#Blindspot S4, Ep. 1 "Hella Duplicitous" Season Premiere Recap/Review

Blindspot is back with some exciting new adventures this season!! 


We jump three months after the season three finale; Jane, Reade, Patterson and Dot Com traveled to Tokyo to find a missing decryption key. They planned to meet Akiko that has it in a safe, but it goes sideways when she picks off Dot Com, and the battle begins. With Jane's impressive samurai skills to fight and Patterson's drinking skills to unlock the safe and get the key, they all escape with no one hurt. 

But when they get home, they still have to worry about getting the four other keys but also figure out who's running Hank Crawford Global. Also, Patterson learns that Jane's zip poisoning has progressed further than expected and that it's going to kill her. When Jane or should I say Remi learns about this, she runs out to get some air but also sees her dead brother talking to her. But there is a cure, is it worth it though? 

Remi finally meets with Dolan, who's the last person working for her, Roman and their mother. She comes up with a plan to get some money that would allow the FBI to unlock a tattoo. When they head over there, Remi finds the vault and takes what she can and calls on Roman and the team to make the rest. 

Meanwhile, Zapata is with Blake Crawford, trying to get her focus on taking over her father's company. But when things go so well, it doesn't and everyone on the board, including Blake, get poisoned by Madeline Burke. She talks to Zapata and after getting her ideas of what to do with the dead bodies; she keeps her on her team. 

Later on, Remi, who thought everything was going so well, doesn't as they go after Dolan. Reade and Remi are on the chase. Remi pushes Roman off the street, but he gets to him just in time to crash Dolan's car and killing him. Remi still plans to take out Weller and the FBI. 

"Hella Duplicitous" was a fantastic season opener! The action-packed scenes were just mind-blowing from the sword fights to the car chases. I couldn't leave out Patterson and Dot Com moments that were just so funny and made the episode lighter. The moments of Weller and Jane/Remi were mainly chilling now that Remi is back in the world.  And with Zapata,  I think she's gone under to help them take down HC Global. 

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Blindspot Fridays at 8/7c on NBC.

FYI: I want to tell all the Blindspotters that I highly recommend watching the show live, rewatch it on DVR, get people talking about on social media and more.  We were so lucky that the show got picked up for a fourth season, but with the numbers, after the premiere, I think we should all do what we can to save the show and get it to a fifth season. And when The Blacklist comes (in January), please do the same thing.