#Blindspot S3, Ep. 9 "Hot Burning Flames" Recap/Review

After last week's episode, seems that Weller and Jane's relationship might be in trouble.

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After Weller told Jane about how he killed her daughter, things don't seem to be well with them as she takes her way over his way during a new mission when a couple of nuclear weapons were stolen. When they figured out who was the one that got them in, they take him in, and he spills that they have his kid and threaten him if he doesn't obey their orders.

After a couple of missteps, Weller and the team got on track and tracked down where the boy was at and saved him, but Jane gets shot pretty severely but nothing through the vest. But they get another shot that leads them to an airport and just missed the aircraft that left, expect Weller is on it and tries to stop the bomb. After the bomb is stopped, the suspect still arms the weapon with her remote and drops it down, but Weller killers the suspect and dives off to stop the weapon with the remote.

After all of that, when Weller meets with Jane at home, she tells him that she can't be with him and gives him his ring and walks out. But another shocking moment comes at the end when a girl was revealed to be Jane's daughter that apparently most of come back to life.

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"Hot Burning Flames" was a good episode, good storyline mostly focusing on Weller and Jane's relationship and the shocking moment in the end. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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