#Blindspot (S2, Ep. 11/12) "Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord"/"Devil Never Even Lived" Recap/Review

"Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord"

The team tackles two serious matters, one a terrorist coming to the states hoping the doctors can give his son a new heart and helping Roman, either one sounds a point for total danger. 


When the team comes to learn that a terrorist is in the country, Weller and the team track him down but finds him with the CIA Deputy Director Keaton, hoping for an exchange his son gets a new heart while Keaton gets information. That turned south when the guy's son passes away and threatens for revenge. 


And believe me it was a revenge on Keaton and his kid, who happens to be at her basketball game. Keaton, Weller and team head toward the school, where the basketball game is taken place. Of course, Keaton gets one of his agents to take her out but the guy's men took his agent out, but Keaton's girl ran off. 


It turns into a search and meet when Keaton and Weller made contact with her. Meanwhile, Jane, Reade and Zapata looking for the bomb. Reade and Zapata finds it and later Patterson disarms it by jamming the phone signals. 


As the bomb is disarmed, Keaton finds his daughter but is taken hostage. Talking, trying to make a trade for him in exchange for her. Just as they were going to switch, Jane shoots the suspect saving Keaton's ass. He does tell her thank you, but I wouldn't forgive what he did to Jane too.


As this was going on, Roman gets treated to see where he is mentally as he relives dreams of his time as a child, locked in a cold cell. Nas gets a therapist on it and it seems to help. But after things approve a little, a tattoo has been solved when Roman is playing a game.


Zapata and Reade's relationship seems to be okay for now. They don't seem to want to talk about their kiss an episode back. But after the day they had and had a couple of drinks at the bar, Zapata give Reade to another person who has an interest for him and she leaves.


This was a good episode. It tends to be one of those episodes that deals with one thing and ends up being another. I enjoyed it like the other stand alone episodes that really didn't go anywhere til the end of the episode. Love the action, love the tension between Jane and Keaton, even though I feel like Keaton should be dumped in hot oil for what he did to her. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10


"Devil Never Even Lived"

When word of the leopard tattoo was solved it gave a clue of what Sheppard might be planning next and it leads to someone that Roman knows...personally. 


I thought this was a very good episode. Even though it was a gamble to use Roman out in the field. Jane suggest that Roman goes out there in the field to go to where he got weapons for Sheppard before. Weller thinking it's  a bad idea, but the therapist thinks he would be okay. 


After making the deal and revisiting old love, the plan backfire on the team. The team seem to have their moment as they planted weapons for Sheppard to take but by the time they get there all were gone.


But the shocking part came at the end when Jane came over to Weller's place, trying to cheer him up after Alison said she was moving away. Jane and Weller talked and talked about how he played basketball and just as Jane sees a photo and spots Sheppard. Weller sees it and tells Jane that he knows her. 


This was a better episode than the previous one. I thought the writing was very good and that it had Roman involved with the plan. Even though they didn't get Sheppard, we do know that Weller finally says that he remembers Sheppard. I thought the acting was good as well. Kind a hope that Roman's love interest would have lived, maybe that could have helped him along the line personally. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.


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