#Blindspot Season 2, Episode 7 "Resolves Eleven Myths" Recap and Review

(Due to my Chicago Cubs playing in the World Series (Go Cubs Go!), this recap/review was a bit late but before tonight's new episode of Blindspot.)

In this episode of Blindspot, the FBI is under attack when a familiar criminal returns for help from Weller and Co. before an assassin takes him out. 

This so happens to be one of the best stand along episode of the season so far. It felt like a stand along to me. When Rich Dotcom returns in a big way, threatening the FBI of wiping up their memory. But he seems not to be interested in erasing their files, but more of wanting them to find him, where he was at Weller's place, drinking his beer, cooking up hot pockets while watching Stranger Things. 

Rich tells Weller and Co that he needs their protecting from an assassin that is hunting him, after an oops in North Korea. He tells them that his partner is died and that he helped him escape death. When they put Rich in a cell, he escapes later and when the FBI looks at the security cams, it shows officers are dead. 

This assassin's name is known as Ray Yamada. He is like Bruce Lee meets Spiderman, the guy is quick. The FBI splits up with Zapata and Reade searching while Weller, Jane, Nas and Patterson stay on base. But Reade and Zapata meets Yamada and the three went dancing like no other, getting a both of them a real butt kicking. Yamada takes Zapata and drugs her with a toxin with only three antidotes, one of which can save her and the rest can kill her. 

Reade and Nas get to Zapata and saved her after she was using Morse code. Meanwhile, Weller and Jane tried taking down Yamada and that wasn't quick as easy. But after Jane got knocked down a couple of times, she channeled a dream she had with herself battling it out and used that against Yamada. As they were fighting Weller gets into and tries to get him to talk but fails and kills him instantly.

Just as you would think that it's over and Rich was going back to prison, Patterson was listening in after she was cleared from that blast that went down in their office. Rich gets picked up and headed back to jail until he wasn't and was picked up by his partner, Boston. But they didn't escape, as Weller and them got to them just in time. 

I really enjoyed this episode. I really do love those stand along, kind of bottle episode that had a lot of action and drama. Reade and Zapata having difficulties of the Jones case, Nas and Weller having their separate of opinions on Jane again. And Jane starts and ends her relationship with Oliver. But the ending of Roman getting a message about his sister and the FBI just turns up the heat. 

I also really enjoyed the director's take, from Jane's nightmare, the fight scene between Jane, Weller and Yamada and Jane and Oliver. It had the look of Kill Bill meets Resident Evil meeting Mr. Robot. It had that kind of feel and look to me.

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You can catch Blindspot Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.