#Blindspot S2 Ep. 3 #Heroes Fear Imminent Rot" Recap & Review.

With bombs setting off in New York for the FBI to handle, but for Jane, she's dealing with a mindset when her brother and mother gives her a task to do.

In the last scene of the previous episode, we see that Roman drugged Jane. Jane wakes up in a room as she tries to figure out where she is at. She's taken to see Roman and Sheppard where they asked her about Cade and how she escaped him. She tells them well enough for them to give her a task to see if she's who they think she is and that it to kill one of their following, Jeffery. 

Roman and Jane go on a road trip to see Jeffery. She gets flashbacks of them together, but when they get to his house and go in the guy freaks and runs to his safe room. After battling his security, Jane gets him to come out, and Roman knocked him out. They take him to the woods and Roman tells him to take him out, but Jane tries to save him, but Roman kills him and tells her she said the mission. 

Meanwhile, the FBI deals with bomb attacks that are happening around the city. Patterson and Nas figured out tweets from the bombers who tweets the person's name and when it will happen as it's set on a timer. 

Jane comes back and tells Weller and Nas that she might have been caught when she failed mission that they gave her. Weller and Nas argued over the difference of opinion of Jane's situation. When Patterson comes in and tells them about the next bomb to go off, Nas sends Jane with Weller and the team, and it goes smooth but not quite as one suspect is dead but the other is still out there. 

Weller tells Jane to stay, and the rest head out to where the bomber was set to set of another bomb this time with him and hostages. Weller goes in unarmed and tells everyone not to shoot. Weller goes in and puts on the bomb that the suspect ordered him to do. They talk as Weller tells him to think about the hostage's families as the bomber tells him his story of how he lost his parents and sister and his partner lost his son. 

But just as Weller talks more, gun shots go off, and the suspect is killed. Nas was the one who shot the suspect and the two budded heads once again. Nas did have a good point about the situation. 

Meanwhile, Reade is trying to think if he should use a technique to regain memory of the time he was with Coach Jones so he could testify against him, but would it be a great idea to remember that kind of memories.   

Patterson gets cold feet before the date with Borden. But after talking with Zapata, she goes back and instead of having dinner they went right to dessert. 

Jane gets a call from Roman and she's taken to meet with him and Sheppard. She tells Jane that she's sorry that she asked her do kill Jeffery and gives her a hug. Roman never told her about it. Soon they go to the bond fire, and Jane speaks as they have a chance to remember Oscar and at the same time Weller, Zapata, and Reade have a drink to remember Mayfair too. 

I thought this was a good episode. I have to say that during the scene when the bombers were in the bathroom as they get the bomb set before taking to out to the park, the music score sounded like a video game. The writing was action packed as usually. 

I'm enjoying the clash between Weller and Nas. They may have opposite opinions, but they do know what's right and wrong. And Jane and the family was another thing too. Also, Jane dealing with not only the FBI and Sheppard should be given her a headache, but I also can't wait to see what comes next for these folks. 

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