#Blindspot S3, Ep. 1 "Back to the Grind" Season Premiere Recap/Review

The one way that best describes the season three premiere of Blindspot: Adventureful blended with fun.

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In the season premiere, we jump into a flashback of Jane and Weller's wedding and living the happy family life. That was until a group of assistants came in to collect the bounty on Jane. Thinking that Weller and Jane will work together on this, think again as she goes her way to run so she can protect Weller.


We soon jump eighteen months later in the present day, Weller gets a visit from the director of the FBI and gets informed that Reade, Zapata, and Patterson have been kidnapped and was left with a case that has Jane's name on it. Weller is soon reunited with Jane and discovers that she's covered in new, bioluminescent tattoos that form in a pretty cool way.

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The clue that they get leads them to Venice, where in fact little brother Roman is there and is responsible for the tattoos. After talking and battling, Roman gives Jane a choice to stop the bounty by faking her death, for which she and Weller did and showed the one who put the bounty something to think about.

Things have changed since the last time we saw the other team members: Reade is now the head of the FBI NY field office, Zapata is with the CIA and Patterson works with a tech company. But the three of them get kidnaped by Venezuelan soldiers, who demand that they decrypt a CIA computer. But Patterson came up with a way to escape by blowing up the computer with their meal bag that they were given and as soon as they escape, they get rescued by Weller and Jane in like one of the best rescues of the television season: with a tank.


Back in New York City, the FBI and CIA create a joint task force to deal with Roman and the new tattoos. The team is back, and it just feels so good. But not only does the original team reunite, but they are also added with a few more, let alone of them being Rich Dotcom, who he and Patterson have secretly been contacting each other.

Also, Zapata mentions the mysterious dragonfly tattoo to Keaton, which she wants to keep that a secret.While Jane stashes cash and passports from Weller, while Weller gets accosted by Roman, who threatens to tell Jane "what happened in Berlin" unless he follows his demands.

"Back to the Grind" was one hour of fun, thrilling episode. The writing was so good that for the first twenty minutes of the episode was literally on the edge of my seat. This episode had such good balance of drama and comedy, and I feel it had a lot more humoiest moments that some like Jane and Weller kicking ass in the church. The gang (Weller, Jane, Patterson, Zapata, and Reade) in the tank, to even Patterson deciding to come back to working with the FBI after learning that Rick Dotcom is working with them. Performances from everyone was so good as well. I feel that this might be a really strong good season. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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