#Blindspot S2 Ep. 5 & 6 "Condone Untidiest Thefts" & "Her Spy's Harmed" Recap and Review

It's very stressful these last couple of weeks, not only the stressful of the Presidential debates but my Chicago Cubbies are playing in the NLCS as they try to get to the World Series. Hence way this is a two-episode recap and review.

In the last week's episode, "Condone Untidiest Thefts" Jane starts to remember someone who had rescued her from the blast in Iraq. Plus the FBI takes on the Irish Mod in this intense episode of Blindspot.

Jane relives images of being in bed with white netting. She sees someone walking with the only image of a hand with a really design ring. She tells Sheppard about it but says that that person was killed while she was rehabbing. But that didn't stop Jane from finding who had that ring asking for Patterson's help. 

In the meantime, Kurt and Ali are not in the eye to eye of parenthood and their careers. Kurt thinks that she should take a desk duty but she doesn't. The two will see eye to eye when another tattoo reveals of a hit taking place at a political event. That event held to a shooting that no one was even hurt but they picked up the suspect, who was killed, and found the gun to register to a man that everyone knows, O' Malley, an Irish family Mod. 

They brought him in but wouldn't speak to anyone but Ali, because of their history together as his daughter and she grew up and are best of friends. Kurt being Kurt, wouldn't let her talk to him alone. They learn that he has only six months to live, because of cancer, and tells them that he left the family business to be with his own family. 

With a nice persuasion from Jane, they got him to help as he has tapes to take down the Senator, who's running for Governor and had ordered the shooting at his own rally. They head to his office on Wall Street until they get a visit from the mod's gunmen. 

Jane and Ali went to get the tapes as Kurt and Nas stayed to guarded the elevators. That's until they went up and headed down. It turned into a combat mission to stay alive, Jane and Ali make it down the stairwell until more men came from up and down and left and right through doors, until Ali gets shot in the leg. There Jane tries to treat Ali of her wound and learned that she's pregnant. Kurt trying to stay calm (doesn't) and Nas cools him down just a bit anyway. 

O' Malley takes the hit to give Jane and Ali more time and Kurt comes in for the final two shots on the gunmen that were behind Jane and Ali. Ali sees now that she'll be on desk duty, from the wound and not that she's pregnant, and tries to get Kurt to do the same thing, but I don't think he will. 

In the meantime, Reade was on the mission to get Coach Jones for what he did. He made a scene that had a cop called Zapata about and she tries to handle it. Reade sneaks into Jones' place and sees a library of videos of each football player's name on a tape, but Zapata follows him to the house where she sees him near a dead coach Jones body and lefts it at that.

In the second episode, "Her Spy's Harmed" Jane and Roman get closer during the mission that they are set to do plus Zapata helps with Reade's problem and Kurt and Nas have a special moment. 

In the last scene of the previous episode, Zapata has just come in Coach Jones' house finding Reade standing near his dead body. Of course, she tries to help him fix it, as a good friend and a person that loves him would do. Even if it that means cleaning everything but finding out that Jones' was choked in his own blood, thinking that Reade had killed him. I don't know; Reade isn't in the right state of mind to say that he didn't do it. 

Patterson has broken that black hole code that reveals to be emails sent to a guy by the name of Winter. They track him to Colombia. Nas and Kurt head there as a tourist couple and bring Winter to their custody, but the new CIA Head Deputy director follows them and trying to get Winter too. When Kurt and Nas get Winter and brings him to their save house, hell breaks loose when men with guns come in blasting. Soon the CIA director comes out demanding Winter, even though he wasn't the one who had these men coming in blasting. Kurt denies him but gives him a nice choke hold when he told Kurt about torching Jane.

A little fact, before the blast, Kurt and Nas had a moment that turned into a one night stand. Kurt felt that he couldn't trust anyone after what he learned about Sandstorm. She starts kissing him after she tells him he can trust her and the rockers were off. 

 Meanwhile, Jane and Roman head to finish a mission to grab a chip that they need to be completed. The two grew closer in this episode than ever before as we see and learn how special she was to him as not only his sister but a protector. Learning how he got that scare, from a kid who cut him and Jane wasn't there to protect him. But in the moment of their mission dealt with a setback and Roman handled the guards, not doing well, Jane goes back to help him, and the two successfully got their mission done. 

Nas, on the other hand, didn't like the way Jane did the job. She was supposed to get a copy of the chip, but the loading would have taken too long. But the trust between Jane and Roman seem to work in Jane's favor to still get the job done.

Also, Patterson and Borden have some difficulty with their relationship on how she should have him when she's working on a top secret job of investigating the recording voices that Winter captured. Which one of the voices turns out to be Sheppard and that Kurt remembers that voice but can't picture of when or where. 

I'd enjoyed these two episodes as it was entertaining, thrilling and I couldn't stop thinking of the ending to the last episode. Each actor was great one way or another, and I also thought that we saw an amazing storyline with Jane and Roman as we dived more into their past as children. 

How does Kurt know Sheppard? Do you think they were in the same academy? I believe that even though there is a struggle between Patterson and Borden, she'll find common ground and find a way to work their relationship and their professional jobs better. Also now that Kurt knows that someone (Nas) has been listening to everyone's conversations, how will he handle it? 

What did you think of last week's and last night's episode? Leave a comment.

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