#Blindspot S3, Ep. 2 "Enemy Bag of Tricks" Recap/Review


Even with the old team back to work, things are a bit rusty.

"Enemy Bag of Tricks" is a really good episode and one that sets our characters up really well as the team gets a bit rusty with communication and mostly Weller thinking that he's still in command, but it's Reade's team.

When Reade and the team have to locate a black box that can disable a missile defense system is stolen from a crashed satellite. With the defenses down for the US, that could lead to a threat of a nuclear strike by North Korea.

But when Jane learns that one of the men that are working to get the black box happens to be something that she had worked with a while ago when she was on the run. That might cause some friction.

Meanwhile, Roman works his way and befriends a wealthy former soldier, who he happens to kill and steal his identity. And it couldn't get any worst for Zapata if she was trying to get close to Reade again as she meets his girlfriend. But the chilling cliffhanger leaves us with Patterson finding her colleague Stuart (who I think was good and both showed great chemistry) was found murdered in his apartment.

This was a terrific episode that had the balance of humor and intense drama that had me interested from the beginning to the shocking moment in the end. I thought the cast played so well with each other as they go through some rusty moments with Weller taking command over Reade, even though he's the leader and learning about what Jane did while on the run was good too. This episode was well written; overall, I give this episode 8/10.

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