even bigger than Phase II. The writing for this episode was really good and the acting from the cast was so good even Ashley Johnson gives a really good performance so far. Overall I give this episode a 9/10. 

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